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  Confirmation Report of Angels and VC's

What you're seeing below is the full 7 page confirmation report of all the Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors.

We can send your pitchdeck to each of these investors for review. If you're doing a startup and you require venture capital funding, then apply now and lets get you all the funding you need starting today.

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Fairhaven Capital Partners
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fairhaven Capital Partners was formed by the Managing Directors of TD Capital Ventures, which they founded in 2001. The Managing Directors' market knowledge coupled with relevant operating and entrepreneurial experiences have attracted entrepreneurs to seek funding from Fairhaven Capital. They are proud of their investments in early stage companies, which are leaders in consumer, enterprise and information security markets.

Falconhead Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Falconhead Capital is a leading private equity firm founded in 1998 with over $500 million under management focused on making private equity investments in lower middle-market companies participating in the consumer, leisure/lifestyle and media sectors. Falconhead targets control transactions, facilitating an active ownership approach whereby Falconhead can leverage its substantial financial, operational and strategic resources.

Falcon Investment Advisors
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Falcon Investment Advisors is a private equity firm that invests subordinated debt and equity capital in leading middle market companies. Falcon manages over $1 billion of capital and is actively seeking to invest $10 to $75 million per transaction. Falcon has extensive leveraged finance and private equity experience and has earned a reputation for being flexible, creative and responsive.

Falfurrias Capital Partners
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Falfurrias Capital Partners acquires or invests in lower, middle-market businesses. The firm was founded in 2006 by Hugh McColl, Jr., the former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, and Marc Oken, the former CFO of Bank of America. The firm is focused on making private equity investments. By leveraging the extensive strategic and operational experience and business relationships, they are positioned to be a value-added partner.

Farallon Capital Management
Offices: San Francisco, California
Farallon's investment philosophy is to invest in businesses and securities that are undergoing change. Farallon’s investments are primarily those in which a known or expected event (a merger, restructuring, recapitalization or other major change) will cause an appreciation in the value of the particular investment. Investments include public and private debt and equity securities, direct investments in private companies and real estate.

Farwell Capital
Offices: La Jolla, California
Farwell Capital invests in ventures formed by it or by related investors or entrepreneurs. The company also considers investments in start-up and early stage companies as well as publicly traded micro-cap equities whose businesses involve rich Internet applications, information services, wireless applications, specialized e-commerce, and interactive media. Farwell Capital does not generally consider investments outside its core area of interest.

FBR Technology Ventures
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
FBR has significant experience with all phases of early-stage business investment: assessing, structuring, managing and realizing value from startup companies. Since 1997, FBR has been helping entrepreneurs build market-leading companies and providing investors access to early-stage venture capital investing opportunities. Through its five venture capital funds, FBR has made investments in 64 companies.

F&C Private Equity
Offices: London, England
F&C Private Equity aims to exploit the growth of private equity globally to generate superior returns. In recent years their portfolio has broadened considerably, most notably into Continental Europe where the manager has benefited from the expansion of the use of private equity to finance the growth of smaller and medium-sized companies. Managers seek to unlock value from unquoted companies and the venture capital sector.

FdG Associates
Offices: New York, New York
FdG Associates is a leading private equity investment firm with a strong track record of partnering with management in recapitalizations and management buyouts of middle-market businesses. They are differentiated from other sources of capital by the unique combination of skills provided by their principals and a business philosophy derived from their founding families that is truly focused on partnership.

FedCap Partners
Offices: Reston, Virginia
FedCap Partners, a private equity fund focused on the Federal contracting industry, had its initial closing on February 5th, 2010. The managing member of FedCap Partners is FedCap Advisors, whose managers and owners are Rick Knop and Leslee Belluchie. FedCap plans to make both minority and majority equity and debt investments and provide advice from industry experts to enable the Fund's portfolio companies to become attractive targets for acquirers.

Felicis Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Felicis Ventures combines angel investing, active mentoring and advisory services to offer a more beneficial approach for the entrepreneur. Their focus is mainly on early stage, consumer internet start-ups. While majority of their investments are in Silicon Valley and the East Coast of the US, talented entrepreneurs from any country are welcome.

Fenway Partners
Offices: New York, New York & Los Angeles, California
Fenway Partners, dedicated to building long-term value through direct investment in leading middle-market companies, is a private equity investment firm with funds under management of more than $1.4 billion. In partnership with management, Fenway invests in companies with strong market positions and significant opportunities for growth. The firm provides capital funding and strategic guidance to improve the operating and financial performance of its portfolio companies.

Ferd Ventures
Offices: Colibria, Norway
Ferd Venture is one of Norway's leading venture capital investment companies. Ferd Venture invests in technology-based companies that offer significant potential, and focuses mainly on Nordic companies. Ferd Venture has significant capital reserves available for new investments. Ferd Venture invests in technology-based companies that are looking for capital and have the potential to create a competitive market advantage.

ff Venture Capital
Offices: New York, New York
ff Venture Capital partners with startups that can be the low cost, disruptive player in their respective industry. With the right management team and adequate financing, our companies can grow to become tomorrow's leaders. Their goal is to build great companies and generate significant returns for their partners: management teams and investors alike.

FF&P Private Equity
Offices: London, England
FF&P Private Equity is focused on investing into dynamic, growth companies in the UK lower-to-mid market. They invest between £5m—£25m in companies valued from £10m to £75m in a variety of situations including, inter alia, minority investments, management buyouts / buy-ins, development and replacement capital. Through their extensive network of contacts and working in partnership with their portfolio companies.

Fidelity Growth Partners
Offices: London, England
The roots of Fidelity Growth Partners go back 40 years to the very beginnings of the venture capital industry. Their predecessor firm, Fidelity Ventures was founded in the United States in 1969 when Harry Hoagland, who had worked for 30 years with George Doriot president of American Research and Development (ARD), was invited to review Fidelity's venture interest, share his experience and make recommendations.

Fidelity National Capital
Offices: Jacksonville, Florida
Fidelity National Capital provides customized and highly competitive information technology financing solutions to major companies nationwide. Their turnkey financial solutions can package all hardware, software, installation, maintenance and services into a total lease solution that is customized to match your business requirements.

Fifth Street Capital
Offices: White Plains, New York & Los Angeles, California
Fifth Street Capital is a private investment firm focused on providing custom tailored financing solutions of $5-$50 million for historically profitable middle-market US companies across a broad range of industries. Since 1998, the firm has provided capital to support expansions, acquisitions, management buyouts, and recapitalizations.

Fillmore Capital Partners (FCP)
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fillmore Capital Partners is a private real estate equity firm specializing in structured investments in operating intensive sectors. Their current investment portfolio exceeds $5.7 billion and outstanding capital commitments exceed $1.0 billion. FCP serves a growing list of large institutional pension funds and a select group of private investment companies.

Offices: Santa Monica, California
Finaventures focuses on early and mid-stage technology ventures, specifically semiconductors, components, software, systems and emerging technologies. Opportunities need to address a large US market and have a strong European component to their international strategy. Their management team works closely with founders and entrepreneurs, and brings significant value-added between which is their extensive network and their operational experience.

Finistere Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Finistere Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm. Finistere believes that early stage investments offer outstanding opportunities for superior fund returns. Their experienced team of professionals lend significant entrepreneurial, science and business expertise to help grow their portfolio companies and have the deep industry networks to provide a clear pathway to exit for their investors and companies alike.

Finnish Industry Investment
Offices: Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Industry Investment Ltd is a government-owned investment company whose mission is to promote Finnish business, employment and economic growth through venture capital and private equity investments. Finnish Industry Investment invests in funds and directly in growth companies in all sectors. The investment focus is on growth, internationalization, spin-offs, major industrial investments, and sectoral and corporate restructurings.

Firelake Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Firelake Capital Management is a hybrid investment fund, driven by proprietary fundamental research in three areas where they believe technology can significantly disrupt the economics of the current market—information technology, energy technology, and material science. Firelake Capital's private investment information flow makes their public-company analysis more sophisticated than those of standard investment funds.

Fireman Capital Partners (FCP)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
At Fireman Capital Partners, they don't have much time for theoretical models or formulas. They've learned from experience—experience building, running, owning, selling and advising some of the world's most dynamic and successful companies—that you can't tell a business how to grow. FCP looks at how it runs, how it connects with consumers, how it can grow and what they can do to help.

First Analysis
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
First Analysis is a leading private growth equity investor. They have an 18 years record in private capital investing, transitioning through three major long-term investment cycles. They have invested over $530 million across multiple highly diversified funds and created over $1.34 billion in fund liquidations. They have over $145 million in active portfolio investments and over $125 million to invest in new portfolio companies.

First Angels
Offices: Kalamazoo, Michigan
First Angels is an angel network, formed to make financial and intellectual capital available for early stage and growing entrepreneurial companies in West Michigan, primarily the Kalamazoo Region. The members of the network seek a balance among risk-adjusted returns, enhanced job creation and economic development in the region. Southwest Michigan First supplies the leadership and financial resources required to launch and sustain the network.

First Atlantic Capital
Offices: New York, New York
First Atlantic Capital is a private equity investment firm specializing in managing funds, which acquire and grow both private and publicly owned middle-market companies, as well as subsidiaries and divisions of large corporations. Since its inception in 1989, First Atlantic has consistently generated superior long-term investment returns for its investors and management partners.

First Capital Group
Offices: San Antonio-Dallas, Texas
First Capital Group is a private investment firm that provides equity capital to companies that fall into three general investment categories: early-stage, expansion-stage, and management buyouts and special situation investments in small and middle-market companies at more mature growth stages. The firm concentrates on companies engaged in a variety of industries throughout Texas and the Southwest.

-First- (cont.)
First Capital Partners
Offices: Omaha, Nebraska
First Capital Partners provides subordinated (mezzanine) debt and equity to lower middle-market companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $100 million. They provide both mezzanine debt and equity, which together are known as junior capital, in order to provide maximum flexibility in meeting the business and financing needs of a company. First Capital has an experienced team with more than 75 years of experience.

FirstMark Capital
Offices: New York, New York
FirstMark Capital, formerly Pequot Ventures, finances companies developing industry-changing products for infrastructure, software and services and technology empowered healthcare companies. Thanks to public/private side synergies, FirstMark Capital offers portfolio companies the connections, research muscle and industry insight of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

First Reserve
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
First Reserve is a leading investment firm specializing in the energy industry. Throughout its 25-year history, First Reserve has developed an unparalleled franchise by investing exclusively in the energy industry and utilizing its broad base of specialized industry knowledge to the benefit of its portfolio companies and investors. The firm has invested approximately $12.5 billion in equity.

First Round Capital
Offices: West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
First Round Capital is an early stage venture capital firm managed by Joshua Kopelman and Howard Morgan. They only invest in companies that come to them through an exclusive partnership with the Guidewire Group, best known as the executive producers of the DEMO Conferences and BlogOn. They are seed-stage investors, often providing a company’s first outside capital, and are not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies.

First Run Angel Group
Offices: Conway, New Hampshire
The Mount Washington Valley Economic Council has formed a unique group to help businesses in the region address the need for equity capital. This group will help solve the problem of where to obtain injection capital for desirable business startups, expansions or recruitment opportunities to bring businesses to their area. First Run acts as a conduit to find and screen business proposals for the investors. Their goal is to identify investors from within the group who will evaluate business proposals.

Fisher Capital
Offices: Denver, Colorado
Fisher Capital is a private equity firm that invests in entrepreneurial businesses and commercial real estate. With roots in the cable television industry, their professional backgrounds bring together complementary expertise in banking, real estate and investment management. They consider their business partners like family—and they work hard to ensure their continued business success—as well as theirs.

Fisher Lynch
Offices: San Mateo, California & Boston, Massachusetts
Fisher Lynch Capital is a private equity firm investing in premier private equity buyout funds, venture capital funds, and sponsored co-investments. They currently manage over $875 million in committed capital across all of their investment partnerships. Their investors include leading endowments, foundations, pension funds, family offices, and financial institutions.

Five Elms Capital
Offices: Prairie Village, Kansas
Five Elms is a venture capital firm that invests $1 – 10 million in high-growth businesses. We provide growth equity to entrepreneurs who have proven their business model and are at a crossroads: “go it alone” and maintain a lifestyle business; or, bring in a partner to accelerate growth and become an industry leader. They believe a huge opportunity exists in service-based businesses that are users of both technology and the internet to grow faster than their peers.

Flagship Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Flagship Ventures is an entrepreneurship and venture capital firm comprising a family of funds: OneLiberty Funds, AGTC Funds and NewcoGen Group. Flagship currently invests from $400 million in funds raised in 2000, and manages a total pool of committed capital approaching $600 million. The Flagship Ventures team consists of 31 professionals focused on creating, financing, and building companies.

Flecther Spaght Ventures (FSV)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Fletcher Spaght Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in emerging growth high technology and healthcare companies. Established to build substantial, long-term capital appreciation, FSV invests in companies with: familiarity/experience with the company; promising business potential; financing led by top-tier venture capital firm. Included are companies in the areas of IT, Internet, software, telecom, medical devices, healthcare and biotechnology.

Florida Angel Investors
Offices: Miami, Florida
Florida Angel Investors are all individuals with experience in new venture formation. In early 2003, they decided to organize themselves in order to achieve better efficiencies, reach and diversification. Their objectives are: Fraternity—They aim to network with fellow investor peers, Equality—All members are asked to participate; voting rights are based on investment into fund, Profit—They aim to earn early stage venture capital returns on their investments, and education.

Offices: Menlo Park, California
FLOODGATE helps today’s most ambitious entrepreneurs develop tomorrow’s great business success stories. They’ve developed a new approach to investing in world-changing ideas, which they call the Super Angel Approach. Looking at the world through the eyes of the entrepreneur, they’ve filled a widening gap between Angel investors and venture capital firms.

Florida Growth Fund
Offices: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The Florida Growth Fund manages $250 million of capital dedicated to prudent investment in technology and growth related businesses with significant presence in the state of Florida. The Florida Growth Fund will seek to enhance Florida’s capacity for development, growth and innovation while simultaneously generating an attractive return for the Florida State Board of Administration.

-Florida- (cont.)
Florida Gulfshore Capital
Offices: Naples, Florida
Florida Gulfshore Capital is a growth equity investment firm focused on mid and late stage venture capital companies and small to mid market private equity opportunities. Their firm combines the investment talents of their partners with the rich operating experience of successful business executives in Southwest Florida.

Fluke Venture Partners
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Fluke funds high-growth venture opportunities in the software, communications, healthcare, business and consumer services, and specialty retail sectors. As the most experienced active venture fund in the Northwest, Fluke Venture Partners has a tradition of assisting entrepreneurs in building successful and enduring companies. They view their relationship with each management team as a long-term partnership.

Flybridge Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Flybridge Capital Partners are an early-stage venture capital firm with $560 million under management. Their goal is to find talented entrepreneurs and then partner with them to build exceptional and valuable companies. They focus on providing guidance and perspective in a complimentary way to the entrepreneurs they invest in and help them build connections to soar to the next level.

Flywheel Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Santa Fe, New Mexico
Founded in 1999, Flywheel Ventures is a Southwest/Rockies-based seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on information technology and physical sciences. The firm matches talented entrepreneurs with market opportunities where Flywheel’s capital, entrepreneurial experience and industry relationships help accelerate innovations into profitable companies.

Focus Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Focus Ventures invests in privately held, expansion stage technology companies. Focus seeks communications and software companies that have completed initial product development and have begun the marketing of their products and/or services. Most of the technical risk is behind them, and they are seeking additional capital to further expand their sales and marketing efforts. Focus Ventures investments are typically in the $3-15 million range.

Fog City Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fog City partners with existing management to grow middle-market businesses into industry leaders. Their team of professionals and advisors combine hands-on entrepreneurial skills with extensive backgrounds in managing global services and product companies. Their experience includes growing fledgling startups into large public companies through rapid sales growth as well as through acquisitions.

Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
The Solidarity Fund QFL was created out of the Québec Federation of Labour’s desire to set up a venture capital firm in Québec whose mission would be to create and maintain quality jobs while at the same offering its shareholders a good return on their investment. Over the years, Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ has solidified its foundation by building vast investment network across Québec.

Foothills Angels
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Foothills Angels is a group of successful entrepreneurs and business people. Their investment interest includes clean technology, software, internet and life science companies. They focus primarily on early stage companies in Northern California. They meet once a month, with the exception of August and December.

Forbion Capital Partners
Offices: Naarden, The Netherlands
The Forbion team is specialized in the evaluation of late stage preclinical/early stage clinical development programs. They focus on companies that have innovative technologies and drug development programs with unique advantages over current treatments. Furthermore, they invest in biomedical technologies with a focus on interventional cardiology.

Forerunner Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
While tech savvy venture capital firms are flocking to the opportunity, there is little institutional participation from traditional consumer oriented investors, as the vast majority of established funds have not yet adapted to serve this increasingly attractive segment. The Forerunner team offers a competitive advantage in this arena, given a focus and an intimate understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes, and experience with helping to scale development stage companies.

Formative Ventures
Offices: Los Gatos, California
Formative Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture firm with the management depth, experience, and industry partnerships to identify, invest in, and grow early-stage, emerging-technologies companies: wireless communications, advanced semiconductors, electronic design automation (EDA) software, and computer networking. Formative’s management team brings a specific combination of skills, made up of years of experience in areas of corporate discipline.

Formula Ventures
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Formula Ventures was founded as the successor fund for Argotec, a Formula Group company. Formula Ventures manages two venture funds—FV-I established in late 1998 and FV-II established in early 2001. FV-II practices a strategy of local source—global nurture, selecting the best of Israeli technology companies and nurturing their development in their target markets. Formula Ventures is aided in this strategy by its strategic partners.

Forrest Binkley & Brown (FBB)
Offices: Irvine, California
Forrest Binkley & Brown is an established private equity firm focused on investing in middle market buyouts and providing growth capital to companies that offer potential for a substantial increase in shareholder value and exceptional rates of return to investors. With offices in Irvine and San Diego, FBB seeks to invest primarily in companies located in California, with particular emphasis on the Southern California region.

Forstmann Little
Offices: New York, New York
Forstmann Little has made 30 acquisitions and significant equity investments and has approximately $2.2 billion in committed capital for future investments. The firm's investments include Gulfstream Aerospace, General Instrument and Ziff-Davis Publishing. The firm currently holds substantial ownership interests in Citadel Broadcasting, a leading radio broadcaster in mid-sized markets; and McLeodUSA, one of the nation's largest independent competitive telecommunications services providers.

Fortissimo Capital
Offices: Rosh Haayin, Israel
Fortissimo Capital is a special situations private equity fund investing primarily in public and private technology companies that require a capital infusion to expand their business. They are long term investors and they seek to partner with management to facilitate growth and maximize value. Fortissimo is backed by 15 financial institutions including insurance companies, banks and pension funds.

Fortress Investment Group
Offices: New York, New York
The private equity business of Fortress Investment Grouop is primarily comprised of a series of funds that seek to generate high risk-adjusted returns by making control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset based businesses in North America and Western Europe. Fortress has grown to become a leading private equity investment manager by acquiring attractive businesses and building them in partnership with management.

Fortune Ventures
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
Fortune Ventures specializes in high-tech investments in Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Fortune Taipei provides venture capital funding to promising businesses in their early, expansion, and mature phases. Fortune Taipei also participates in post-management of its investment companies by offering value-added services in diverse areas such as technology transfer, strategic alliance, financial planning and operations.

Fort Washington Capital (FW Capital)
Offices: Cincinnati-Columbus, Ohio
Fort Washington Capital Partners Group is the private equity division of Fort Washington Investment Advisors, a registered investment advisor. As of 3/31/2008, FW Capital has $1.4 billion in private equity commitments under management and/or advisement for public, ERISA, endowment/foundation, corporate, family office and high net worth clients. FW Capital offers private equity fund of funds and direct co-investment funds.

Forward Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Forward Ventures, founded in 1993, is a leading life-science venture capital firm. Forward has a team of investment professionals with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital and operations. Ther firm has invested in over 50 companies since it was founded in 1993 and currently has more than $500 million in capital under management.

Foundation Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Foundation Capital isn't an investment banker. There not obsessed with money. And because of that, they're able to keep their focus where it belongs: on the many different facets of creating and building successful enterprises. To that effort they bring their own real-world experience at startups, their contacts and a commitment to work at their side to create a company they can all be proud of.

Foundation for the Carolinas
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Foundation For The Carolinas has announced the re-opening of the Critical Need Response Fund, a charitable effort undertaken last year to meet the extraordinary levels of need in their community caused by the economic downturn. Charlotte's philanthropic community has established a new program to encourage the creation of a more effective, efficient and innovative nonprofit sector.

Founders Collective
Offices: New York, New York & Cambridge, Massachusetts
Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital fund, built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. Founders Collective expects to generate returns almost exclusively from seed stage investments. Hence, they have the same incentives as founders to increase the value of the company in future financings. They are also comfortable with smaller exits if that's what the founders want.

Founders Co-op
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Founders Co-op is a seed-stage investment fund. They've pooled the resources and expertise of more than a dozen successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to make bets on smart people with great ideas. They also work hard to create an open and supportive community among our family of entrepreneurs, because starting companies can be lonely, and the most useful advice typically comes from people who've been there before or are right there with you.

Founders Equity
Offices: New York, New York
Since 1969, Founders Equity has been actively engaged in private equity investing and enhancing the value of small to mid-cap enterprises. All of its principles have had significant operating experience and, accordingly, Founders Equity strives to be added-value partners with entrepreneurial owners and management teams. It focuses on later-stage growth equity investments, recapitalization or buyouts. Founders Equity has a $140 million fund and is actively adding to its portfolio of companies.

Founders Fund
Offices: Quincy, Massachusetts
While their venture experience is deep, what truly sets Founders Fund apart is that they have each started and grown their own companies. They understand why people choose to start companies instead of pursuing the anonymous safety of working for others, and they understand all the challenges and rewards that come with starting your own business. They have been through every stage of the start-up process, from inception to IPO.

Foundry Group
Offices: Boulder, Colorado
Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology, Internet and software startups. Their passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies. They invest in companies across North America. Their current venture fund of $225m was launched in late 2007 and is managed by five managing directors.

Fountain Healthcare Partners
Offices: Dublin, Ireland & New York, New York
Fountain Healthcare Partners is a spin-out group from Elan Corporation’s venture capital group. While at Elan, the team invested in over 25 life science companies, developing the next generation of products and technologies to address unmet medical needs. They will invest in private companies at all stages of development with an emphasis on companies with experienced management teams seeking capital to fund product development activities.

FountainVest Partners
Offices: Hong Kong-Shanghai, China
FountainVest Partners is a large private equity fund dedicated to the China market, with about US$1 billion under management. The fund invests in companies that are leaders, or potential leaders, across various industries, and works closely together with the management team to build nationally or internationally leading businesses. The fund's investors include some of the most well known global financial investment firms.

Four Hats Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Four Hats strives to provide superior, consistent returns commensurate with the nature of private equity and venture capital investments. Four Hats Capital has a blue chip institutional investor base and invests in life sciences, IT and other technology based companies. Four Hats Capital manages the Nanyang Innovation Fund.

Four Seasons Venture Group
Offices: Oslo, Norway
The Four Seasons Venture Group is one of the oldest and largest alternative asset management houses in Norway. Established in 1985 by Birger Nergaard, later joined in 1986 by Gunnar Rydning, Four Seasons today manages funds of NOK 1,42 billion (Euro 175 million). The company offers its investors a broad deal flow in Europe and in the US through the partnership with Advent International and in the Nordic partners.

Fox Paine
Offices: Foster City, California
In partnership with management, Fox Paine specializes in providing solutions and capital for management buyouts, public-to-private transactions and growth capital investments. They participate exclusively in friendly, cooperative transactions with the aim of creating tangible value for all parties involved. Founded in 1997, their firm currently manages more than $1.5 billion, and their partner companies operate in over 30 countries.

Francisco Partners
Offices: San Francisco-Menlo Park, California
Francisco Partners, with $2.5 billion of committed capital under management, is one of the world's largest technology-focused buyout funds. They were founded on the premise that superior returns accrue to investors who combine a deep industry focus and knowledge base in technology with a highly rigorous investment style to identify investment opportunities that are overlooked or too complex to be understood by conventional wisdom.

Frazier Healthcare Ventures
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Frazier Healthcare was founded in 1991 by Alan Frazier, the former executive vice president and chief financial officer of Immunex Corporation. Since then Frazier Healthcare has raised more than $750 million through five funds and has invested in more than 75 promising healthcare companies. They mainly focus on the biopharma and medical device sectors, with select investments in healthcare services companies.

Frazier Technology Ventures
Offices: Seattle, Washington
At Frazier Technology Ventures, they have deep operational and multidisciplinary skills gained through years of successfully growing innovative technology companies. And because they limit the number of their investments, they can provide your company with an exceptionally high degree of interaction and attention through all phases of development. Frazier has general partner experience to guide your company to success.

Freeman Spogli & Co
Offices: Los Angeles, California & New York, New York
Freeman Spogli is a private investment firm dedicated exclusively to investing with management in retail, direct marketing and distribution companies positioned for growth. The firm has established an excellent reputation for its judgment in selecting appropriate companies for investment, its creativity in structuring transactions and its active involvement with portfolio companies.

Freestyle Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Freestyle Capital is an active early stage venture fund that leverages the experience and network of leading entrepreneurs to invest in seed/series A stage companies in the Internet and technology sectors. Portfolio companies include: Kidlandia, Get Satisfaction, Dolores Labs, Type Kit CoTeweet & SimpeGeo.

Fremont Group
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fremont Group provides growth capital to experienced management teams executing scalable technology-based business models in large industries. They are helping experienced management teams build a new generation of industry leaders by providing relationships, strategic insight and ongoing financial support. They invite you to browse their site and listen to the people who know them best: the entrepreneurs they've partnered with.

FreshTracks Capital
Offices: Shelburne, Vermont
FreshTracks Capital manages $25 million in venture capital that is invested with a core focus on Vermont. FreshTracks pursues investing opportunities in high-growth, private companies in the underserved capital markets of Vermont and the adjacent counties of New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. FreshTracks draws on the financial resources and talents of over 60 limited partners, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Friedman Fleischer & Lowe
Offices: San Francisco, California
Friedman Fleischer & Lowe's capital comes largely from US and international institutions: public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, fund managers, and financial institutions. In addition, senior executives from industry and academia have invested in their fund as executive investors. They have been successful in a broad range of industries and disciplines, and their experience and perspective is an important resource.

Friend Skoler (FSC)
Offices: Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Friend Skoler & Co invests in leading middle market companies across a range of industries in partnership with skilled management teams who want to invest in and grow the businesses they operate. FSC focuses on investments in companies with enterprise values generally between $20 million and $150 million.

Frog Capital
Offices: London, England
Frog Capital is an investment partner to some of Europe's most exciting growth-stage companies. They help management teams make the leap from exciting young companies to successful, grown-up businesses. At Frog, they have been making investments across the cleantech sector and they are now extending their investment remit to include IT & digital media. Frog Capital has also increased the size of their funds from €60 million to €100 million.

Frontenac Company
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Frontenac Company is a 33 year-old private equity investment firm with more than $1.0 billion under active management. Through its CEO1st investment approach, Frontenac teams with proven executives to acquire and grow middle market companies providing services and value-added products, primarily to business customers. Frontenac has extensive experience in addressing complex transition issues.

Frontera Group
Offices: Sherman Oaks, California
Since 1996, the partners of Frontera have been investing in venture capital opportunities. They then formalized Frontera Group in 2002 to invest in early-stage businesses that target large, fragmented and high growth markets with unique and differentiated products and services. Frontera focuses on emerging companies that are on the verge of taking their product and/or service to market.

Frontier Capital
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Frontier Capital is a private equity investment firm that provides expansion capital to high growth service companies. Many of these companies utilize technology as a differentiator. They have a proven solution in the marketplace and need capital to accelerate growth. The firm invests throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. Investments are typically $1 to $3 million in conjunction with a $2 to $10 million equity financing.

Fruition Ventures
Offices: La Jolla, California
Fruition Ventures is a group of private equity investors focused primarily on earlier stage companies with competitive advantages in information technology, intellectual property and innovative business models. Participation is typically in the form of direct investment, operational management and/or advisory role. Fruition is directed by an accomplished team of business investors, managers and entrepreneurs.

FTV Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California & New York, New York
FTV Capital invests in companies with innovative ideas, established business models and proven management teams that value their collaborative approach to building great companies. FTV Capital offers deep domain expertise and unique access to potential customers through its Global Partner Network, a group of the world's foremost financial institutions that have invested in FTV Capital.

Fulcrum Capital Group
Offices: Culver City, California
Fulcrum Capital Group is a private equity investment manager that manages three separate private equity capital pools. As an investment manager, Fulcrum assembles capital pools from qualified investors and invests that capital on their behalf in privately held businesses that are important in minority and urban communities. These companies typically have sales from $5 million to $75 million with growth opportunities.

Fulcrum Capital Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Fulcrum Capital Partners is a private equity partnership focused on providing expansion capital and MBO/MBI funding to companies with an enterprise value of up to $100m. Formed by experienced private equity executives who have between them invested in more than 32 growth companies, the fund backs great management teams partnering with them to achieve their goals.

Fulcrum Ventures
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Fulcrum Ventures is private equity firm focused on providing expansion capital to rapidly growing companies. The three founding partners have significant operating experience in senior leadership positions of successful, rapidly growing companies, and collectively have over sixty years of related industry expertise and have participated in over 300 transactions. The firm provides equity investments of up to $5 million.

Fundamental Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fundamental Capital is a private equity firm that invests in companies generating revenue between $5 million and $50 million. Through their team of founding investors and operating partners, they partner with management teams by providing hands-on strategic and operating guidance to help companies achieve their full potential.

Fundamental Technologies II (FTII)
Offices: Coquitlam, British Columbia
Fundamental Technologies II is a corporation that allows investors to participate in the returns from a portfolio of actively managed synergistic investments in emerging technology companies. While solo angel investing can occasionally lead to some spectacular returns, on average they believe a vehicle like FTII is a better choice for most investors. FTII offers accredited investors a way to participate in this exciting asset class.

-Fund- (cont.)
Fund for Arkansas' Future
Offices: Little Rock, Arkansas
The Fund for Arkansas' Future is a member-managed, angel investor fund formed for the purpose of capitalizing early-stage, Arkansas-based companies with the obvious goal of generating strong returns for their investors. Their members (investors) comprise some of Arkansas' premier business and community leaders who are focused on driving economic development through the creation of high-growth companies. considered.

Fung Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fung Capital is the private equity partnership of Victor and William Fung, of Li & Fung Ltd. They will consider early-stage investments as well as expansion rounds, management buy-outs, or joint ventures. While they usually act as lead sponsor of a transaction, they also co-invest with other private equity firms in larger transactions. They can take minority or majority investment stakes.

Funk Ventures
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Funk Ventures Capital Partners (FVCP) invests in and supports the growth of highly promising companies that can significantly impact people, society or the environment in a positive way. Using a flexible hybrid structure of venture funds, managed syndicates and its own capital, FVCP is able to take advantage of investment opportunities at levels ranging from seed to expansion stage. At FVCP, they understand the entire scope of value-add venture investing from start-up to IPO.

Fuse Capital
Offices: Palo Alto-Los Angeles, California
Fuse Capital is a dynamic, evolutionary partnership, but they are not new to the business. Their partners have led large companies like Fox Interactive Media, Inktomi, Alta Vista and start ups like Sportsline.com and Webvibes, and have invested in standouts like Broadcom, PairGain, Ascend, SiteSmith and Chromatis. They are focused on working as a team with their partners.

Fusion Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Fusion Capital is an innovative, broad-based investment fund. They offer a wide range of investment products ranging from special situation financing to long-term strategic capital and are dedicated to meeting the business needs of their partner companies. Fusion Capital invests in publicly traded companies who demonstrate a clear business vision and the ability to execute on this vision. They seek to make investments of between $5 million and $50 million in each partner company.

Offices: Austin, Texas
G-51 utilizes proven investment practices to develop high-growth and high-velocity businesses that deliver nationally ranked returns to their investors. G-51's success is based on three business catalysts that consistently create value in their portfolio companies, for their limited partners and for their investment syndication partners.

Gabriel Venture Partners
Offices: Redwood Shores, California & Annapolis, Maryland
Gabriel Venture Partners looks for a win-win outcome uniting the best-of-class entrepreneurs with the best resources. They bring together investment, operations, technology and industry expertise to maximize the value creation from the initial funding through every stage of the company growth cycle. The Gabriel fund was created help build the emerging market leaders.

Gaebler Ventures
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Gaebler Ventures is a business incubator and holding company that develops and nurtures companies that are shaping the future. With an emphasis on seed-stage and early-stage investments, the partnership has invested in companies since 1999 and has established numerous innovative and market-leading enterprises
Gaja Capital Partners
Offices: Mumbai, India
Gaja Capital Partners is an India-focused private equity firm. They provide growth capital to mid-market companies. Gaja's investment focus is on emerging leaders in emerging domestic sectors in India. Their co-investors include leading global and Indian financial institutions and some of India’s leading business families. Their vision is to be a globally respected, India-specialist, investment firm delivering best of class returns.

Galen Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Galen seeks equity investments in healthcare companies in traditional and emerging growth segments of the industry that are consistent with their investment philosophy. With an emphasis on mid-to-late stage financing, Galen has a particular interest in businesses specializing in healthcare information technology, services and devices. Galen's typical investment is in convertible preferred equity securities with an initial placement of at least $10 million.

Galileo Partners
Offices: Paris, France
Galileo Partners focuses on funding innovative companies in the Internet, software, electronics, semi-conductors, telecommunications, medical and media sectors. Galileo Partners provides financing and strategic advice to its portfolio companies at every stage of their development cycle, from seed or expansion capital to the IPO stage for the “block busters”. Galileo Partners also supports spin-offs from large companies and turnarounds.

Gamma Investors
Offices: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Gamma Investors began in 1998 as a group of angels who collaborated on venture-capital investments. Gamma Investors’ creation was primarily the work of several partners of the derivatives trading boutique firm, Cooper Neff & Associates. The Firm was sold to Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) in 1994. Upon their departure, Gamma Investors became their primary vehicle for making venture-capital investments.

Garage Technology Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Garage Technology Ventures is a venture capital investment bank for emerging technology companies. Garage works with companies in three ways—they provide direct investment of venture capital, private placement services, and M&A advisory services. They combine senior management attention, a hands-on team approach, proven syndication ability, and an extensive network of high-level contacts to enable early-stage technology companies to reach their strategic and financial goals.

Garnett & Helfrich
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Ven-ture Buy-out (ven’cher bi’out’) noun. The purchase of a technology business from a parent company, and the subsequent rebuilding of that business into an innovative and profitable enterprise. Involves risk of capital and substantial changes to the business to improve management and operations after acquisition. Garnett & Helfrich Capital is the first fund to exclusively focus on the emerging venture buyout segment for mid-sized technology spinouts.

Gart Capital Partners (GCP)
Offices: Denver, Colorado
Gart Capital Partners is a private equity investment partnership. The firm, a division of The Gart Companies, provides closely held and family owned businesses with private equity capital for ownership transition and growth. They invest in a broad range of consumer and retail businesses that include, but are not limited to, specialty retailing and accompanying services, recreation, sports and sporting goods, and leisure activities.

Gateway Capital
Offices: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Gateway Capital is a global private equity which pursues investments, buyouts, mergers, and real estate. Gateway takes a worldwide view of global private equity opportunities for investment, merger and global trading. They are building a conglomerate of niche businesses which generate extraordinary returns for their shareholders. Their international relationships allows them to participate significantly in the global private equity markets.

Gathering of Angels
Offices: Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Gathering of Angels is a monthly meeting of private, high net-worth investors, also referred to as "Angels," venture capitalists and merchant bankers. The event is hosted by Tarby Bryant, Chairman of the Anasazi Capital. The mission of the Gathering of Angels is to provide first stage "seed level and angel capital" financing to startup and early stage firms. Anasazi Capital and their strategic partners can also provide a wealth of "E-mentoring" services.

Gazelle TechVentures
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana
Gazelle TechVentures was created when a number of senior Indiana business leaders assembled to address the funding gap as a business opportunity. As members of the General Partner's Executive Committee they have committed their time and their capital to the objective of making Gazelle "The hub of venture capital activity in Indiana and one of the most respected, leading funds in the Midwest."
GBP Capital
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
GBP Capital provides venture funding and assistance to early and mid-stage life science companies. They target companies with novel approaches to diagnostics, therapeutics, and medical devices that will change the face of healthcare innovation in the future. GBP shares the drive and vision of their portfolio companies to collaborate with them in accelerating growth and building successful business ventures.

GBS Venture Partners (GBS)
Offices: Melbourne, Australia
GBS Venture Partners is a leading life science venture capital group resulting from a November 2002 management buyout of Rothschild Bioscience Managers Limited from NM Rothschild & Sons. GBS invests in and adds value to unlisted high growth companies involved in innovative technologies. The GBS team has been investing in Australia since 1996 and played founding roles in companies with a combined market capitalization of more than $1 billion.

GCUBE Capital Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
GCube Capital Partners actively seeks evolutionary and transformative opportunities within the $50 billion game and interactive entertainment markets. They are an active investment firm with a hands-on approach providing guidance and resources to the companies they have invested in. Utilizing the decades of relevant domain experience and relationships of the managing directors, their firm generates superior proprietary deal flow as the destination firm of choice.

GE Antares Capital
Offices: Norwalk, Connecticut
Combining GE's middle market sponsor finance business and Antares Capital creates GE Antares Capital, a global lender with local insight, best in class customer service, and a strong balance sheet. GE Antares serves virtually all industries, providing key advantages to its customers.

GE Capital Solutions
Offices: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
GE Capital Solutions provides financing and services to business customers of all sizes to help them grow. Their synergistic product offerings include: equipment leasing and lending, inventory finance, fleet services and franchise finance, globally. Leveraging GE's deep industry and collateral expertise, their top priorities are excellent customer service and being a great strategic partner.

Gefinor Ventures
Offices: Austin, Texas
Gefinor Ventures has over 40 years of experience in identifying new technologies, operating successful companies, investment banking, and private equity and venture capital investing. In addition, they have successfully managed investments in over 50 companies throughout a 16-year period. With offices in Austin, Denver and New York, they provide the presence and reach of a large organization with a focused entrepreneurial approach.

GE Foundation
Offices: Fairfield, Connecticut
The GE Foundation provides grants and invest in initiatives that work to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. In coordination with their partners, they support US and international education, the environment, public policy, human rights, disaster relief and community success around the globe. They also support GE employee and retiree giving and involvement in GE communities through employee programs such as the GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program.

-GE- (cont.)
GE Healthcare Finance
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Healthcare customers from around the globe turn to GE Healthcare Financial Services for their comprehensive collection of resources and business and financial solutions. Find out what drives them and sets them apart. Their leadership team understands the healthcare industry and its specific financing needs. Meet the leaders who help their customers grow. Their international presence means they can bring you a global perspective, while executing locally.

GEIF Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, England
GEIF Ventures helps angels to amplify their investing power, allowing them to spread their capital and management skills to a greater number of companies and ensure that such companies have sufficient funds to achieve profitability or the next key milestone. Combined with business angels’ finance, GEIFV investment will help to bridge the equity gap faced by many early stage companies.

Geisinger Ventures
Offices: Danville, Pennsylvania
At Geisinger Ventures, they leverage the resources of Geisinger Health System—one of nation's largest rural health systems, to provide innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. They believe that the best way to do this is through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies. Geisinger Ventures nurtures innovative ideas, licenses and brings to market intellectual property, develops business plans, and catalyzes growth of for-profit companies.

Gemini Israel Fund
Offices: Herzliya, Israel & Palo Alto, California
Gemini Israel Funds provides start-up financing and expert guidance to help talented entrepreneurs steer their companies to success. A pioneer in Israel’s venture capital industry, Gemini is recognized as a leading Israeli seed and early stage fund in the information technology arena. With $550 million under management in four funds, Gemini focuses on investment in communications and wireless technologies, enterprise software, and semiconductors.

Gemma Frisius Fund
Offices: Leuven, Belgium
Gemma Frisius Fund is a seed capital fund, established in 1997 as a joint venture between K.U.Leuven, the KBC Group and the Fortis Group. The objective of the fund is to stimulate the creation and growth of university related spin-off companies at K.U.Leuven by: Providing seed capital in the very early phases of research-based spin-off companies; and, combining the research & technology transfer expertise of the university with the financial and investment expertise of the financial partners.

Genecast Ventures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Genecast Ventures is a seed-stage venture fund in the Northeast US. They focus on technology-centric internet companies in digital media, online advertising, consumer internet, web x.0, SAAS and e-commerce. Genecast looks for companies with significant, defensible competitive advantages and will invests up to $500k alone or as part of a larger round of up to $1.5m.

Offices: Montreal, Ontario
GeneChem manages specialized venture capital funds that target companies in the genomics industry. GeneChem actively supports companies that discover and develop novel therapeutics from genomic targets. GeneChem has an experienced team that is actively seeking investment opportunities in the genomics industry on an international basis.

General Atlantic (GA)
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
General Atlantic is a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies. GA combines a collaborative global approach, sector-specific expertise, and a deep understanding of growth drivers to partner with great management and build exceptional businesses worldwide. Founded in 1980, General Atlantic manages approximately $15 billion.

General Catalyst Partners
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
General Catalyst Partners is the private equity partner for entrepreneurs, early-stage companies and transformational companies that seek to build innovative software and technology platforms into industry-leading companies. General Catalyst’s managing directors Joel Cutler, David Fialkow, David Orfao and John Simon are accomplished entrepreneurs. General Catalyst helps their portfolio companies.

Generation Investment Management
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Generation is an independent, private, owner-managed partnership co-founded in 2004 by Al Gore and David Blood. Generation's investment approach is based on the idea that sustainability factors—economic, environmental, social and governance criteria—will drive a company's returns over the long term. By integrating sustainability issues with traditional analysis, they aim to deliver superior investment returns.

-Gen- (cont.)
Generation Partners
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut & San Francisco, California
Generation Partners is a $325 million private investment firm focused on providing equity capital to growth-oriented companies through buyout, growth equity, and venture capital investments. Generation will look to lead or co-lead rounds. A Board seat is required. They also pro-actively look to co-invest with additional investors who can add a great deal of value.

Genesis Campus
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Genesis Campus, founded in 2001 by serial entrepreneur and investor Wu-Fu Chen and wireless industry pioneer Roman Kikta is a different kind of venture capital firm. Genesis is surrounded by innovative technologies—in their physical location and in their way of thinking. They understand that companies early in the building process need to lay the groundwork to build not only successful technologies, but also successful businesses.

Genesis Park
Offices: Houston, Texas
Genesis Park is a private equity firm focusing on buyouts (LBO & MBO), partnering strategies with public corporations, and growth financings. They are opportunistic within market sectors where they have depth and experience. Those sectors include software, telecommunications, media, finance and niche energy businesses. Their investment model is to be an active participant in the progress of their portfolio companies.

Genesis Partners
Offices: Herziliya Pituach, Israel
Genesis Partners has one of the strongest track records in the Israeli venture capital industry. Their investment team is comprised of venture professionals with extensive experience in venture capital, technology, operational management, and entrepreneurship. Genesis focus's on seed and early stage investments in the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.

Genesys Capital Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Genesys Capital Partners is a capital management firm focused on building companies in the high-growth sectors of healthcare and biotechnology. Through its expertise and network, Genesys accelerates the development of commercially viable emerging companies that represent promising biotechnology investment opportunities.

-Gen- (cont.)
Geneva Venture Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Geneva Venture Partners invests directly in disruptive technology start-ups, founders and their vision in seeking to create new markets and disrupt existing ones. They focus on early-stage investing and take a value creation, service-oriented approach in markets where they have direct expertise. These include enterprise software, software-as-a-service, software tools and services, security software, financial services, biometrics, and technology solutions.

Genii Capital
Offices: Luxembourg
Genii Capital is a private investment firm that places common and business sense at the center of the investment decision making process while targeting solid performance. Their investment philosophy is to create value by investing in ideas, brands and projects that are innovative and often disruptive to their business environment. Differentiating them from most other investment firms, their investment decisions are the result of long term strategy.

Offices: New York, New York & Haryana, India
GenNx360 Capital Partners is a private equity buy out firm focused on industrial business-to-business companies with $250 million to $1 billion in revenues. Their partners have more than 100 years of combined global portfolio management experience with a strong, proven track record of success in creating true enterprise value through operating excellence and strong leadership.

Genstar Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Genstar Capital has had a long history of investing in companies active in dynamic markets, including life sciences, business services and industrial technology. In October 2004, the firm held the final closing for Genstar Capital Partners IV for a total of $475 million, expanding the total committed capital to over $900 million. The firm provides an understanding of industries and experience in operations.

Genzyme Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Genzyme Ventures is a corporate venture capital fund dedicated to helping Genzyme Corporation achieve its strategic goals. Founded in 2001, the $100 million fund has a current portfolio of direct corporate investments and has taken LP positions in funds managed by life-science focused VC firms. The fund aims to forge relationships which may lead to larger collaborations in the future.

GeoCapital Partners
Offices: Fort Lee, New Jersey; & Durham, North Carolina
Founded in 1984, Geocapital Partners has been a leading venture capital firm focused on investments in young businesses in information services and technology in both North America and Europe. They have successfully managed over $500 million in a series of partnerships that were primarily funded by large institutional investors.

Georgia Venture Partners
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Venture Partners was established in 2004 to make seed and early-stage investments in life sciences enterprises. The Fund’s purpose is twofold: 1) to achieve superior investment returns, primarily in the form of capital gains, by building and investing in debt and equity securities of a portfolio of companies, and 2) to increase economic development of life sciences by seed or early-stage investments in life science.

Georgieff Capital
Offices: Frankfurt, Germany
Georgieff Capital provides high end, synergistic financial advisory services to corporate and investor clients, both institutional and family investors, as well as entrepreneurs. The firm was founded in 2005. It operates as a partnership whose partners have gained broad experience as advisors and investors, in which capacity they have been involved in some of the highest profile corporate transactions.

GFI Energy Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Since its creation in June of 1995, GFI Energy Ventures and its predecessor entities have originated more than fifty transactions since combined to form the companies described here. Aggregate value of the companies in their portfolio exceeds $2.5 billion. GFI is always engaged in active discussions with additional potentially attractive target companies.

GF Private Equity
Offices: Ignacio, California
GF Private Equity, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, possesses assets in several industries and investment categories that are approaching $2 billion. The fund invests in a carefully-selected assortment of industries and technologies, selecting companies that are at various stages of their life cycle. Investment areas include technology and software, defense industries and telecommunications.

GGV Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
GGV Capital (formerly Granite Global Ventures) leads expansion-stage venture capital investments in the United States and Asia. Since its inception, GGV Capital has focused on expansion-stage innovation around the world with a dual focus on the U.S. and China. They are one of the first VC firms to fund start-ups in China and among the first to actively introduce U.S. companies to new markets in the region.

Offices: Singapore
GIC was established in 1982 as the private equity investment arm of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation , the global investment management company for the Singapore government’s foreign reserves. GIC is one of the largest private equity investors worldwide and manages a diversified global portfolio of investments in venture capital and private equity funds.

Gilbert Global Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Gilbert Global Equity Partners is an institutional investment firm that makes private equity and equity-related investments in both public and private companies around the world. Today, Gilbert Global has a capital base of US $1.2 billion. Their principal investors are Fortune 500 corporations, State and corporate pension funds, university endowments, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Offices: The Netherlands
Gilde is a leading European venture capital fund with a truly international reach. Known for its inspiring approach, Gilde’s team of managers has built a rock-solid, 20 year-long, track record of information & communication technology investments. It has earned a reputation for professionalism, involvement, decisiveness and above all integrity. Gilde utilizes its multi-disciplined global network and in-depth experience to support entrepreneurs.

Offices: Antwerp, Belgium
Founded in 1980, GIMV is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the Benelux. They look back on a long history of building companies and creating a network of technology entrepreneurs, industry experts and other international venture capitalists. Prestigious companies like Barco, Mobistar, Telenet, FICS, Filepool, LMS and more have gone from a smart idea to a leading company with active support of GIMV.

GI Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California & London, England
GI Partners is a leading private equity firm focused on control-oriented investments in recurring revenue and asset-intensive businesses in the United States and Western Europe. With $2 billion of capital under management, GI Partners seeks to achieve superior returns by unlocking value obscured by complexity and market dislocations.

GIV Venture Partners
Offices: Reston, Virginia
GIV Venture Partners is a private equity firm that partners with entrepreneurs of high growth businesses with proven business models. GIV was founded in 1999 by leading global entrepreneurs and investors. The founders of GIV have started five companies, four of which reached successful IPOs, creating an aggregate $3 billion in market value. The fund has a strong, leanly staffed team that has domestic and international venture experience.

Giza Venture Capital
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
Giza Venture Capital was established in 1992 and has three funds totaling $316 million. Giza has invested in 64, early to late-stage companies in the sectors of Communications, IT, Enterprise Software and Life Sciences. The fund’s capability in evaluating technologies combined with its cumulative experience in venture capital, operations, investments and M&A, create the foundation of Giza’s vision and success.

GKM Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
GKM Ventures is a venture capital fund investing $1.5 million to $5 million in expansion-stage technology companies located in the Western US. The primary industry sectors in which the fund invests are communications, enterprise software and IT services, semiconductors and digital media. Many of their limited partners are successful industry executives who frequently contribute to the Fund's deal flow, due diligence process and portfolio companies.

Glencoe Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Entrepreneurial and aggressive, Glencoe focuses on creative investment opportunities for institutional and private investors in the alternative asset class, moving quickly to take advantage for investment opportunities and relying on proven industry expertise to increase portfolio value. Their executive network offers unrivaled industry, strategic, and operational expertise to them and their portfolio companies.

Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
Glengary is a venture catalyst enterprise—a new breed of venture capital organization—combining an unparalleled network of support services with merchant banking and investment capital. Believed to be the first of its kind in the US, Glengary provides an uniquely organized approach to the investment process, committing, in tandem, both human and investment capital, thereby improving a client company's opportunity for success.

GlenRock Israel
Offices: Herzeliyah, Israel
Founded by Leon Recanati in 2003, GlenRock leverages a unique combination of private equity, multidisciplinary in-house expertise, unmatched access to quality dealflow, and a focused but flexible investment strategy to achieve maximum return. With a global presence and ready access to the most prominent names in Israeli business, academia, and science, GlenRock is experienced at identifying life sciences and advanced technology opportunities.

Global Catalyst Partners (GCP)
Offices: Redwood Shores, California
Global Catalyst Partners seeks out visionary entrepreneurial leaders with innovative, competitive information technologies. Focusing on seed and early stage investments, the partners take an intensive, hands-on investment approach to turn compelling ideas into successful companies. GCP brings companies the critical resources needed to thrive during high-speed growth cycles.

Global Environment Fund (GEF)
Offices: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Established in 1990, the Global Environment Fund invests in businesses around the world that provide cost-effective solutions to environmental and energy challenges. The firm manages private equity dedicated to clean technology, emerging markets, and sustainable forestry, with approximately $1 billion in aggregate capital under management. GEF's investors include prominent endowments, foundations, family offices, and pension funds.

Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Global Infrastructure Partners is managed for the benefit of all its investors by a professional investment executive team of partners, each of whom is a direct investor in the fund. GIP improves infrastructure through investment and application of industry best practice. GIP's operating team includes top quality experienced managers with relevant functional and sector managerial and operating expertise.

Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV)
Offices: Zug, Switzerland & Munich, Germany
GLSV uses its exclusive focus on the life sciences and the experience of its team and advisors to assist in building companies. Through its international orientation and long-term commitment, the partnership has been able to develop a global outlook that brings major benefits to its portfolio companies. At the same time, the partnership has strategically channelled its resources into developing the infrastructure necessary to support its investees.

-Global- (cont.)
Global Retail Partners (GRP)
Offices: Los Angeles, California & London, England
Since 1982 the partners of GRP have funded innovative entrepreneurs who have changed the consumer landscape - companies that are household names today. They formed GRP Partners in 1996 and now manage approximately $650 million on behalf of more than 150 limited partners. GRP invest in highly talented entrepreneurs with demonstrated drive, leadership skills and experience.

Global Venture Capital (GVC)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Global Venture Capital is an independent partnership in the business of managing venture capital funds. The individuals constituting GVC have been active in entrepreneurship, venture capital and private equity globally for over 20 years. Since 1997, GVC has been responsible for managing a series of venture capital funds with total committed capital of 6.3 billion yen, which has been directly invested in over 35 companies both inside and outside of Japan.

Globespan Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Globespan Capital Partners is a leading global venture capital firm investing in information technology companies. They are focused on a balanced investment strategy across all segments of the IT sector. Globespan uniquely positioned in the US venture capital industry to provide portfolio companies access to global markets, customers and partners.

Globis Capital Partners (GCP)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Globis Capital Partners provides more than just investment and venture capital to their portfolio companies. They strive to add value to their investments by providing the people and know-how to insure long-term success of each business. Globis differentiates itself from other Japanese VCs in that they do not simply invest-we participate as a partner in each investee firm, working closely with management by providing the necessary managerial skills.

Glynn Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Glynn Capital Management is a private venture capital and investment management firm. They invest in high-quality, private and public companies that create innovative products and services to meet customers' needs in the face of rapid change in technology and lie sciences industries. Their private and public investments build on thier industry knowledge to complement each other.

GMB Mezzanine Capital
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
GMB Mezzanine Capital makes private mezzanine investments in lower middle-market companies throughout the United States. They target companies with total enterprise values under $100 million and with annual revenue between $10 million and $100 million. Their target investment size ranges from $3 million to $13 million, and we will participate in larger mezzanine investments with co-investment partners.

GMG Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
GMG Capital Partners is a venture capital firm investing primarily in early-stage high-growth communications technology companies. GMG Capital Partners continues to execute its strategy of investing in early-stage technology companies, affirming their belief that these companies will provide unsurpassed opportunities to generate outstanding investment returns with predictable and manageable risk.

GMT Communications Partners
Offices: London, England
GMT Communications Partners III is an independent investment firm focused exclusively on the Communications sector in Europe. The GMT team is Europe’s longest-established private equity specialist in the Communications arena, and has been active from its base in London across the entire Continent more than a decade.

GM Ventures
Offices: Detroit, Michigan
GM Ventures is the venture capital arm of General Motors. They invest in early-stage start-up companies to enhance GM's ability to innovate and ensure their customers have access to the best technology. GM Ventures' investment strategy includes early-stage startups with focus on the areas of automotive cleantech, infotainment, smart materials, other automotive related technologies, and value chain/business models.

Gobi Partners
Offices: Shanghai-Beijing, China
Established in 2002, Gobi Partners is an early stage venture capital firm focusing on IT and digital media investments in China. They define digital media as a new form of communication emerging from the convergence in telecommunications, media and technology. They invest in companies that are pushing the frontier, integrating gaps or enabling consolidation within the digital media value chain. They see venture capital as a force for change in China.

Goense Bounds
Offices: Lake Forest, Illinois
Goense Bounds' mission is simple: to devote capital, experience and energy to select growth opportunities and create value for the people they serve—founders, management, investors, and employees. They have created one of the largest document imaging dealers in the country through acquisitions and by sharing best practices among the acquired businesses.

GoGreen Capital
Offices: Brussels, Belgium
GoGreen Capital is a venture capital firm focused on the renewable sector, investing mainly in early-stage companies in Europe and North America. Recently established, GoGreen Capital is based in Brussels, Belgium and leverages a solid track record of investments made by its shareholders in the renewable industry for the last 15 years, notably in a leading solar thermal energy supplier.

Golden Angels Network
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Golden Angels Network is an independent group of accredited investors who seek excellent returns by investing in early stage high potential businesses and helping these businesses accelerate to market leadership. The Golden Angels Network was formed at Marquette University in early 2003. It began as an effort to connect alumni and friends of the University to entrepreneurs seeking assistance in growing their businesses.

Golden Gate Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Golden Gate Capital is a $700 million private equity firm dedicated to investing in high-growth businesses in change-intensive industries. Their charter is to partner with world-class management teams to make equity investments of up to $100 million in situations where there is a demonstrable opportunity to significantly enhance a company's value. The Principals of Golden Gate Capital have a long and successful history of investing with management partners.

-Golden- (cont.)
Golden Seeds
Offices: Cos Cob, Connecticut
Golden Seeds plays an instrumental role in supporting women to utilize both their intrinsic and financial capital to its full potential. They identify and invest in women-led ventures with the potential to grow into multi-million dollar business while enabling accredited investors to invest alongside them. They provide entrepreneurs with strategic business advice as well as access to funding and the tools to enable them to grow into multi-million dollar businesses.

Gold Hill Capital
Offices: Newton, Massachusetts & San Jose, California
At Gold Hill, venture financing is not what they do, but rather who they are. Their partners, principals and associates have made thousands of loans totaling billions of dollars to venture-backed technology and life science companies. They are proud to call the best entrepreneurial minds their clients. Gold Hill has a highly-focused team dedicated to delivering flexible financing solutions for companies in the technology and life science industries.

Goldman Sachs Capital (GS Partners)
Offices: New York, New York
Goldman Sachs is a global leader in corporate equity investing. Since 1986, Goldman Sachs has invested over $17 billion of equity in over 500 companies globally. GS Partners is currently investing its GS Capital Partners V fund, comprised of $8.5 billion of equity, including over $2.5 billion of capital from Goldman Sachs. As experienced investors, they offer a unique set of benefits to their investment and investing partners.

Goldman Sachs Private Equity Group
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Goldman Sachs Private Equity Group manages over $11 billion of aggregate capital commitments as of September 2002. They are a leading investor in private equity funds, is a significant co-investor in direct investments, and is an active buyer of secondary interests in existing private equity funds. Their comprehensive global private equity program seeks to construct a highly diversified private equity portfolio.

Goldner Hawn
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Goldner Hawn is a private equity investment firm. Since their formation in 1989, they have produced excellent returns for their investors and their business partners by staying true to their founders’ strategy for success. They take a long-term approach to investing, provide expertise in a wide range of business disciplines, and focus their efforts in industries and geographies where their experience and relationships give them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Golub Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Golub Capital is a private investment firm formed in 1994. The firm's investment funds make debt and equity investments in US-based middle market companies. The firm invests in businesses with established operating cash flow and sustainable proprietary positions in their markets. The firm seeks to partner with strong management teams executing long-term growth strategies. The firm has the flexibility to meet the objectives of management.

Good Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Good Capital is an investment firm that increases the flow of capital to innovative ventures creating market-based solutions to inequality and poverty. Using a high engagement model, they invest in the most promising social enterprises and give them the tools and guidance they need to succeed. In addition, Good Capital actively leads the development of the emerging social capital market.

GoodCompany Ventures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
GoodCompany Ventures catalyzes start-ups with innovative solutions to big, unmet social needs. GoodCompany entrepreneurs are offered a great place to work in Philadelphia, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and access to a network of capital sources and expert advisors. We champion models that offer investors financial return and social impact.

Good Energies
Offices: London, England
Good Energies is a leading investor in the renewable energy industry and a member of COFRA Group, a privately owned group of companies. Good Energies is active in the interrelated business areas solar energy, wind energy, load management and green buildings. The company invests across all life cycles of a company and pursues a long-term investment approach.

-Good- (cont.)
Goode Partners
Offices: New York, New York & Arcadia, California
Goode Partners was formed to pursue a singular focused mission: To create significant shareholder value by bringing a combination of operational and financial resources into active partnerships with the owners and management teams of high-growth potential, consumer-oriented companies. The Partners of the firm collectively possess a proven skill set of abilities and a track record of success across almost every dimension of the consumer industry.

Offices: Mountain View, California
Google.org aspires to use the power of information and technology to address the global challenges of their age: climate change, poverty and emerging disease. In collaboration with experienced partners working in each of these fields, they will invest their resources and tap the strengths of Google’s employees and global operations to advance five major initiatives.

Google Ventures
Offices: Mountain View, California & Cambridge, Massachusetts
Google Ventures seeks to discover and grow great companies—they believe in the power of entrepreneurs to do amazing things. They're studying a broad range of industries, including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech and health care. Google Ventures invests anywhere from seed to mezzanine stage and embrace the challenge of helping young companies grow from the garage to global relevance.

Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Established in September 2000, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for future generations. The Foundation’s science-based, results-driven orientation stems from the principles and interests of Gordon and Betty Moore. The Foundation operates proactively in three specific areas of focus—environmental conservation, science.

Graham Capital
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Graham Capital Group is a private equity investment firm with a value proposition which is truly unique in today’s private equity market. The firm was formed in order to acquire and partner with traditional small to middle-market companies and their management teams to create and build value for the long-term. The are a collaboration of over 80 years of experience in building successful privately owned businesses.

Graham Partners
Offices: Newton Square, Pennsylvania
Graham Partners is a privately held investment firm which focuses on acquiring and investing in middle-market industrial companies with exceptional growth potential. The Graham Partners team possesses a unique combination of financial and operating resources, and has a heritage of working within the structure of a family industrial concern.

Gramercy Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Gramercy Capital is a self-managed integrated commercial real estate finance and property investment company operating in two complementary areas: Gramercy Finance, which focuses on the direct origination and acquisition of whole loans, subordinate interests in whole loans, mezzanine loans, preferred equity, CMBS and other real estate securities; and Gramercy Realty, which focuses on the acquisition and management of commercial properties.

Granahan McCourt
Offices: Hopewell, New Jersey
Granahan McCourt Capital is a private investment firm focused on investments in the telecommunications and media industries. They believe that there are significant investment opportunities when dramatic technological and regulatory events change the way in which products and services are delivered to the end customer. For over 25 years, they have been investing in companies that exploit these technological and regulatory changes.

Grand Angels
Offices: Holland, Michigan
The mission of the Grand Angels is to utilize its financial, intellectual and networking capital to promote the success of young growing companies and to enhance the economic development of West Michigan. The Grand Angels is one of many so-called “Angel bands” around the country, committed both to making profitable investments and to community economic development. The Grand Angels is an investment group that offers mentoring paired with a relatively patient exit strategy.

GrandBanks Capital (GBC)
Offices: Newton Center, Massachusetts
At GrandBanks Capital, they work with entrepreneurs to build world-class companies that can become dominant market leaders. Their focus is to lead early-stage investments in the eastern part of the United States in the fastest growing sectors of Internet infrastructure, software and software services, security and storage applications, media technologies and services, financial technologies and services, and wireless technologies and services.

Grandwood Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Grandwood Capital is focused on providing advisory services to growing middle market companies. The principals of Grandwood have significant experience working with some of the leading services and food companies in the United States, including Mapquest and LendingTree. Grandwood focuses on serving high growth companies, and they provide their clients with a combination of expertise, focus and resources uniquely suited to their needs.

Granite Capital Investments
Offices: Scottsdale, Arizona
Granite Capital Investments is a leading owner and developer of quality apartment, retail, office, and land development projects throughout the western United States. They acquired $162 million in properties in 2006. They compete effectively with any buyer through their streamlined acquisition process that ensures prompt submittal review by key decision makers.

-Granite- (cont.)
Granite Creek Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Granite Creek Partners pursues investment opportunities in companies that require a highly customized solution and may otherwise have a difficult time accessing the type of capital that they provide. They seek fundamentally good companies that operate in niche sectors, compete in out-of-favor industries, have endured failed intermediary engagements, or seek structured securities not offered by most financial institutions.

Granite State Angels (GSA)
Offices: Hanover, New Hampshire
Granite State Angels brings together over 15 successful and experienced entrepreneurs who are active in making early-stage and seed investments in companies located in the northeastern United States. Every month they gather informally to discuss recent news from the investment community, share due diligence activities, build strategic relationships, and review business plans from prospective companies.

Granite Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Granite Ventures manages over $650 million in committed venture capital and has invested in over 70 private companies in the software and communications sectors. In addition to Granite Ventures, a $150 million fund raised in December 2000, Granite manages a series of venture capital funds in dedicated partnerships with Adobe Systems, Texas Instruments and British Telecommunications.

Granville Baird Capital Partners
Offices: London-Manchester, England
Granville Baird Capital Partners is a European private equity investor with over 30 years experience of driving performance in mid-market companies. Since 1971, their team has worked extensively with growing companies in the business services, healthcare, industrial products & services and technology sectors. Their investment team proactively sources, manages and realizes investments through offices in the UK and Germany.

Grape Arbor
Offices: New York, New York
Grape Arbor is an angel investor group comprised of friends who spend their professional lives in the technology and start-up space and pool their personal finances to make angel investments. Since its founding in 2006, Grape Arbor (directly or through affiliates) has made one or more investments into more than two dozen companies. In general, they target early stage companies with a little revenue (several hundred thousand to several million in trailing 12 month revenue)
Graphite Capital
Offices: London, England
Graphite Capital is a leading player in mid-market private equity in the UK. Graphite Capital was formed in March 2001 when F&C Ventures was acquired by its management team from the Foreign & Colonial Group. They now have funds under management of £750 million. Three of the funds are private and one is publicly quoted. With £375 million available for investment they are always looking for new opportunities.

GRA Venture Fund
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
The GRA Venture Fund is a private investment fund established to provide investment capital to companies that participate in the Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab commercialization program. The fund’s principal financial goal is to generate significant long-term capital appreciation for its investors by acquiring securities in qualified companies. The growth of these companies also generates long-term economic benefits to the State of Georgia.

GrayHawk Venture Partners
Offices: Phoenix, Arizona
Grayhawk Venture Partners was formed in May of 2000 to provide equity capital to growth-oriented companies based in the southwestern United States. Grayhawk is the successor to Cornerstone Equity Partners, a private equity investment company that invested $25 million over a five year period and generated a 55% internal rate of return on its investments.

Grazia Equity
Offices: Stuttgart, Germany
Thanks to the entrepreneurial backgrounds of their investment team members, Grazia Equity understand the problems and challenges of a high growth company. Limiting their activities to selected sectors allows them to apply their substantial know-how and make use of their extensive network of industry contacts.

Greater Houston Community Foundation
Offices: Houston, Texas
The Greater Houston Community Foundation is comprised of people who are the heart of Houston’s philanthropic community. From their board of directors and executive leadership to administration and key donors, you will be part of an insightful group of Houstonians whose mission is to make a real difference in their community. And with local management, decisions are made faster and with local concerns in mind.

Greater Kansas City Community Fund
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri
The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation has met the National Standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in Greater Kansas City by increasing charitable giving, connecting donors to community needs they care about, and leading on critical community issues.

Great Hill Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Great Hill Partners has over twenty years of experience investing in growth companies. The founding partners participated in three generations of successful venture funds, media/communications partners, totaling more than $700 million. The partners of Great Hill Partners provide a strong foundation, commitment to research and deep industry knowledge provide a framework for enduring success.

-Great- (cont.)
Great Lakes Angels
Offices: Detroit, Michigan
The Great Lakes Angels organizes and mentors angels and provide a forum for them to grow in knowledge and wealth and foster more of the same—to help invest in entrepreneurial companies in the region. It will have numerous 'deals' presented, high-level content and quality speakers and panelists on key issues of angel investing. Current 'Angels' and high net worth 'potential Angels' can meet in a confidential and educational environment.

Great Pacific Capital
Offices: Carpentaria, California
Great Pacific Capital is an early-stage venture fund active in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. They back entrepreneurial teams with a demonstrated ability to apply technology to solve a problem and grow a business. As investors, they are very accessible and bring unmatched value to their portfolio companies, helping them achieve greatness.

GreatPoint Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
GreatPoint Ventures is a specialized investment firm which focuses on seed stage commercialization of exciting new technologies. GreatPoint invests in "big pictures" opportunities that have the potential to lead innovation and transform markets. They have been active across a broad spectrum of investment sectors, including energy, biotech, telecom, materials science and semiconductor engineering.

Great Range Capital
Offices: Leawood, Kansas
Great Range Capital believes the Midwest is an attractive market for private equity. First, the region is undercapitalized—when compared to the rest of the country, there is significantly less private equity funding in the Midwest. Secondly, local presence and relationships are vitally important to investors, management teams, and business owners in the Midwest.

Greenbriar Equity Group
Offices: Rye, New York
Greenbriar Equity Group is a private equity firm focused exclusively on making investments in the global transportation industry, an area to which it brings distinct expertise and substantial resources. Greenbriar manages $700 million of committed limited partner capital and co-investment commitments and has access to more than $1 billion for investment in privately-negotiated equity investments.

-Green- (cont.)
Green Edge Ventures
Offices: San Anselmo, California
Green Edge Ventures is a clean energy technology incubation and finance company. Green Edge Ventures was founded and incubated by the management team of US Trust Corp. Green Edge a is finance company specifically established to assist in the commercialization of cutting-edge clean energy technologies.

Greenhill SAVP
Offices: New York, New York
Greenhill SAVP is a $102 million venture capital fund affiliated with Greenhill & Co, an independent global investment bank. Greenhill SAVP backs companies run by exceptional individuals where its deep relationships and operational experience can help entrepreneurs realize extraordinary growth. The Fund’s investments are typically in early stage companies that generate less than $5 million in revenue.

Greenhouse Capital Partners
Offices: Sausalito, California
In a market increasingly barren of seed investment capital, Greenhouse Capital Partners seeks to fund exceptional startups at the earliest stages of company formation while creating true lasting partnerships with their entrepreneurs. The fund maintains a broad investment approach across a range of select emerging technologies, with a specific interest in cleantech and alternative energy innovations.

Greenmont Capital Partners
Offices: Boulder, Colorado
Greenmont Capital Partners is an investment fund founded by natural product industry insiders, focusing on early-stage companies in the $500-billion Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (“LOHAS”) market. Their operations are strategically headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, a city widely regarded as the epicenter or "Silicon Valley" of the natural products industry, providing optimal flow of information, contacts and resources.

Greenpark Capital
Offices: London, England
Greenpark Capital is a well-established global leader in customized secondaries solutions. They help clients fine-tune their exposure to private equity funds by exiting or part-exiting investments prior to maturity. Their guiding principle is that every client and every transaction is different. They take a flexible approach that delivers tailor-made solutions, to help their clients maximize returns, however diverse their portfolio.

-Green- (cont.)
Greenstone Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Leveraging the firm's corporate finance capabilities and relationships, Greenstone Partners Private Capital invests the firm's own money as well as capital committed by third parties. Greenstone Partners' principal investing strategy is to provide capital to established small-cap businesses with strong growth opportunities and the ability to generate sustainable cash flow.

Greenstone Venture Partners
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Greenstone Venture Partners provides venture capital funding and management support to promising early-stage technology companies located in Canada and the western United States. Since the Greenstone founders became an investment team in 1997 they have helped more than 25 innovative companies set and meet their goals through both financial investment as well as marketing, recruiting, future financings, securing customers and general corporate strategy.

Green Street Capital
Offices: Tempe, Arizona
Green Street Capital Group is an investment banking firm that provides structured finance, asset management, and financial advisory services to its client base. Green Street Capital Group offers services to clients in the following areas: direct real estate lending; placing more than $6.5 billion in real estate funding and advisory engagements; and, financial Advisor on large commercial and residential real estate portfolios.

Greenwoods Capital
Offices: Norfolk, Connecticut & New York, New York
Greenwoods Capital Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2005 with a primary focus on providing equity and equity-related capital and strategic advice to small capitalization, emerging growth companies. The firm’s investment strategy focuses on companies in the retail, business services, and applied technologies sectors.

Greer Capital
Offices: Birmingham, Alabama
GCA provides capital for private equity projects that act as a catalyst for economic growth in their community. This includes multiple roles and a range of activities based on four key principles. Companies looking for late stage or growth stage investment with proof of concept completed and revenues at or rapidly approaching a breakeven level of cash flow.

Gresham Investment House
Offices: Sydney-Melbourne-Perth, Australia
Gresham Investment House focuses on four key business areas including corporate advisory, private equity, property and asset finance. Over the past 25 years the Group has built a solid reputation for independence and innovation and has a track record including many of the largest and most complex transactions completed in the Australian marketplace.

Gresham Private Equity
Offices: London-Birmingham-Bristol-Manchester, England
Gresham Private Equity is the leading independent provider of private equity capital to UK businesses with a value up to £100m. They have a unique, long-standing heritage in this market, generated through consistently successful investment in deep partnerships with their management teams. This approach is facilitated by their regional network of offices which embeds them in local communities.

Greycroft Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Greycroft Partners is a venture capital partnership formed to invest in promising digital media companies, including both business- and consumer-focused ventures. The firm's $75 million fund includes participation from leading corporate executives around the world. Greycroft invests between $500,000 and $3 million at inception, increasing on a staged basis to double that amount over time.

Offices: San Mateo, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
Greylock has committed capital of over $2.2 billion under management. Over the past 37 years they have provided equity capital and support to more than 250 developing companies, many of which have gone on to become leaders in their respective industries. Of these companies, over 120 have become publicly held, while more than 80 others have merged successfully with other leading companies.

Grey Mountain Partners
Offices: New York, New York & Boulder, Colorado
In an industry populated by financial executives and firms with a stock-picking mentality, Grey Mountain Partners stands alone as a private equity firm founded and organized around a single guiding principle: helping portfolio companies achieve operational excellence. As investors of private capital, they believe that consistent and superior returns can only be achieved by creating value through improved operations.

-Grey- (cont.)
Greystone Private Equity
Offices: New York, New York
Greystone Private Equity together with its affiliated companies is a fast-growing financial services and private investment company with staff and offices across the country. Greystone consists of seasoned and successful professionals, dedicated to giving their clients the best services in the industry. Greystone Commercial Finance includes Greystone Business Credit, an asset-based lender.

Greywolf Capital
Offices: Purchase, New York & San Francisco, California
Founded in 2003, Greywolf Capital Management is an investment firm focused on realizing value for its capital partners primarily through opportunistic credit-based and fundamental analysis-driven investment strategies. Greywolf manages approximately $688 million invested in two strategies: Special Situations and Structured Products. Each of these strategies has a domestic and an off-shore fund.

Gridiron Capital
Offices: New Canaan, Connecticut
Gridiron Capital is a private equity firm focused on creating value by acquiring and building middle-market manufacturing, service and specialty consumer companies in the United States and Canada. The firm’s principals have historically achieved superior investment returns by employing a combination of strategic, operating and financial experience to provide portfolio companies with competitive advantages.

Grotech Ventures
Offices: Timonium, Maryland
Grotech Ventures was founded in 1984 and is the largest private equity firm focusing exclusively on the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. With $1 billion in capital under management, Grotech originates and leads investments in emerging and traditional industries. These include communications, technology, consumer, healthcare, business products and services.

GroundWork Private Equity
Offices: Camarillo, California
GroundWork Equity accelerates the growth of technology companies by providing strategic planning, execution and access to investment capital to help entrepreneurs and investors increase equity values for successful liquidity events. Their experience shows a company will achieve success more quickly when both the entrepreneur and the investor are aligned to a winning strategy.

Grove Street Advisors
Offices: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Grove Street Advisors was formed in 1998 with the objective of reengineering the traditional relationships between "gatekeeper," fund manager, and the major institutional investors in private equity. With more than $4 billion currently under management, eight major clients and value-added relationships with more than 90 of the top performing fund managers, their management team has proven to be successful.

Growth Capital Partners (GCP)
Offices: Houston-Dallas-Austin, Texas & Greenwich, Connecticut
Growth Capital Partners assists both private and public middle-market companies based in North America to achieve their growth objectives and maximize shareholder value by utilizing our senior banking experience and "relationship" banking approach. All of GCP's activities revolve around the private capital marketplace and corporate finance activities. Since the firm's inception in 1992, GCP has raised more than $1 billion of institutional capital.

GrowthPath Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
GrowthPath Capital is a private equity investment firm established to apply the concepts and practices of strategic management as developed by The Boston Consulting Group to middle-market leveraged acquisitions. The firm is best characterized as a value-added, buy-and-build equity sponsor with particular expertise in industrial growth situations and which is lead by an experienced team that has worked together since 1990.

GrowthPoint Technology Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California
GrowthPoint Technology Partners is a different kind of investment bank. They provide M&A, fundraising and strategic advisory services to a wide range of technology companies. As former CEOs, executives, board members, investors and advisors, they bring a wealth of strategic and financial experience to their clients with the sole objective of helping them achieve success.

Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
GrowthWorks is a recognized leader in venture capital and fund management with proven expertise in raising and investing capital. Managing several funds, including the largest venture capital fund in BC, with close to $700 million in assets, GrowthWorks has substantial capital resources and expertise. They specialize in information technology, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and early stage investing.

GRP Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California & London, England
GRP Partners has funded innovative entrepreneurs who have changed the consumer landscape. They formed GRP Partners in 1996 and now manage approximately $650 million on behalf of more than 150 limited partners in North America and Europe. GRP Partners has a global perspective when serving their portfolio companies and seeking investment opportunities.

Gryphon Investors
Offices: San Francisco, California
Gryphon Investors is a well-respected private equity firm focused on making $25 million to $75 million equity or equity-linked investments in the middle market. They have over $900 million of capital under management, a blue-chip cast of limited partners, and have executed over 50 middle market equity transactions since their founding in 1995. Gryphon actively seeks companies in which they believe strong growth results can be achieved.

GSC Group
Offices: Florham Park, New Jersey
The vision of GSC Group is to be a leading institutional investment manager of alternative assets with a full spectrum of complementary investment product offerings, significantly increased assets under management and a roster of sophisticated and substantial investors. GSC applies rigorous discipline, detailed credit analysis and thorough due diligence in all of their investment decisions.

GSO Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
GSO Capital Partners is a registered alternative investment manager with approximately $8 billion in assets under management. The firm draws on the skills and experience of its 115 employees worldwide to invest in a broad array of public and private securities across multiple investment strategies. Key areas of focus include leveraged loans, distressed investments, special situations, capital structure arbitrage, mezzanine securities and private equity.

-GS- (cont.)
GSR Ventures
Offices: Beijing, China & Menlo Park, California
GSR Ventures seek investment opportunities that have very large market opportunities, strong management teams and disruptive intellectual property, business models or market positions that will give them a competitive advantage to successfully compete in the global market. They are willing to invest in early stage companies with talented entrepreneurs to help build great technology companies.

GSV Capital
Offices: Woodside, California
GSV Capital is a publicly-traded investment management company, investing principally in the equity securities of rapidly growing companies—privately-held, VC-backed companies as well as select publicly-traded companies. GSV seeks to create a low-turnover portfolio. They invest through private secondary market transactions, direct investments in their portfolio companies, and through transactions executed on public securities exchanges.

Offices: Chicago, Illinois
GTCR is one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms in the country. Founded in 1980, they pioneered the strategy of identifying and partnering with outstanding executives to build leading companies. This strategy has proven exceptionally enduring, as illustrated by successful investments in more than 150 companies in a wide variety of industries over the last 20 years.

GTI Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
GTI Capital selects early-stage technology companies that have what is required to grow into high-performance businesses and provides the financing, strategic, and networking support that allows them to realize the full potential of their business vision. With $100 million in capital under management, GTI Capital focuses on early-stage companies evolving in the information technology and telecom sectors.

-GT- (cont.)
GTI Group
Offices: New York, New York
GTI Group works with corporate partners, management teams and entrepreneurs to build world-class companies. GTI invests in venture capital, growth equity and lower middle market leveraged buyout opportunities. They are a team of company founders, executives, entrepreneurs, financiers and advisors. They come from diverse backgrounds and have experience across many different industries.

Guardian Capital Partners
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Guardian Capital Partners is a private equity that makes control investments in lower middle market manufacturing and service companies. They partner with management teams and provide business and liquidity solutions to sellers of family-owned businesses or non-core divisions of larger corporations. Their team has a comprehensive background in operations, finance and leveraged buyouts.

Guggenheim Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & New York, New York
Guggenheim Partners is a global, independent, privately held, diversified financial services firm with more than $100 billion in assets under supervision. They provide investment management services and products, investment advisory services, and investment banking and capital markets services. Guggenhiem employ more than 800 professionals.

GVTA Angel Network
Offices: Scranton, Pennsylvania
The Great Valley Pennsylvania Angel Network (GV-PAN) is a group of affiliated investors who provide early-stage financing to regional start-up businesses. Each member of GV-PAN makes his or her own investment decisions. To be a member of GV-PAN an individual must be an accredited investor. The group meets on a quarterly basis to review business plans, and to network with firms looking for Angel investments.

Hackman Capital Partners (HCP)
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Hackman Capital Partners is a private real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management, development and adaptive reuse of industrial and commercial real estate. Founded in 1986, HCP pursues value-added and opportunistic investments nationwide. They focus on undervalued or distressed real estate, financial restructurings and other unique opportunities where they navigate complex processes to create value.

Hadley Capital
Offices: Wilmette, Illinois
Hadley Capital is a private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in or acquiring small, established companies. THey like to partner with successful small business owners and managers to help them continue to grow their companies. The typical business Hadley considers has revenue between $5.0 million and $20.0 million and EBITDA between $1.0 million and $3.0 million, although they have invested in businesses that are both larger and smaller.

Hale Capital Management
Offices: New York, New York
Hale Capital Management is emerging as one of the world's leading private investment firms. They specialize in providing both financial resources and operational expertise to help transform undervalued companies into industry leaders for long-term success and value creation. At Hale, they bring a patient and value-added investment approach focused on actively helping talented executives grow.

Halifax Group
Offices: Washington, DC
Halifax was formed in January 1999 to capitalize on the rising number of opportunities for equity investments in small private companies with total enterprise values of less than $100 million, which often fall outside of the transaction size parameters of larger investment entities. Their goal is to form partnerships with proven management teams, bringing not only capital to the small market but also a wealth of strategic, financial and operating experience.

Hall Capital Partners
Offices: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hall Capital Partners invests between $2 million and $25 million in partnerships with family-owned businesses, management teams and entrepreneurs. They partner with private businesses to provide capital for acquisition or support growth and expansion. Their experience in mergers and acquisitions and effectively managing growth serve as a resource to the business partners their capital supports. They also partner with private business owners to buyout shareholders.

HALO Technology Holdings
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
HALO Technology Holdings is a global provider of a diversified range of standards-based enterprise software applications and on-demand solutions. HALO's strategy is to acquire and operate private and public enterprise software companies with a commitment to sustainable growth. HALO portfolio companies focus on customer service, product quality and profitability to build long term customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction today and into the future.

Halpern Denney & Co
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Halpern, Denny & Co. is a private equity investment firm focusing on growth-oriented management buyouts and high growth, late stage expansion financings. The firm has more than $600 million committed capital to back strong management teams focused on driving their companies to leadership positions in their respective industries. Halpern, Denny & Co. was founded in 1991 by former executives of Bain & Company and Bain Capital.

Halyard Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Halyard Capital is a private equity fund with over $500 million of capital under management focused on investing in media, communications and business services companies. The fund specializes in middle-market leveraged buyouts, growth equity and structured equity investments. Halyard invests in control positions or non-control investments with strong governance rights.

Hamilton BioVentures
Offices: San Diego, California
Hamilton BioVentures is a venture capital firm (with $100 million under management) investing in talented entrepreneurs bringing new Life Science technology enterprises to market. Hamilton BioVentures invests in companies developing dramatically better treatments for major human diseases and other medical conditions. Their investments generally take the form of direct equity in early-stage companies located on the west coast.

Hamilton Lane
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hamilton Lane offers investors a full spectrum of discretionary and non-discretionary private equity asset management products and services.. Their philosophy is that private equity portfolios should balance an appropriate degree of diversification across vintage years, managers, geographies, and sub-asset classes, with an emphasis on backing managers who are expected to generate above-average results over time.

-Hamilton- (cont.)
Hamilton Robinson
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut
Hamilton Robinson is a private equity firm that specializes in serving small to middle size companies seeking equity capital for management buyouts, corporate growth, and recapitalizations for shareholder liquidity. Since 1984, their firm and principals have organized and managed investments involving over 40 companies, representing more than $1 billion of value.

Hampshire Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Hampshire Equity Partners has been investing as a team since June 1990. Their partnership now concentrates primarily on investments that involve buyouts, recapitalizations, growth financings, and consolidations, although they continue to make debt and equity investments in companies that are undergoing financial restructurings. Their flexible investment parameters allow them to invest during all phases of the economic cycle.

Hampton Roads Angel Network
Offices: Hampton, Virginia
The Hampton Road Angel Network is facilitated by the Hampton Roads Technology Council, the technology nerve center for the southeastern region of Virginia named Hampton Roads. Through the following initiatives, this member-driven non-profit organization is transforming the region and its technology companies into world-recognized technology.

Hana Financial Group
Offices: Seoul, South Korea
Hana Financial Group is one of South Korea's leading financial-services companies and one of world's top 100 financial groups. The company began in 1971 as Korea Investment & Finance, the nation's first financial company established with purely private capital. Throughout its history, Hana Financial Group has crated value for clients.

Hancock Park Associates (HPA)
Offices: Los Angeles, California & Houston, Texas
Hancock Park Associates focuses on controlling equity investments across a range of industries, although the firm naturally gravitates towards manufacturing and specialty retailing, areas where the firm has significant experience. Each of the firm's principals has significant operating experience which allows HPA to seek out investments in businesses where present management needs to be supplemented.

Harbert Management
Offices: Birmingham, Alabama
Harbert Management Corporation is an alternative investment management firm serving foundations and endowments, funds of funds, pension funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, family offices and high net worth individuals across multiple asset classes, including domestic and European real estate, venture capital, mezzanine debt, independent power, private equity and public securities.

Harbinger Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Harbinger Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in event/distressed strategies. Founded in 2001 with Philip Falcone as the Chief Investment Officer, Harbinger Capital Partners seeks to invest in alpha-generating ideas that are uncorrelated to investment cycles. Harbinger seeks investments in companies where the Harbinger team identifies a significant opportunity to actively engage with a company to unlock value.

Harbor Light Capital Partners
Offices: Keene, New Hampshire
Harbor Light Capital Partners focuses on investments in the $1-$5 million range. They are not limited to traditional holding periods of 3 to 5 years. Therefore, Harbor Light makes decisions based on what is best for the growth and success of the business. Their investment flexibility, combined with their values, family legacy and management expertise, make them an attractive option for family-owned and emerging growth businesses seeking a long-term, value-adding partner.

Harbor Pacific Capital
Offices: Los Altos, California
Harbor Pacific Capital provides early to growth stage capital for emerging technology companies in both the United States and the Asia Pacific region. They focus their investments in digital media, consumer, and clean technology companies. Harbor Pacific strives to be the partner of choice for entrepreneurs and top-tier investment funds seeking to build market-leading companies.

Harbour Group
Offices: St Louis, Missouri
Harbour Group understand the challenges management faces. They know how to build businesses by improving every aspect of a company's operation. Their operational knowledge enables them to complete due diligence efficiently and without disruption to a business. Having one unchanging team of executives assigned to each business eliminates learning-curve slowdowns.

HarbourVest Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
HarbourVest Partners clients' include more than 200 pension funds, endowments, foundations, and financial institutions from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. During its 20-year history of investing, the HarbourVest team has committed $7.9 billion to 200 managers of private equity funds on a primary basis, completed $1.3 billion in 210 purchases of secondary partnership interests, and invested $1.9 billion directly in operating companies.

Harris & Harris Group
Offices: New York, New York
Harris & Harris Group is a publicly held venture capital company (NASDAQ symbol: TINY). The Company operates as a Business Development Company ("BDC") under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Harris & Harris Group has chosen to operate in a BDC structure primarily because it is the regulatory framework for publicly held companies specifically created to facilitate making venture capital investments in early stage companies commercializing proprietary intellectual property.

Harrison Metal
Offices: Mountain View, California
Harrison Metal invests in early stage, technology driven businesses led by exceptional entrepreneurs. They look for unique combinations of leaders and ideas seeking to create extraordinary value in the daily lives of users; compete in large markets in transition; capture a share of value created through a sound economic model; and, build a team of creative, results driven people.

Harrison Street Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Harrison Street Real Estate Capital is a real estate private equity firm founded in 2005. The firm currently owns approximately $1.8 billion in real estate assets which includes over 12,000 student housing beds, 3,900 senior housing / assisted living units, over 44,500 self-storage units, 2,100 dry & wet boat storage and 920,000 square feet of medical office space.

Hartford Ventures
Offices: Harford, Connecticut
Hartford Ventures’ corporate venture activity is designed to get The Hartford to the future faster by accessing emerging trends, technologies and business models through long-term external venture investments and partnerships. Our goal is to foster innovation and help create successful businesses. They seek to combine long-term investments in entrepreneurial companies with long-term strategic relationships.

Harvest Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Harvest Partners is a private equity investment firm with a long track record of building value in businesses and generating attractive returns on investment. They currently have approximately $1 billion of capital under management, with additional funds available from their investors. They focus on the acquisition of profitable medium-size companies and the financing of growing businesses.

Harvey & Company
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
Harvey & Company is a leading merchant bank, placing private equity capital in a wide variety of growing, middle-market businesses proactively engaging business owners in select industries. They differ from most traditional private equity firms by providing access to capital in a number of different ways. Harvey has placed minority investments/growth capital, recapitalized businesses in majority transactions, and consummated 100% buyouts.

Hasso Plattner Ventures
Offices: Postdam, Germany
Hasso Plattner Ventures looking for the most promising companies in the IT and Cleantech field throughout Europe and Israel. Apart from investing venture capital they also offer a combined package of added value through experienced entrepreneurs, partners, industry networks and paid third party professional services. All this input is dedicated to one goal—the success of your business.

Hastings Equity Partners
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
Hastings Equity Partners is a private investment firm focused on small to mid-sized enterprises. Founded in 2002, the firm’s team brings over 60 years of experience in operating, growing and acquiring small companies or divisions and have managed organizations through the various stages of growth. Their goal is to partner with talented managers and to help them build thriving businesses that create substantial value for the future.

Hatch Ventures
Offices: Mountain View, California
Hatch exists to help entrepreneurs cut through the noise, not only financially with growth capital, but with the skills and experience necessary to navigate through the exceedingly intricate world of building a company. Hatch brings a highly developed process for engineering comprehensive consumer-informed brand strategies. Hatch works hard with its portfolio companies to help them deliver a resonant and relevant message.

Hatteras Venture Partners
Offices: Durham, North Carolina
Hatteras Venture Partners is a venture capital firm with a focus on biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and related opportunities in human medicine. Founded in 2000, the firm consists of an experienced team with a broad and complementary skill set that is particularly relevant to building successful new biomedical companies. The Hatteras Venture Partners team brings operational experience.

Hawaii Angels
Offices: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii Angels was founded as UH Angels by Robert Robinson, in February 2002. It attracted high net worth individuals from a variety of professions including chief executives, attorneys, physicians, and scientists, who shares an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. In September 2006, it was incorporated as a non-profit and changed its name to Hawaii Angels. The number of members has grown to nearly 100.

Hawkesbridge Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Established in 2002, Hawkesbridge Capital is a leading Australian funds management firm that manages over $200 million in funds for institutional investors. They are backed by superannuation funds with over $15 billion in funds under management. Hawkesbridge Private Equity Fund 3 held its final close at $83 million in December 2007.

HBM Partners
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
HBM Partners is a provider of investment advisory services specialized in the global life sciences sector. It focuses on investments in biotechnology, emerging pharma, medical technology, and related industry segments. HBM Partners is one of the world’s largest investment advisory groups in this field. Its spectrum of investments covers private and public companies as well as specialized venture capital funds.

Headland Ventures
Offices: Sausalito, California
Headland Ventures is a venture partnership singularly focused on building successful companies from the ground up. Headland concentrates on the connectivity provided by the next generation communications network and the companies defining its direction. The investors in Headland Ventures are all private, family members.

Offices: Stockholm, Sweden & Lousanne, Switzerland
HealthCap is a family of multi stage venture capital funds, investing internationally in life sciences, with the Odlander Fredrikson Group as their exclusive investments advisor. With committed capital exceeding MSEK 6,100 HealthCap is the largest specialized provider of venture capital within life sciences in Nordic countries and one of the largest independent actors in the sector in Europe. HealthCap IV is currently actively pursuing new investment opportunities.

HealthCare Ventures (HCV)
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey & Cambridge, England
HealthCare Ventures is one of the world's largest venture capital firms specializing in health care, making investments in early stage and emerging growth companies that have the potential for exceptional growth. The firm has successfully raised and managed seven funds in the past nineteen years. HCV is dedicated to creating companies that will develop and market products and services that meet important medical needs.

HealthEdge Investment Partners
Offices: Tampa, Florida
HealthEdge Investment Partners is an operating-oriented private equity firm founded in 2005 that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. They seek to achieve superior returns by investing in businesses that benefit from the knowledge, experience and network of relationships of its partners. The partners have more than 100 years of combined operating experience in healthcare; have generated over $750 million in value for investors as CEOs.

Health Enterprise Partners (HEP)
Offices: New York, New York
Health Enterprise Partners is an independent growth equity fund focused exclusively on healthcare services and information technology companies whose customers are typically hospital systems or health plans. HEP’s investors include 16 of the largest hospital systems and health plans in the United States representing over 200 leading hospitals and 50 million insured lives.

Health Evolution Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Health Evolution Partners invests in the world’s leading health care companies. They seek out companies that are driving critical shifts in the ways health care is financed, organized and delivered. Their investments will accelerate health care’s transformation into a high quality, efficient and consumer-driven industry. They are guided by a team of exceptional health care leaders, experienced private equity investors and operating experts.

-Health- (cont.)
Offices: New York, New York
HealthpointCapital is a values-driven, research-based private equity firm exclusively focused on the orthopedic and dental device businesses. HealthpointCapital manages in excess of $1 billion of institutional capital. Their cumulative 100 years of experience in healthcare technology, research and investing enable them to help their clients capitalize on the explosive growth and unique investment opportunities in the musculoskeletal industry.

Hearst Interactive Media
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Hearst Interactive Media, a unit of The Hearst Corporation, manages a portfolio of strategic investments in development-stage companies focused primarily on emerging media and interactive technologies. Throughout the corporation, Hearst Interactive Media provides strategic guidance and advocacy for a wide range of technology-driven operation and development activities.

Heartland Angels
Offices: Skokie, Illinois
Heartland Angels is a private equity network that brings together accredited investors with early stage start-up companies and real estate opportunities looking for equity and debt investments. They match investors and startup companies through a process of due diligence designed specifically for start-up and early stage companies. Potential investment opportunities are presented to the network investors monthly.

Heatley Capital
Offices: Irving, Texas
Heatley Capital provides real estate investment opportunities for high net worth individuals and investment advisors. They have successfully owned, developed, and managed commercial real estate primarily in North Texas for more than 30 years and their historical performance averages more than 30% annually. Their investment career has spanned market peaks and downturns, through which they have fine-tuned a rigorous due diligence and selection process.

Heinz Endowments
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Heinz Endowments is a laboratory for the development of solutions to challenges that are national in scope. Although the majority of their giving is concentrated within southwestern Pennsylvania. That mission is to help their region thrive as a whole community—economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally—while advancing the state of knowledge and practice in the fields in which they work.

Helion Venture Partners
Offices: Port Louis, Mauritius & Bangalore-Haryana, India
Helion Ventures Partners is a $350 Million India-focused, stage independent venture fund, investing in technology-powered and consumer service businesses in sectors like outsourcing, internet, mobile, technology products, retail services, education and financial Services.

Hellman & Friedman
Offices: San Francisco, California
Hellman & Friedman is a private equity investment firm well respected for its distinctive investment philosophy and approach. During their 17-year history, they have raised and managed over $4.8 billion of committed capital that they have invested in over 40 companies. They are currently investing their fourth fund, Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners IV (HFCP IV), with $2.2 billion of committed capital.

Helmet Capital
Offices: Helsinki, Finland
Helmet Capital aims to optimum shareholder value by hands-on involvement in both the strategy and structure formulation at the stage, when the owner prepares for partial or total divestment of his shareholding. They detect and bring to light a true value of a company by optimizing both its strategy and internal business structures. Helmet looks for opportunities to increase the shareholder value by external value-adding partners or co-owner structures.

Helmsman Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Helmsman Capital is a special situations investor targeting the Australasian mid-market. Helmsman's investors include fund of funds, superannuation funds, government bodies and other institutional investors. Helmsman is a mid to long term investor looking for returns via capital appreciation in the investee companies following investment.

Henderson Equity Partners
Offices: London, England
Henderson Equity Partners is the private equity operation of Henderson Global Investors and has €1 billion under management (as of 30 June 2004). Henderson Equity Partners is well placed to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities in private capital through its businesses: European Private Equity, Asia Pacific Private Equity, Infrastructure & Fund of Funds.

Herald Ventures
Offices: London, England
Herald Investment Management Limited manages two venture capital funds investing in unquoted companies in the technology, communications and media sectors (specifically excluding biotechnology and pharmaceuticals). Herald Ventures prepared to lead or follow in an investment syndicate, or act as sole investor. They will generally take a minority stake and will normally seek Board representation.

Hercules Technology Growth Capital (HTGC)
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Hercules Technology Growth Capital is a leading specialty finance company focused on providing growth capital to technology and life sciences companies at all stages of development, including post IPO. The firm's 145 collective years of venture capital, operating, specialized technology leading, acquisition finance and leveraged leasing experience, averaging 16 years per professional.

Heritage Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Almost 20 years ago, Heritage began focusing on the family business. Through their unique structure, they are able to provide founders and family businesses with significant personal liquidity, while at the same time allowing them to maintain control of their businesses to participate meaningfully in the upside as their businesses continue to grow.

Herkules Capital
Offices: Lysaker, Norway
Herkules is the leading Norwegian Private Equity firm with a total capital base of NOK 6.25 billion. Herkules targets companies located in the Nordic region, primarily in Norway. Herkules acquires established companies with strong growth potential, either through organic growth or add-on acquisitions. Herkules acquires majority share in companies and has positive experiences from partnership with existing shareholders.

Hermes Private Equity (HPE)
Offices: London, England
Hermes Private equity is the investment arm of Hermes dedicated to investing in private equity. It has approaching £1 billion committed to private equity on behalf of its principal clients, the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) and the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP). HPE's historic activity was limited primarily to investing in third parties' private equity funds. HPE continues to do this through a dedicated team of four experienced professionals.

Heron Capital
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana
Heron Capital is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in companies focused on the life sciences, including medical devices, biotechnology, diagnostics and agricultural technology. The firm is advised by a world-renowned network of scientists and physicians, as well as entrepreneurs and leaders of national and multinational corporations. Heron Capital serves as the General Partner to Heron Capital Venture Fund, a limited partnership.

Offices: London, England
Established in 1985, HgCapital is a leading investor in the European private equity market. It has managed 14 funds, including HgCapital Trust, an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange. These funds have invested in more than 68 transactions, across a variety of sectors and geographies. HgCapital has funds under management of €1.3 billion.

H&G Capital Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Salt Lake City, Utah
Huntsman Gay Capital Partners is a private equity buyout fund. H&G’s key areas of focus are middle market leveraged buyouts, growth equity investments and strategic investments in mid-cap public companies. H&G has a deep network of financial backers and the flexibility and creativity to address the most unique seller needs.

Hickory Venture Group
Offices: Huntsville, Alabama
Hickory Venture Capital seeks to back strong management teams imbued with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vision to build a highly successful company. They do not seek operating control and often take minority equity stakes. They believe that the market potential must be large enough to allow the company to reach $50-$100 million or more in value over the next 5-7 years.

HIG Capital
Offices: Miami, Florida
HIG Capital is a leading private equity firm focused on management buyouts and recapitalizations of leading middle market companies as well as growth equity investments. With more than $1.5 Billion of equity capital under management, they are dedicated to helping talented management teams and entrepreneurs build companies of significant value.

HighBAR Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California
HighBAR Ventures is asn early stage venture capital firm that was formed to channel its founders' passion for early stage investing. Its founders Bill Joy, Anderas Bechtosheim and Roy Thiele-Sardina have deep roots in technology investing and a proven track record of building successful companies. HighBAR invests in developing infrastructure technology for the security, networking and storage marketplaces.

High Country Venture
Offices: Boulder, Colorado
The High Country Venture is a venture capital fund seeking to invest in seed and early stage businesses in Colorado. The fund will focus its investments in life sciences, information technology and retail. They encourage all qualified businesses in rural areas who are seeking capital to submit a business plan, irregardless of the industry you are in.

Highland Capital Partners
Offices: Lexington, Massachusetts
Highland Capital Partners is an early-stage venture firm focused on building companies in the communications, information technology, and healthcare markets. Founded in 1988, their strategy is to invest in exceptional people and provide them with the right mix of strategic guidance, management expertise, and hands-on leadership for building successful and enduring companies.

Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE)
Offices: Inverness, Scotland
Highlands and Islands Enterprise is the Scottish government’s economic and community development agency for a diverse region which covers more than half of Scotland. HIE aims to build sustainable economic growth in all parts of the highlands and islands. To improve the region’s performance and its contribution to the economic growth of Scotland, HIE will deliver an integrated strategic approach to development.

-High- (cont.)
High Peaks Venture Partners
Offices: Troy, New York
High Peaks Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, high-growth, entrepreneurial technology companies. High Peaks is Upstate New York’s largest early-stage venture fund, and predominantly focused on investing within New York State. The firm has a growing portfolio of companies in the new media, information technology, advanced materials, and telecommunications markets.

High Road Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Their approach to business is to take the high road in all that they do, hence the name High Road Capital Partners. That means cutting a fair deal and sticking to it, and not using due diligence as a tool to renegotiate price. It means treating their management teams as partners and actively supporting them in their efforts to grow their companies, and being proactive if a company hits a bump in the road.

High Street Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
High Street Capital is a leading provider of flexible capital and operating expertise to middle market businesses. In partnership with management they invest in recapitalizations, management buyouts and growth equity financings. Through the active participation of their operating partners, a group of successful CEOs and ex-business owners, High Street Capital provides experience, contacts and counsel to their investment activities.

High Tech Gruenderfonds
Offices: Bonn, Germany
High-Tech Gründerfonds invests venture capital in young, high-opportunity technological companies implementing promising research results in an entrepreneurial manner. Over the next five years, they want not only to provide technologically oriented company foundations with the start-up capital they so urgently need; they also want to ensure the necessary supervision and support for their management.

Hightech Private Equity (HTPE)
Offices: Dusseldorf, Germany
Promoting rapid, thorough company development and making use of outstanding earnings opportunities—Hightech Private Equity provides entrepreneurs and investors with new possibilities. HTPE offers long-term oriented investment concepts, a strong and multi-layered network and the industrial knowledge of their team. Their investment team comprises experienced managers with very different and complementary backgrounds.

-High- (cont.)
Highway 12 Ventures
Offices: Boise, Idaho
Highway 12 Ventures invest in people, not companies. Passionate people who are committed to the ideas and principles that drive their businesses. People who don't know the word "quit," who aren't afraid to enter new territory and face unseen challenges. People who seek a different path, a better way, and who are entrepreneurs at heart. They have high expectations for their fund companies.

HIG Ventures
Offices: Miami, Florida
HIG Ventures is a leading private equity and venture capital investment firm with more than $1 Billion of equity capital under management. They have offices in Miami, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco. They specialize in providing capital to small and medium-sized companies with attractive growth potential. The firm invests in promising early stage technology companies.

Hilco Consumer Capital
Offices: Northbrook, Illinois
The Hilco Organization is a unique platform of companies, each one a leader in its respective field. Acting independently or cooperatively, their companies can provide virtually any services you may need to determine the value of business assets, convert assets to cash, or obtain specialized debt or equity capital based on the value of assets.

Hina Capital Partners
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai, China
Hina Capital Partners focuses on investing in China oriented technology, media and telecommunications related opportunities in China and the United States. The sector is projected to grow at 13% per annum to reach over $300 billion by 2007. China already attracts more foreign direct investment than any other country except the United States.

Hispania Capital Partners (HCP)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Hispania Capital Partners' mission is to provide growth capital for outstanding Hispanic executives serving the US Hispanic market. Their mission is to be the leading provider of equity capital to this unique and growing business sector. HCP believes that a talented management team is critical to achieving capital growth.

Hitachi Corporate Venture Capital
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
The Hitachi Corporate Venture Capital Fund (Hitachi CVC Fund) effective July 1, 2004, is a 10 billion-yen investment fund to invest in promising technology startup companies. The mission of the Hitachi CVC Fund will be to explore new business frontiers and accelerate the creation of new business opportunities in line with the objectives of the "i.e. Hitachi Plan," the medium-term business plan announced last November.

Offices: Oslo, Norway & Houston, TX
HitecVision is a leading private equity investor specialized in buyouts and growth-stage investments within the oil and gas sector in Europe and North America. Over the past 20 years the team has provided high returns to investors through the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry, having established or invested in more than 65 companies, made over 50 exits, and led seven IPOs.

HLM Venture Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
HLM Venture Partners provides venture capital to emerging health care, business services and technology companies. Their partners offer invaluable support to entrepreneurs as they turn innovative ideas into market-leading businesses. They assist portfolio companies with access to capital, people and resources; the ingredients necessary for success. Since 1994, their professionals have assisted over 30 portfolio companies.

HM Capital Partners
Offices: Dallas, Texas
HM Capital is a private equity firm with a differentiated investment strategy that leverages its sector expertise to acquire, change and build strategically relevant businesses. HM Capital Partners is the new name for Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. Founded in 1989, the firm benefits from 17 years of history and experience, which have shaped its investment approach. HM Capital is currently investing and managing a $1.6 billion fund.

HMS Hawaii Management
Offices: Honolulu, Hawaii
HMS Hawaii Management make venture capital investments in start-up, emerging and established companies with a preference for seed and early-stage Hawaii-based companies and later-stage non-Hawaii-based companies. They specifically address the opportunities where pricing of investments is free of competitive distortion and quality deals are specifically tied to the geographic, technical and social strengths of their island community.

Holding Capital Group
Offices: New York, New York
In 1983, at a Holding Capital Group meeting, there was a discussion of the philosophies, policies, principles, and practices of the group. The results of that discussion still hold true today. Flexibility is essential. Without it, there can be no compromise or negotiation. Hence, no transactions. They optimize chances for success by minimizing risk.

Holtzbrinck Ventures
Offices: Munich, Germany
Since 1998, Holtzbrinck Ventures has invested, with risk capital, in young companies within the new media sector and has been involved with over 60 companies making it one of the largest start-up investors with a focus on internet, mobile and broadband companies. They seek investments in media-oriented business models in the digital media sector. As an established early stage investor, Holtzbrinck will gladly participate even at the company’s foundation.

Hony Capital
Offices: Beijing, China
Founded in 2003, Hony Capital is among China’s leading domestic private equity firms. Hony Capital is a China-focused middle-market private equity firm. With over US $2.8 billion in assets under management across five funds, Hony Capital primarily focuses on construction materials, pharmaceuticals, construction machinery and consumer goods and retail industries.

Hopewell Ventures
Offices: Chicago-Peoria, Illinois
Hopewell Ventures provides equity capital and strategic expertise to high-growth businesses, primarily in the Midwest. The principals have more than 80 years of experience investing in and growing Midwestern companies. Hopewell is focused on growth-oriented ventures at various stages of development across a broad range of industries. Hopewell works with portfolio companies to help them maximize opportunities.

Hopu Investment Management
Offices: Beijing, China
Founded in 2007, Hopu Investment Management is a leading private equity firm in Asia with US$2.5 billion in capital commitments. Hopu’s investments include the US$400 million purchase of publicly-traded Bank of China shares from Royal Bank of Scotland Plc iand US$150 million to US$200 million investment in convertible bonds in Hong Kong Lung Ming Investment Holding Ltd.

Horizon Technology Finance
Offices: Farmington, Connecticut & Pleasant Hill, California
At Horizon Technology Finance, they realize that the success of their clients is not solely dependent on financing alone. Their understanding of the unique growth patterns of their client industries, their deep relationships in the venture world, and their proven experience getting deals done combine to bring more than just capital to the table.

Horizon Ventures
Offices: Los Altos, California
Horizon Ventures is a venture capital partnership with exclusive focus on early stage technology-based private companies. They offer traditional venture capital assistance to innovative young companies in the information technology market. For the last decade, the managing directors have been helping entrepreneurs turn startup ventures into successful companies.

Offices: London, England
Hotbed provide their members with access to a wide range of investment opportunities in private equity and commercial property where you, the member, decide how much you wish to invest in any particular deal and which investment vehicle you wish to use. They source, evaluate and structure each transaction before offering the equity to their members in a standard unit size.

Hotung Group
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan & San Jose, California
Hotung Group has become one of the largest fund management firms in Taiwan, with 17 years of venture capital experience. In addition to acting as a capital supplier, Hotung provides portfolio companies with value-added services. Hotung Group is the first and sole venture capital firm listed on the Singapore Exchange. To increase competitiveness and maintain its leading industry status, Hotung intends to continue pursing local investment opportunities in Taiwan.

Housatonic Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & San Francisco, California
Housatonic Partners is a private equity investment firm founded in 1994 with over $600 million in capital under management. They invest in growing, profitable companies in the recurring services, media and communications industries. They have partnered with exceptional management teams in more than fifty small to mid-sized companies in these industries over the last thirteen years.

Houston Endowment
Offices: Houston, Texas
After donating more than #1 million during their first years of marriage to help create and develop institutions and organizations that would nurture Houston's people and encourage the city's growth, Jesse and Mary Gibbs Jones established Houston Endowment, Inc. in 1937 to formalize and perpetuate their philanthropy. They both knew they would prosper only if their community thrived.

Hovde Private Equity
Offices: Washington, DC
The Hovde Organization is an investment banking, asset management and private equity firm focused exclusively on the financial services sector. Founded in 1987 and possessing a distinguished industry heritage, Hovde draws from many years of experience and the comprehensive financial services expertise of their team members to develop innovative and value-added solutions for their clients.

Howard G Buffett Foundation
Offices: Omaha, Nebraska
Established in 1999, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation's primary mission is to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world's most impoverished and marginalized populations. Their focus is on international programs that operate in challenging environments, including areas with reasonable risk, where there is great need for their support.

H&Q Asia Pacific
Offices: Palo Alto, California
H&Q Asia Pacific is a premier private equity firm investing in Asia and the United States since 1985 in a variety of sectors such as technology, technology manufacturing, branded consumer products and services, financial services and other high growth sectors. The firm's offices are located in all of the principal markets in Asia as well as in the Silicon Valley.

HSBC Private Equity
Offices: London, England
HSBC has significant interests globally in private equity. HSBC's presence in 76 countries and territories provides an extensive network to support its global private equity activities. The European operations primarily target management buyouts and growth companies, normally acting as the principal equity provider. The Asian business targets a combination of expansion capital and mid-size buyout investments.

HSH Nordbank
Offices: Hamburg, Germany
The equity investment portfolio of HSH Nordbank at present consists of two sub-portfolios which are differentiated between by virtue of the purpose when the investment is entered into: Business related equity investments which are those holdings by means of which existing client connections; and, strategic equity investments which are those involvements which serve to cover special business fields.

Hub Angels Investment Group
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Hub Angels began meeting in March 2000 with the notion of matching active, early stage investors with technology-driven, start-up companies. Always with an eye toward diversification, the Hub Angel Group invests across industry sectors. Thus far Hub has invested in 12 companies including financial services, entertainment, retail, biotechnology, healthcare, water treatment, food technology, and digital audio.

Hudson Clean Energy Partners
Offices: Teaneck, New Jersey
Hudson Clean Energy Partners is a private equity firm investing in renewable power, alternative fuels, energy efficiency and storage. The Hudson investment team has more than 50 years of combined industry experience, led by Neil Auerbach. At Hudson, they believe that some of the most attractive opportunities for superior risk-adjusted returns are at the intersection of buyout, infrastructure and late-stage growth.

Hudson Ferry Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Hudson Ferry Capital was formed to make control-oriented buyout investments in established mid-sized U.S. companies with enterprise values typically between $50 million and $300 million. Hudson Ferry is pursuing acquisitions of established privately-owned businesses that differentiate themselves through product and process innovation in stable or evolving markets and that generate strong cash flow and consistent top-line growth.

Hudson Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Hudson Ventures is a venture capital firm with over $170 million of capital under management. They have decades of experience in operating and growing technology companies, and have successfully managed every phase of a company's life cycle. Their expertise enables them to add value in both leading investment syndicates and co-investing with other venture funds.

Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners was created as the first venture capital firm focused exclusively on software. As the software industry has grown from PC software to enterprise computing to Internet applications, they have been at the forefront—funding the entrepreneurs and ideas that helped define these markets. They believe that innovative software will increasingly be the core driver of competitive advantage within companies, will underlie valuable services to consumers and corporations.

Hunt Capital Group
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Hunt Capital has a proud heritage in the private equity investment sector. Historically, the private investment efforts of the Lamar Hunt family have been conducted through Unity Hunt, and its affiliated enterprises. Over the past 45 years, Unity Hunt has accumulated approximately $3 billion of assets worldwide through long-term investments in enterprises spanning a wide variety of industries. They have an affiliate relationship with Easton Hunt Capital Partners in New York.

Huntington Capital
Offices: San Diego, California
Huntington Capital seeks to be the best-of-class mezzanine fund serving the lower middle market in California and the southwestern United States. This is measured first by return to investors and second by contributions by their portfolio companies to their communities. Huntington Capital provides growth capital to companies that have been in operation for at least two years.

Huntington Ventures
Offices: Irvine, California
Huntington Ventures is a venture capital fund investing predominantly in early stage information technology companies. They have been successful in identifying and funding unique opportunities through an extensive network of entrepreneurs, emerging corporations and VC firms. The Huntington strategy is a balanced one: it places equal value on human capital and venture capital.

Hunt Investment Group
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Hunt Investment Group is a private equity firm seeking to make growth capital investments in promising, early middle-market companies operating in a variety of industry sectors. We elect to partner with management to capitalize on unique opportunities in the marketplace and endeavor to build value through sustained and profitable growth. They have a long-standing commitment to pioneering and innovation.

Huntsman Gay
Offices: Palo Alto, California
With over 150 years of collective deal and operational experience, Huntsman Gay Global Capital brings best practices from bulge-bracket private equity and global corporations to the middle market. With their diverse team of world-class private equity managers, entrepreneurs and business operators; their deep network of strategic and financial backers; and the flexibility and creativity to address the most unique seller needs.

Huron Capital Partners
Offices: Detroit, Michigan & Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Huron Capital Partners is an equity investment firm focused on investing in growing, established and profitable companies. They specialize in partnering with management teams to facilitate corporate spin-offs, family succession transactions, recapitalizations, buy-and-build strategies and management buyouts.

Hutensky Capital Partners
Offices: Hartford, Connecticut
The Hutensky Group is a company dedicated to creating value in retail real estate. Since its formation in 1979, The Hutensky Group has bought and sold, managed and leased, and constructed and redeveloped more than 200 shopping centers throughout the country. The Hutensky Group realizes opportunity in shopping centers with high vacancy rates, older formats or operational problems both for their own portfolio or on a fee basis on behalf of others.

Hutton Collins Partners
Offices: London, England
Hutton Collins Partners invests alongside entrepreneurs, management teams, corporate investors and other financial investors who require capital to fulfill their strategic objectives. They take a flexible and innovative approach to investing, working closely with their equity partners to provide bespoke solutions to their financing requirements.

Hyde Park Angels (HPA)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Hyde Park Angels is an organization that provides a forum for entrepreneurial-minded members to invest in seed and early stage businesses, primarily located in the Midwest. HPA is a group of current and former executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who are interested in investing their time and money into outstanding startups. HPA also provides domain expertise, strategic advice and coaching to its companies.

Hydro Quebec CapiTech
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Hydro-Québec CapiTech is a corporate venture capital company set up to give Hydro-Québec a better understanding of energy-related products and services and enable it to take advantage of new business opportunities. It makes strategic investments in companies with products and services likely to foster the growth of Hydro-Québec's operations or improve its divisions' performance.

Hyperion Israel Venture Partners
Offices: Rosh Ha'ain, Israel & Uniondale's, New York
Hyperion Israel Venture Partners is dedicated to helping build innovative Israel-based technology startups into successful enterprises. Founded in October 2000 by the principals of Hyperion Partners, a leading US investment firm, Hyperion Israel provides start-up companies with financing and strategic guidance based on deep industry experience.

I2A Fund
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
I2A Fund is a seed/early stage venture capital fund focused on catalyzing and partnering with the next wave of successful entrepreneurial companies in the Illinois region. I2A was co-founded and launched by many of Chicago’s most prominent business leaders and entities. These leaders of their respective industries have not only invested in I2A but also are committed to helping I2A’s portfolio companies with their collective expertise and networks.

Offices: London, England & Moscow, Russia
I2BF is focused on venture capital and public equity activities in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Established in late 2005 as a specialized subsidiary to Arbat Capital Management, one of Russia’s premiere asset management companies, I2BF has since grown to become a diversified clean energy investment fund with over $90 million in assets under management.

Offices: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
i2E is focused on wealth creation in Oklahoma by growing the technology-based entrepreneurial economy in Oklahoma. Originally founded as the Oklahoma Technology Development Corporation in September 1997, i2E was founded to respond to a Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) initiative. OCAST sought proposals to establish a center to support technology commercialization.

IA Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
IA Ventures invests in early-stage companies developing breakthrough tools and technologies for managing and extracting value from big data. IA Ventures was founded on the belief that managing and extracting value from massive, occasionally unstructured, often real-time data sets is a competitive advantage. They believe many factors, including commodity clusters, cloud platforms, and advanced statistical algorithms.

IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Offices: Berlin, Germany
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft is provides venture capital for technology-oriented companies and companies from the creative industries. With support from their investment professionals, companies are able to get products ready for market faster and launch them successfully. Since 1997, syndicates involving IBB have provided companies with more than 650 m EUR. There after IBB Bet. contributed approximately 83 m EUR as lead-, co-lead- or co-investor.

IB Bioscience Manager
Offices: Sydney, Australia
IB Bioscience Managerss together the essential elements of an international advisory and funds management group. Bioscience Managers brings an international perspective together with the track record, networks and expertise required to convert that perspective into informed investment decisions and value enhancing opportunities.

IBM Venture Capital Group
Offices: White Plains, New York
Each year, IBM explores and pursues new areas of opportunity that offer clear value to the marketplace. The idea is that these innovation solutions will drive and fulfill ever-advancing customer and market needs. This is not business as usual. It's about innovations that matter, well beyond new products. Today, they seek to nurture innovations that harness and extend technology to the farther reaches of collaboration.

Icahn Enterprises
Offices: New York, New York
Icahn Enterprises, formerly American Real Estate Partners, is a diversified holding company engaged in a variety of businesses. The businesses of Icahn Enterprises currently include investment management, automotive, metals, real estate and home fashion.

ICCP Venture Partners
Offices: Makati, Philippines
ICCP Venture Partners is a global private direct investment management firm based in the Philippines, geared toward making equity and equity-related investments in emerging growth companies with sound business fundamentals and promising potential to achieve significant medium to long-term capital appreciation. ICCP's is focused on companies that have salable proprietary products and services and a defensible market position.

Offices: London, England
In 1989, six experienced investment professionals joined together with a shared vision: to be the leading global partners for sub-investment grade finance and in particular mezzanine finance. Since then they have invested in a wide variety of transactions worth more than €9.6bn and are recognized as a leading independent provider of mezzanine finance in Europe with a growing presence in Asia-Pacific and North America.

ICICI Venture
Offices: Mumbai-New Delhi-Bangalore, India
ICICI Venture is one of the largest and most successful private equity firms in India with funds under management in excess of USD 2 billion. Its investment focus areas span across private equity, buyouts, real estate and mezzanine financing. ICICI Venture, has invested across sectors including pharmaceuticals, information technology, media, manufacturing, logistics, textiles, real estate etc thereby building sustainable value.

ICOS Capital
Offices: The Netherlands
ICOS Capital is an independent private equity firm that invests in Europe-based companies with leading clean technology propositions in the high-growth phase. Clean technology comprises knowledge-based technologies that offer new, alternative scarce resources, energy, water, etc. and more efficient industrial and consumer products. ICOS offers an unparalleled combination of expertise and industry networks.

ICSO Private Equity
Offices: Toulouse, France
Private Equity is a management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under number GP03018 for business capital investment. ICSO Private Equity is the largest independent regional actor in France. The firm manages mutual funds at risk (FCPR) and Investment Funds Proximity (FIP) to cover the needs for capital funding of the best companies in the West and South of France and Northern Spain.

ICV Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Founded in 1998, ICV Partners is a private investment firm focused on making equity investments in America's smaller middle-market companies. ICV seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies with revenues between $25 million and $100 million.

Offices: Pasadena, California
idealab seeks to turn innovative ideas into successful technology businesses. Founded in 1996, Idealab has developed and evolved a process for maximizing the potential of its new businesses. Once an idea is prototyped, the group shares with its operating companies its market-tested knowledge, operational support and strategic guidance. Today, they are focused on creating technology businesses based on proprietary technologies.

Idea Partnership
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah
With Funding from venture capitalists at its lowest in 25 years, entrepreneurs and start-ups are finding it hard to acquire the capital to get their business off the ground. Idea Partnership is a support process that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with funding, resources, advice, and other tools that are vital for business development.

IDFC Private Equity
Offices: Mumbai, India
IDFC Private Equity was set up in 2002. It is India's largest and most active private equity firm focused on infrastructure. IDFC manages a corpus of INR 57.2 billion (USD 1.3 billion). IDFC seeks to generate financial returns for investors by partnering world class infrastructure developers in India. Their people have over 100 years of experience.

IDGVC Partners
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong, China
IDGVC Partners invests in early-to-growth-stage companies with focus on hi-tech related sectors such as the Internet, telecommunications, wireless communications, digital media, IC, and life science. It has an investment portfolio of over 100 start-up companies, As one of the earliest American venture capital firms to enter the Chinese market, IDGVC Partners has established a leading role in the industry.

IDG Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
IDG Ventures is a global network of venture capital funds with approximately $600m under management and a portfolio of over 100 companies built over the last 10 years. Operating in Europe, North America and Asia, they make investments on behalf of their limited partner, International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media company.

IDG Ventures India
Offices: Bangalore-Mumbai, India
IDG Ventures India is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in technology and technology-enabled companies. They are part of IDG Ventures, a global network of local venture funds backed by IDG, the world’s largest IT-focused media company. IDG Ventures manages over $3.7 Billion and has 10 offices across America and Asia.

IDG Ventures Korea
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Formed in October, 2007, IDG Ventures Korea manages a US$100 million venture capital fund focused on growing companies whose innovative products and services can succeed in both the local and the global market. It is their goal to build a strong, lasting relationship and help manage your company through challenges and on to global success— not to control your company.

-ID- (cont.)
IDI Group
Offices: Paris, France
IDI Group is a pioneer in private equity that has achieved a leadership position over the years. IDI Group was created in 1970 by French public authorities and privatized in 1987. Today, management ha a two-thirds controlling interest. Because it invest primarily its own equity capital, it is able to adopt a strategy based on pursing longer-term relationships. IDI investments cover LBO, mezzanine, emerging markets and hedge/stock funds.

iD SoftCapital Group
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
iD SoftCapital Group was established by Acer Founder, Stan Shih, together with venture capital veterans and former Acer senior management, offering expertise in asset and fund management, and consulting services. Intellectual Development for the New Economy is iD SoftCapital Group’s mission. The group currently manages assets worth US$664 million, and a total fund size of US$832 million divided between venture capital, incubation/post-incubation, reengineering and branding funds.

iD TechVentures (iDT VC)
Offices: Santa Clara, California
iD TechVentures formerly known as Acer Technology Ventures, is a leading early stage tech venture investor in Greater China. iDT started its operation in early 2000 with offices in Shanghai and Taipei, managing three funds of total US$200 millions and adding up a new funding of US$125 millions in June, 2006. iDT's partners and professionals come with diversified industry knowledge, solid operational background and years of localized VC experience.

IDT Ventures
Offices: Newark, New Jersey
IDT Ventures works with early and expansion stage companies, providing various services and resources to help them grow. They assist companies with identifying and meeting the right investors and strategic partners and provide other business development and strategic services, utilizing their own and IDT’s global resources.

iEurope Capital
Offices: Budapest, Hungary & New York, New York
iEurope Capital consists of investment professionals who have a proven track record for recognizing and building enterprise value. The partners have considerable operating and investment experience and are responsible for the identification, evaluation, approval and supervision of the Fund's investments. They believe their fundamental contributions are that they can identify weaknesses in an organization and provide solutions.

iGlobe Partners
Offices: Santa Clara, California
iGlobe Partners is a fund that operates on a global basis, with a team of partners in North America, Europe and Asia working together to help young companies become global market leaders. Their team has extensive experience in every aspect of investing and company building, drawing on their backgrounds in technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, investment firms, banks and government agencies.

Ignite Group
Offices: Tokyo, Japan & Redwood City, California
Ignite Group is not only prepared to capitalize on promising investment opportunities, but additionally, Ignite offers technological expertise, management insight and operational experience—all the key elements necessary for playing a pivotal and decisive role in technology business development and long-term success. Whether Ignite is providing business strategy and investment advice to the leaders of Silicon Valley and Asian technology companies, or investing in them, Ignite brings results.

Offices: Newark, New Jersey
IgniteIP is a private equity firm focused on the placement and monetization of intellectual property (IP) directly into industry. They invest in and manage all aspects of the commercialization of IP. They bring the capital, business management, technical expertise and market access required to align truly valuable IP with the most urgent needs of global markets.

Ignition Partners
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Ignition Partners is a premier venture capital firm focused on early stage computing, network infrastructure and telecommunications startups in the Western United States. Ignition brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical expertise and operational experience. Ignition's partners are proven business leaders with more than 160 years of combined experience, who have built some of the world's most successful businesses of the last two decades.

iHatch Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
i-Hatch Ventures provides experienced capital to early-stage technology ventures, primarily in the mobile and broadband sectors. Their approach is to match experienced practitioners with the founding teams of technology ventures, inject capital, and provide hands-on support from the i-Hatch. They focus on early-stage technology ventures in key industry categories: mobile data services, communications, enabling technology and broadband.

IK Investment Partners
Offices: London, England
IK Investment Partners (formerly known as Industri Kapital) is a European private equity firm with Nordic roots, managing €5.7 billion in fund commitments. IK acquires and develops companies with the objective of delivering attractive returns to their investors. They create lasting value by applying a hands-on operating approach in working with their portfolio companies and their management teams.

Illinois Ventures
Offices: Chicago-Champaign, Illinois
Illinois Ventures emphasizes development of companies with technology that represents quantum change primarily in the areas of engineering, information technology, and life sciences. They are particularly inclined to focus on companies that have potential to generate commercial results within a three- to five-year timeframe and for which early market validation is less expensively and more readily obtained.

Illuminate Ventures
Offices: Oakland, California
Illuminate Ventures is different—they don’t rely on “pattern recognition” or following the herd. Illuminate seeks new and innovative business ideas led by committed, talented and diverse teams, particularly those that are inclusive of women entrepreneurs. They recognize that great investment opportunities come in a variety of packages—sometimes looking a bit different from the norm.

Ilshin Investment
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Established in 1990 when business incubation investment firms began to emerge in Korea, Ilshin Investment invests in creating and fostering venture firms in IT, image media and distribution that have high-growth-potential intellectual properties and technologies but have little capital to realize the business. The company still invested in the information and communications field such as in Cybertek Holdings and Gretek, which specializes in developing web story magazines and mobile games.

Imlay Investments
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Imlay Investments, a venture capital firm founded by John P. Imlay, Jr., former Chairman of Dun and Bradstreet Software, was developed to encourage the development of high technology companies based in the Southeastern United States. Imlay Investments' portfolio includes such dynamic companies as Synchrologic, Internet Security Systems, eQuorum, 180Commerce, Revenue Technologies and Knowlagent.

Impact Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Impact Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm. They are a team of company builders that believes that pursuing one's goals is the most satisfying expression of human talent. They seek to join entrepreneurs who share in this belief and in thir passion for innovation, opportunity and accomplishment. They emphasize collaboration with entrepreneurs and devoting themselves to the success of their companies.

Imperial Innovations
Offices: London, England
Imperial Innovations combines the activities of technology transfer, company incubation and an early stage venture capital fund. Their people are experienced across a range of industry sectors including health, energy, environment and emerging technologies. They work with industry partners at all stages and they draw on a well established network of inventors, entrepreneurs and management.

Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
incTANK provides exceptional returns to their limited partner investors by leveraging a unique deal flow of innovative start-ups based on technologies developed in leading universities or identified through their network of experienced entrepreneurs. They focus on start-ups with emerging technologies and strong intellectual property positions that will promise a substantial market position in three to six years.

InCube Ventures (ICV)
Offices: San Jose, California
InCube Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on innovative medical technologies that can significantly improve clinical outcomes. ICV is led by Mir Imran, one of the world's most successful medical device innovators. Mir is joined by Andrew Farquharson and Wayne Roe, proven entrepreneurs and investors in their own right. All three managing directors have built world-dominant companies.

Incubic Venture Capital
Offices: Mountain View, California
Since 2000, Incubic has been investing a $100M fund. They have invested as little as $100k into a start-up, and as much as $5M in a single round. Their average has been about $5M over the life of the company. In most cases, they prefer working together in syndication with other strong investors, and they have good relationships with the other top VCs in Silicon Valley.

Independence Equity
Offices: Northbrook, Illinois
Independence Equity is a private equity firm formed to invest in emerging growth companies which are providing disruptive or sustainable technology for process improvement and resource conservation. Independence Equity is an affiliate of VentureLab where they work with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to identify their core needs. At VentureLab, we turn entrepreneurial acorns into corporate oaks.

Index Ventures
Offices: Geneva, Switzerland & London-Jersey, England
Index Ventures is a leading pan-European venture capital fund dedicated to investments in information technology and life sciences. Index proactively seeks out the top entrepreneurial teams in each investment area and leverages its core assets in helping the entrepreneurs build their company into a global leader. Index investments in the online services arena include Betfair, Ciao, Stepstone, Listen and Ofoto.

IndoUS Venture Partners (IUVP)
Offices: Bangalore, India & Santa Clara, California
IndoUS Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm which provides early and mid-stage funding to new or growing businesses in India. Their team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and executives who understand the model of incubating ideas and transforming them into successful enterprises. They invest in tomorrow's business leaders, explosive new markets and enterprises that will transform our future.

Industrial Growth Partners (IGP)
Offices: San Francisco, California
Industrial Growth Partners (IGP) is a $400 million private equity firm that provides equity capital to privately held, lower-middle market manufacturing and manufacturing services companies. The firm invests equity in a wide range of transactions involving a change of ownership, such as management buyouts, leveraged buyouts, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and management buy-ins.

Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP)
Offices: Evanston, Illinois
Industrial Opportunity Partners is a private equity investment firm with $185 million of committed capital focused on acquiring and managing middle-market manufacturing and value-added distribution businesses. Utilizing its operations-focused approach and dedicated operating principals, IOP has a proven track record of stabilizing, growing and enhancing the value of its acquired businesses.

Offices: Stockholm-Malmo Sweden
Industrifonden is one of the largest players in the Swedish venture capital market. They have interests in more than 300 companies in all parts of Sweden. The total capital invested amounts to SEK 1.9 billion (about EUR 210 million). Industrifonden invests in cutting-edge, product-oriented companies with export potential. They are normally small and medium-sized enterprises with no more than 250 employees and a turnover of up to 400 million kronor.

Industry Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California & Newburyport, Massachusetts
Industry Ventures is a private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and management of secondary venture investments. Industry Ventures acquires both entire portfolios and direct investments from corporations, financial institutions and other funds. The firm currently manages three limited partnerships representing over $100 million of capital and over twenty-five portfolio companies.

Offices: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania & Morgantown, West Virginia
iNetworks is a new breed of private equity firm offering a strategic blend of proven economic policies, practical skills and networked resources, geared to move companies to the next level and beyond. At iNetworks, timely ideas are fueled with well guided funding and resources, and a great deal of old fashioned nard work, to build successful companies.

Infineon Ventures
Offices: Munich, Germany
Infineon Ventures is the venture capital subsidiary of top-tier semiconductor company Infineon Technologies AG. Since its inception in 1998 Infineon Ventures has become a prime venture partner for early-stage companies in microelectronics and communications. Infineon is uniquely positioned to deliver high financial returns on its investments as well as to add significant strategic value both, to portfolio companies as well as to Infineon.

Infinity Capital Group
Offices: New York, New York
Infinity Capital Group is in the business of not only providing growth capital to emerging companies, but they are also committed to actively helping to build those companies as well. Infinity seeks to provide expansion or mezzanine capital to companies who intend to file either a registration statement or are seeking to go public via a reverse merge with an existing publicly traded company, as well as small public-traded companies seeking private investment (PIPE) financing.

Infinity Group
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong, China
Infinity Group is the world’s leading cross border Chinese focused management group with 2 billion RMB and more than US$700 million under management through twelve funds, ten of which are in China. The group is backed by global investors such as the China Development Bank and the IDB Group, the largest conglomerate in Israel. The fund is also supported by both the governments of China and Israel.

Infinity Venture Capital
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
Infinity is a leading Israeli-related venture capital fund. The team manages over $250 million and 50 portfolio companies. Infinity provides its portfolio companies with access to world-wide markets and global strategic partners. In large part, this network is based on key relationships with Infinity’s own investors and partners, such IDB, Clal, FBR, and General Electric.

InflectionPoint Ventures
Offices: Wellesley, Massachusetts
InflectionPoint Ventures provides venture capital and business support for early stage telecommunications, information technology, and electronic commerce companies with the potential to generate rapid growth in revenue, profitability, and shareholder value. They focus on businesses whose technology holds potential to fundamentally change markets. They seek companies who can cause an inflection point in demand.

Inflexion Partners
Offices: Orlando-Tampa-Gainesville, Florida
Inflexion Fund, managed by Inflexion Partners, is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund organized with an emphasis on company building and harnessing regional, national, and international resources of the fund’s managers and strategic partners. Inflexion is the first and only Florida fund leveraging a network venture capital model involving some of the largest institutional investors in the country.

Infocomm Investments
Offices: Singapore & Redwood City, California
Managing more than US$200 million worth of funds, Infocomm Investments invests alongside leading VCs in growth-stage infocomm enterprises. Through its work, it aims to attract and nurture a vibrant pool of technopreneurs and start-ups to enhance the technology depth and increase the diversity of Singapore’s infocomm ecosystem. Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

Infotech Pacific Ventures
Offices: Shanghai-Beijing, China
The Infotech investment team is a service-oriented group of professionals. Leveraging their direct experience in successful company building and venture investing, Infotech prides itself as an active investor in their portfolio companies, growth. Infotech clearly understands what early stage companies need to grow and mature.

IngleWood Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
IngleWood's charter is to invest in a diversified portfolio of early-stage biotechnology and medical technology companies. Their areas of focus include drug discovery/tools, medical devices and diagnostics and healthcare information technology. Their preferred investment size is $500,000 to $1.5 million initially and up to $2.66 million per company over time.

-Ing- (cont.)
ING Real Estate Investment
Offices: The Netherlands
ING Real Estate Investment Management is active in the major sectors of the global real estate market—office, industrial, retail, entertainment, seniors and student housing and healthcare. Its main activities are funds management, portfolio management, asset management and property management, including sales, acquisitions and leasing. The business comprises a highly respected team of investment professionals and support staff, positioning it as a leading property fund managers.

InLab Ventures
Offices: San Diego-Orange County-Los Angeles-Palo Alto, California
InLab Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm with a fundamentally different business model from the traditional VC approach. InLab Ventures’ model has 4 major differentiators: No management fees; An enhanced due diligence process that uses a proven, lab-based, scientific process and methodology to select and build winning companies; a fully integrated marketing platform and deal flow engine; and, a unique strategic partner/M&A alliance program.

Innovation Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Innovation Capital invests in early to mid stage, companies that have the potential to become world wide leaders in their industry. Their portfolio companies are built on innovative Australian technology which present global opportunities in the medical device, telecommunications, IT, engineering, cleantech and biotech fields.

Offices: Goteborg-Stockholm, Sweden & New York, New York
InnovationsKapital is a leading independent early stage venture capital firm for innovative growth companies in the Nordic region. Years of experience and a strong network within academia and industry enable them to invest in successful science and research based companies. They support talented entrepreneurs to help them create successful high growth businesses.

Offices: South San Francisco, California
Innovacom was founded in 1988 by France Telecom. Innovacom has nurtured several successful operations through their founding and early stages. Their investment funds welcome international institutional investors. The management team has complete autonomy. They leverage its excellent familiarity with France Telecom and its subsidiaries to facilitate technical and marketing synergies.

-Inno- (cont.)
Innovation Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Innovation Capital invests in early to mid stage, companies that have the potential to become world wide leaders in their industry. Their portfolio companies are built on innovative Australian technology which present global opportunities in the medical device, telecommunications, IT, engineering, cleantech and biotech fields.

Innovation Valley Partners
Offices: Knoxville, Tennessee
Innovation Valley Partners is the $35 million affiliate fund of Battelle Ventures, a $220 million independent fund that invests in early-stage companies nationwide. Innovation Valley Partners participates alongside Battelle Ventures, focusing on companies in the areas of health & life sciences, security, and energy & environment.

Innovation Works
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
At Innovation Works, they help to shape ideas into growing businesses by delivering critical support to entrepreneurs. The Innovation Works team specializes in helping seed stage technology ventures by providing them with access to risk capital, business expertise, and third-party resources. Innovation Works fills a fundamental gap in the startup lifecycle by providing a financial bridge that spans the chasm from the personal assets of entrepreneurs to capital from third-party investors.

Innoven Partnaires
Offices: Paris, France
Innoven Partenaires is one of the largest independent technology venture capital funds in France. They have built up in-depth knowledge of the life sciences, wireless and information technology fields. Their team has a very complementary blend of entrepreneurial, technical and financial experience, and they take an active role in helping talented management teams grow their businesses.

iNovia Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec & Edmonton, Alberta
iNovia Capital is one of Canada’s premier managers of seed and early-stage venture capital funds. INovia combines access to innovative technologies, deal-structuring experience and a rigorous investment philosophy to build successful companies that deliver returns. Whether in information technology, life sciences or cleantech, they seek out companies that have global ambitions and proven management teams, along with products that have a quick path to market.

Offices: Arlington, Virginia
Chartered in 1999 as a private, independent, nonprofit corporation, In-Q-Tel is an evolving blend of corporate strategic venture capital, business, nonprofit and government R&D models. To achieve its mission of identifying and delivering new technologies to the CIA and Intelligence Community (IC), In-Q-Tel borrows key elements from each model that enable it to link the IC to innovation in the commercial market, and back again.

Insight Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Insight Venture Partners, with approximately $1 billion in funds under management, is a leading venture capital firm specializing in software companies. They invest in entrepreneurial companies developing technology-based solutions for the corporate enterprise. They are dedicated to helping their portfolio companies—with their capital, their operational skills and their industry expertise—achieve strategic, operational and financial goals.

Institutional Venture Partners (IVP)
Offices: Menlo Park-San Francisco, California
Institutional Venture Partners was founded in 1980 and has more than $1.3 billion of committed capital. Having funded more than 200 companies, IVP is proud of its track record of more than 75 IPOs. IVP has consistently funded companies that have become market leaders in new industries: communications equipment, computing, enterprise software, internet, life sciences, semiconductors, and storage. In aggregate, IVP’s portfolio companies have revenues of more than $25 billion.

Integral Capital Partners
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland & Menlo Park, California
Integral Capital Partners operates a family of partnerships that invests in expansion-stage private and growth-stage public companies in the information and life sciences industries. In order to help their portfolio companies reach maximum potential, Integral has developed a network of investors, venture affiliates, and industry executives who act as resources for Integral portfolio companies.

Integra Ventures
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Integra Ventures seek investments in Life Science companies in three principal areas: Drug Discovery, Medical Devices, and Healthcare Services. They consider business plans from experienced entrepreneurs passionately pursuing disruptive opportunities that fulfill large unmet medical or market needs. Integra's strategy is to develop a portfolio of outstanding regional and national biomedical companies.

Integrity Partners
Offices: Danville, California
Integrity Partners is not your ordinary venture capital firm. They've been in the trenches and understand the challenges entrepreneurs face as they turn their visions into reality. Integrity Partners leverages over 100 years of combined industry experience, providing fresh ideas and valuable insight to catapult their entrepreneur partners above the crowd. Integrity Partners invests in experienced management teams that can execute a defensible business strategy in large and growing markets.

Intel Capital
Offices: Santa Clara, California
Intel Capital is Intel's strategic investment program, is one of the largest worldwide corporate venture programs investing in the technology segment. With an overall strategy to stimulate advances in computing and communications, the Intel Capital team seeks out and invests in promising companies worldwide working together to establish new and innovative technologies, develop industry standard solutions, drive Internet growth and advance the computing platform.

Intellectual Ventures
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures is built on the belief that combining capitalism and invention will benefit the world with more and better inventions as well as create financial rewards for investors. Since its beginning, Intellectual Ventures has focused on creating its Invention Capital™ network of sources and users of inventions and funding. Intellectual Ventures is pursuing the goal of creating a more efficient and dynamic invention economy.

Intelligent Systems
Offices: Norcross, Georgia
For thirty years, Intelligent Systems Corporation has identified, created and grown early stage technology companies. They use a combination of business know-how, flexible support, active management, and capital to create sustainable companies. Bringing new technology to business markets is a consistent component of their strategy. Therefore they are proactive in seeking out emerging technologies, markets, and companies.

InterMedia Partners
Offices: New York, New York
InterMedia Partners is a private equity investment fund focusing on the media industry across all platforms—television, radio, publishing, internet and marketing. In light of evolving consumer habits, rapidly changing technologies, and the uncertainty in the advertising markets, InterMedia believes that these targeted content assets offer the right risk reward profile.

Internet Capital Group (ICG)
Offices: Wayne, Pennsylvania
Internet Capital Group acquires and builds on-demand Internet software companies that drive business productivity and reduce transaction costs between firms. They call these companies their partner companies. The team at ICG devotes its expertise and capital to maximizing the success of partner companies that deliver software and service applications to customers worldwide via the Internet.

-Inter- (cont.)
Intersouth Partners
Offices: Durham, North Carolina
Intersouth Partners is one of the most active and experienced early-stage venture funds in the Southeast, having invested in more than 75 private companies over the last nineteen years. Founded in 1985, Intersouth manages more than $500 million in six venture capital limited partnerships, making it the largest venture capital fund in North Carolina and one of the largest in the Southeast.

InterWest Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Dallas, Texas
InterWest Partners is currently investing InterWest Partners VIII, a $750 million fund. With more than $1.6 billion in total committed capital, they have invested in more than 230 companies; over 60 have completed their initial public offerings, over 30 have successfully merged with corporate partners, and more than 80 are in their investment portfolio. As an investor and partner, InterWest provides valuable industry, strategic, and corporate development expertise.

Inveni Capital
Offices: Helsinki, Finland
Inveni Capital is a venture capital management company with some € 30 million under management investing in early to growth–stage life science (pharma and medtech) companies in Northern and Central Europe. Inveni Capital, with its experienced team, will be a highly engaged investor in its portfolio companies.

Offices: Geneva, Switzerland
Inventages is one of the world's largest life-sciences, nutrition and wellness focused venture capital funds, with the resources to provide continued support to growing companies. They invest in the best companies around the world, with $1.5 billion under management, exclusively for life-sciences, nutrition and wellness. Inventages adds value by supporting the development of a company strategy, recruiting key executives and financing.

Inverness Capital Partners
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Boston, Massachusetts
Inverness Capital Partners is a $100 million private equity fund. They provide growth and expansion capital to innovative, high growth industrial companies. The fund invests in small to mid-size companies with proprietary manufacturing technologies and processes in the industrial equipment & components, advanced materials & processes, robotics & factory automation, manufacturing IT, and advanced packaging areas.

Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
INVESCO Private Capital Group (formerly Chancellor Capital Management) has developed a reputation for excellence and expertise in private equity investing. Unlike other firms that specialize in one niche of private capital, their strength is built on a breadth of knowledge across industries. They believe they can serve entrepreneurs and investors best by working closely with entrepreneurs.

Offices: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
InvestAmerica is a nationally recognized private equity/venture capital investment management group with over 100 cumulative years of fund management experience. The principals founded InvestAmerica brand in 1985 with the establishment of InvestAmerica Venture Group. Since 1985, the principals have successfully managed and grown the InvestAmerica related private equity/venture funds with investments throughout the United States.

Investec Wentworth Private Equity
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Investec Wentworth Private Equity is a leading private equity fund manager. They work closely with their portfolio companies, by providing financial advice, management skills, entrepreneurial and strategic direction. Their approach allows them to work as partners alongside existing stakeholders or to back an incoming management team.

Offices: Farmington Hills, Michigan
InvestMichigan is a $300 million program, capitalized by the State of Michigan Retirement System, focused on generating strong returns for investors and growing the next generation of Michigan companies. In order to support companies at both early and later stages of development, the program has been divided into two pools of capital: one targeting smaller companies with high growth characteristics and another targeting companies seeking buyout transaction.

Offices: New York, New York
Investcorp pursues a highly focused approach, specializing in four lines of business: corporate investment and technology investment in North America and Western Europe, real estate investment in the United States and global asset management. Its investment products are offered to institutional and individual clients, primarily in the Arabian Gulf. Since its foundation in 1982, Investcorp has arranged investments with a combined value of nearly US$25 billion.

-Invest- (cont.)
Offices: Trondheim, Norway
Investinor invests in Norwegian based, high potential companies that are internationally oriented and in the phases ranging from early growth to expansion. The company has BNOK 2,2 under management and focus on companies within the energy, cleantech, maritime, marine and travel sectors. Investinor AS has a co-investment strategy and contributes up to 49% in each round, and can take up to 49% equity ownership of a portfolio company.

Invest Northern Ireland
Offices: Belfast-Dublin, Ireland
Invest NI is working to overcome Northern Ireland’s key structural challenges and create an economy where prosperity is driven by a vibrant private sector. Their challenge is to improve the international competitiveness of the economy, increase entrepreneurial activity and encourage more businesses to sell in international markets.

Investor Growth Capital
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden
Investor Growth Capital is a venture capital and private equity advisory group wholly owned by Investor AB of Sweden. IGC has a capital allocation of USD 1.8 billion and offices in North America, Europe and Asia. They are active investors in young technology and healthcare companies. IGC accesses Investor AB's extensive global network of companies and senior managers to assist in the growth and development of its portfolio companies.

Investors Circle
Offices: San Francisco, California & Brookline, Massachusetts
Since their inception in 1992, over $100 million has been invested by Investors Circle members into 163 companies or small venture funds. They consider companies in many different deal stages including seed, early, expansion and growth. Investors Circle does not consider individuals or technologies, only fully-formed companies. Companies that do not expect to generate revenues of at least $5 million within the next 5 years will not be accepted.

Invision Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & Ladera Ranch, California
Invision Capital is a lower middle market private equity firm established by a team of skilled, experienced private equity professionals. Invision Capital provides flexible capital to facilitate buyouts, recapitalizations and growth investments in lower middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Invision Capital seeks to invest $2 million to $10 million per investment.

Invision Private Equity
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
Invision Private Equity invests in growth companies primarily in Europe. Invision invests outside of Europe in companies with substantial business opportunities in Europe. They typically invest between EUR 5m and 15m in companies with revenues between EUR 5m and 80m. Invision’s team usually invests as lead or co-lead investor with established European Venture Capital funds. Outside of Europe they invest with proven local venture capitalists.

Offices: New York, New York
The INVUS Group knows what it takes to transform an industry: strategic insight, patient capital and great execution. They support owner-managers on all three of these dimensions. They recognize that every company is unique and that extraordinary business performance cannot be achieved by following a formulaic approach. Due to their unique structure, they have a great deal of flexibility in the types of companies and situations where thye can get involved.

IQ Capital Partners
Offices: Cambridge, England
IQ Capital Partners is a dynamic venture capital team. The invest in companies exploiting smart 'IQ'-intensive technologies. They manage the IQ Capital Fund and two seed funds. They can invest from £100k to £3 million in UK-focused, rapidly developing businesses. IQ Capital Partners work and invest alongside successful entrepreneurs and renowned sector experts.

Iris Capital
Offices: Paris, France
Iris Capital is the new name of Part'Com Management since December 2003. Established since 1986 in Paris, their team has managed over 180 investments, and has today over €500 million under management. Iris proactively looking for companies that have the potential to become leaders inside and outside their home market; they invest in strong and experienced teams, superior technologies, favorable market dynamics and viable business models.

Offices: Notre Dame, Indiana
The IrishAngels network comprises a select group of Notre Dame alumni and friends who are experienced in entrepreneurial endeavors and interested in supporting new venture development. IrishAngels hail from all over the world and a variety of industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to technology and finance. As a group, members possess a broad range of skills. Among the ranks of IrishAngels are senior executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Irish Technology Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Irish Technology Capital was founded by experienced entrepreneurs, technology executives and venture capitalists to provide comprehensive support for promising high-growth companies entering the US. They partner to create success for your business expansion by providing investment solutions, business planning, product roadmap and customer strategy. They have over 30 years of technology experience across the globe.

Ironbridge Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Ironbridge Capital specializes in the healthcare, financial services, outsourced services and consumer sectors. They have a large and well resourced advisory team with a broad range of operational and investment experience including over 130 years of direct private equity experience. Ironbridge Funds have a combined A$1.5 billion of committed capital.

-Iron- (cont.)
Iron Capital Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
Iron Capital is a privately held equity firm focused on democratizing the existing venture-investing model and catalyzing liquidity in a historically illiquid market. Iron Capital Partners is the company’s core venture-capital group. This business unit is charged with sourcing, structuring, and managing Iron Capital’s investment portfolio. They work with companies involved in IT infrastructure, SaaS, mobile technologies, digital media, and clean technologies.

Ironfire Capital
Offices: Naples, Florida & Hong Kong-Shenzhen, China
Ironfire Capital is a long/short and corporate governance-focused investment firm. They have a special focus on China-based companies who operate in large growing markets with strong corporate governance and management. They use proprietary analytics and research, on-site visits, and third-party validation to identify possible investments. They seek to have an ongoing and positive relationship with our investee companies.

Iron Gate Capital
Offices: Denver, Colorado
Iron Gate Capital is an investment group that provides both private equity and debt financing to exceptional entrepreneurs and solid business opportunities. Founded in 2005, Iron Gate Capital brings more to the table than its capital and the expertise of its management team. Companies that receive investment from Iron Gate Capital gain access to Iron Gate’s impressive group of investors that include primarily current or retired CEO/Presidents.

Ironside Ventures
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
Ironside Ventures was formed to manage an alternative asset subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation (a global financial services organization headquartered in Toronto, Ontario). In July 2000, the team established Ironside Ventures to maintain its oversight of the Manulife portfolio, invest additional capital for Manulife, and simultaneously attract outside capital as an independent venture firm.

Ironwood Capital
Offices: Avon, Connecticut
Ironwood Capital makes equity and subordinated debt investments in, and provides thoughtful advice to, growing middle market businesses. Ironwood Capital consists of the Ironwood Equity Fund and the Ironwood Mezzanine Fund. The funds make later stage investments in companies across a broad range of industries. Investments typically range from $2 million to $10 million.

Irving Place Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Irving Place Capital is a leading institutional private equity firm focused on making equity investments in middle-market companies. The firm looks for opportunities to work directly with experienced management teams and provide capital and investment expertise to help companies grow and become leaders within their respective industries. The team has a long track records for making highly profitable and disciplined investments.

Isabella Capital
Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio
Isabella's primary focus is on early stage, fast growth businesses that operate at the cutting edge of a market driven, technology based society. Where most venture capital firms have financial or technical backgrounds, Fund Isabella brings the unique skill set of marketing and operations.

iSherpa Capital
Offices: Greenwood Village, Colorado
iSherpa Capital is one of the nation’s only venture capital firms focused exclusively on wireless and supporting technologies. They invest in seed-stage and early-stage companies nationwide. Sherpa is an active investor, using an execution-focused approach to help build sustainable technology businesses. By combining this approach with relevant industry expertise and capital, they are committed to helping their portfolio companies reach the height of their potential.

ISIS Equity Partners
Offices: London, England
ISIS Equity Partners is an independent business owned by the senior team. Their focus stays firmly on the needs and goals of the businesses they partner with. The businesses they invest in are typically valued between £5m and £75m. We have a well-established track record of helping ambitious entrepreneurs create long-term value and market leadership.

Offices: Versailles, France
iSource is a Venture Capital firm dedicated to seed financing in high growth potential companies operating in the area of Information Technology. Their investments are focusing on technology products stemming from public and private research laboratories. Having leading research institutions among their sponsors, such as Science Pratique (incubator of ENS Cachan), GET Valorisation helps them sharpen their focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Israel Cleantech Ventures
Offices: Ramat Hasharon, Israel
Established in 2006, Israel Cleantech Ventures is the leading venture capital fund focused on backing Israel's emerging clean technology companies. They are dedicated to providing value added growth capital to exceptional entrepreneurs building Israel's energy, water and environmental technology leaders.

Israel Corp
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel Corp. is a long term investor with a strong reinvestment approach that balances the pursuit of economic value with environmental and social responsibility. The company's track record proves that it is successful in taking leading positions in companies and ventures with hidden potential, and then helping company managements to capture opportunities and create long-term growth strategies.

Israel Healthcare Ventures (IHCV)
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel Healthcare Ventures (IHCV) provides venture capital investment to Israeli and Israeli related companies in the fields of medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical-related IT. It is led by highly experienced medical analysts and advisors. IHCV takes a hands-on approach, providing portfolio companies with clinical advice, management consulting and an extensive network of contacts throughout the global medical and financial fields.

Israel Seed Partners
Offices: Jerusalem, Israel
Israel Seed Partners takes a hands-on approach to supporting and nurturing seed-stage investments. Their investments are complimented by solid teamwork and a passionate commitment to building world-class companies. Founded in 1995, Israel Seed Partners has raised four funds, totaling close to $300 million, which focus on Israeli information technology and life sciences companies. Their investments are typically in seed and very early stage funding.

Italian Angels For Growth (IAG)
Offices: Milano, Italy
Italian Angels for Growth is currently the largest business angel group in Italy. IAG facilitates its members in investing in start up companies with a high growth potential. Their purpose is to promote entrepreneurship as an engine for economic growth as well as a mean to foster true development in their country and abroad. Bearing this in mind we consider the importance of encouraging entrepreneurs in investments to sustain the creation, and growth of tomorrow’s successful companies.

ITF Global Partners
Offices: New York, New York
ITF Global Partners provides their clients direct capital investment through the ITF Investors' Fund and the equity markets. To accomplish this and enhance the client’s investment potential with investors, ITF Global Partners has aggregated a diverse group of highly-credentialed, broadly-experienced individuals with deep industry knowledge and operational experience. This experience provides the vision to enhance a client's business.

ITOCHU Technology Ventures
Offices: Santa Clara, California & New York, New York
ITOCHU Technology Ventures invest in and helps build leading information technology companies. By leveraging a vast array of resources both domestically and internationally throughout ITOCHU and its group companies, their strategy allows them to make a direct and meaningful impact on a company’s growth prospects in parallel with equity capital. They began investing in 1994 and since then have funded over 70 information technology companies.

ITU Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
ITU Ventures is the premier venture capital firm serving the unique needs of technology businesses emerging from the nation's leading research universities. With a capital base of over $50 million from strategic institutional investors, ITU Ventures invests in early-stage companies that are commercializing next-generation communication and semiconductor-related technologies. ITU Ventures currently works with more than 25 of the leading research universities in the United States.

IUGO Ventures
Offices: Richmond Hill, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec
IUGO wants to join with broadband entrepreneurs who share their vision, connect their ideas with their expertise, and shape the future of broadband worldwide. They have a specific vision and strategy. They want to invest in companies and technologies aligned with the concept of delivering multiple services over a single broadband infrastructure to consumers and businesses. They believe this concept will reshape the delivery of value-added services to customers, and become a dominant trend worldwide.

Ivy Capital Partners
Offices: Montvale, New Jersey
Ivy Capital Partners is a specialized private equity investment firm dedicated to investing in promising companies operating in the musculoskeletal sector of the healthcare industry. Their focus on musculoskeletal companies stems from their belief that a number of compelling macroeconomic, demographic and scientific trends bode well for the future of this large and rapidly growing sector.

IVY Plus
Offices: New York, New York
IVY Plus is a private network of forward-looking, elite business professionals and investors from the alternative investment industry including hedge funds, private equity and real estate. Members must be invited to gain access to IVY Plus Investor Forums and Educational Conferences. Membership is limited to graduates of elite universities working in the industry or investing in alternative investment strategies.

Jacob Ballas
Offices: New Delhi, India
Jacob Ballas Capital is a non-banking finance company founded in 1995. Their shareholders and management have a strong international and domestic relationship network and its team has extensive professional experience in a number of industry sectors including financial services. Their interests are strongly aligned with external shareholders, creating a unique operating philosophy in the organization.

Jacobs Private Equity
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
Jacobs Private Equity was formed to make a substantial equity investment in a company with the potential for exceptional value creation under the leadership of Bradley S. Jacobs. On September 2, 2011, Mr. Jacobs became the chairman of the board of directors of XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE Amex: XPO) upon completion of an equity investment in XPO Logistics led by Jacobs Private Equity. He will also serve as the company's chief executive officer.

Offices: Tokyo, Japan
In the complex business world that exists today, it takes a combination of many skills and resources to build a business and make it a success. At JAFCO Asia, they understand the vital role that true partnership plays, so they work closely with their portfolio companies, that is, their entrepreneurial partners. They aim to continue to be recognized as a leading brand in the venture capital industry focused on technology related investments.

Offices: Tokyo, Japan
JAFCO is an investment management company investing in unlisted enterprises under the business philosophy “Value Creation through Private Equity”. Their fund investors include financial institutions, business corporations, and pension funds. Their strength lies in their organization-based investment activities that make use of an extensive network developed over 35 years, post-investment VA (Value-Added) activities, and a global investment structure.

JAFCO Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
JAFCO is a leading global venture capital firm that has been ranked in the Top Ten Listings of such publications as Forbes and Red Herring for 1999 and 2000. They are focused on a balanced investment strategy across all segments of the IT sector. With over $750 million under management, and over 155 years experience in private equity investing, entrepreneurialism and operations, JAFCO Ventures is a leading global venture capital firm.

James Irvine Foundation
Offices: San Francisco-Los Angeles, California
The mission of The James Irvine Foundation is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. James Irvine, a California agricultural pioneer, established the Irvine Foundation in 1937 to benefit the people of California. Since then, the Foundation has met the objectives of its founder by providing over $1 billion in grants to more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations.

Japan Asia Investment Co (JAIC)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
JAIC is an independent venture capital company and now ranked one of the nation's largest. JAIC helps unlisted venture companies with high growth potential to procure capital and contributes to their growth and improvement of corporate value by offering information and supporting IPOs and providing consultation, along with M&A and MBO proposals. JAIC is continuing to work toward its objective of becoming a distinctive financial group.

Jarvinian Venture Fund
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Jarvinian Venture Fund has been established to seek opportunity in this wholly new Information Technology revolution, whose size and scope dwarfs that of its most heralded predecessors. Spanning the Core Infrastructure, Advanced Components, and Enabled Media sectors, Jarvinian's IT Mobility Initiative represents one of the private equity industry’s most focused and ambitious efforts to finance disruptive innovation in young technology-driven companies.

JatoTech Ventures
Offices: Austin, Texas
At JatoTech Ventures, they are focused on helping talented entrepreneurs build great technology companies. This mission drives them and everything they do, from how they organize their firm to their investment strategy. Their strength is their team. They have three principals plus their affiliates who bring their experience and expertise together to help their portfolio companies succeed.

Javelin Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Javelin Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm specializing in technology based start-ups that leverage key innovations to create scalable, high-growth companies. Javelin Venture Partners' investment professionals are proven new-technology entrepreneurs with the ability to identify exceptional businesses and management teams, and help them achieve great success.

Jay Street Capital
Offices: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Commercial real estate investors readily make the trip to Jay Street Capital. As a leading structured finance advisory shop, they’ve traveled down many financing avenues. Because they offer a wider range of services, they can deliver more options to you. The Jay Street principals and board of directors have a deep background in the real estate markets having taken advantage of both the market downturn in the early 1990s as well as its recent boom.

JC Flowers & Co
Offices: New York, New York
JC Flowers & Co is a private equity firm focused solely on the financial service sector. Its latest fund has over $7 billion in commitments from investors.

Jefferson Capital Partners
Offices: Richardson, Virginia
Jefferson Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests in growth financings, management buyouts, and recapitalizations of well managed, rapidly growing companies. JCP's primary focus is to identify investment opportunities within the business services, consumer, education, health care, and selected information technology industries. JCP's principals possess over 45 years of complementary skills, experience, and industry knowledge.

Jefferson Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Jefferson Partners provides seed/early stage investments where a top team that has "done it before" has set out to pursue a new big innovative idea, with or without commercial market validation but with a clear opportunity to win in its market space with the right backing. These investments tend to range in size from C $250,000 to C $2 million. Their latest fund, Jefferson Fund IV, is focused on the areas of Internet technology, application software and services, and telecommunications infrastructure technology.

JEGI Capital
Offices: New York, New York
JEGI Capital, launched in February 2000, was founded on the core belief that traditional media companies must embrace new technologies in order to evolve successfully into a network-based economy. In line with this philosophy, the fund is committed to investing in private companies with software, enabling technologies, infrastructure and support services relevant to traditional media, marketing communications and information businesses.

Jefferson Corner Group
Offices: Charlottesville, Virginia
The Jefferson Corner Group was formed by Spinner Technologies in hope to provide investment capital to U.Va. faculty spin-off companies and other technology businesses in the region. Spinner Technologies is a company owned by the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia Patent Foundation. Spinner helps University of Virginia entrepreneurs with the development of their technology companies.

Jerusalem Capital
Offices: Malcha, Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Capital management team's knowledge of the Israeli hi-tech industry makes Jerusalem Capital highly qualified to lead successful investments in TES companies originating in Israel. The team includes individuals with venture capital investments, as well as operational, financial and advisory experience in Israel, the greater Middle East, the United States, Europe and Asia. The team has a proven track record, is ambitious and is driven to success.

-Jerus- (cont.)
Jerusalem Global Ventures
Offices: Malcha, Jerusalem
Since the firm was founded in 1994, Jerusalem Global's goal has been to support private Israeli technology initiatives and to generate superior returns to investors. The investment approach of JGV I was to fund exceptional entrepreneurs and secure a large share in portfolio companies. The Growth Equity Fund will invest in Israeli technology companies that have a proven business model and are on a trajectory to IPO within three years.

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)
Offices: Jerusalem, Israel
JVP is a leading international venture capital firm focusing on investments in early stage companies in the enterprise software & networking, semiconductors & components and communications & mobile infrastructure sectors. With $670 million under management, JVP leverages its international presence, vast expertise and substantial capital base to build companies with the potential to shape and dominate global markets.

JH Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
JH Partners is a private equity firm focused on building sustainable, long-term equity value in consumer and marketing-driven growth companies. JH Partners differentiates itself from traditional private equity groups by the considerable operating experience of its principals, which includes more than years of combined tenure in senior operating roles. JH Partners invests in growth-oriented businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and revenues of $10 to $300 million.

Jina Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Jina Ventures is an India-centric private equity firm. Founded in 2003, Jina Ventures was the first financial services firm in New York City focused exclusively on India. Over the past 5 years, Jina Ventures has grown into a full service private equity practice, with both principal investing and M&A value-add capabilities. Their investment objective is to enhance the portfolio company’s value to strategic acquirers.

Jiuding Capital
Offices: Beijing, China
Jiuding Capital is a professional company which focuses on private equity investment. Jiuding Capital has initiated and been managing several PE funds. Jiuding PE Fund ?—Beijing Zhengdao Jiuding VC Co. is mainly committed to venture capital. Jiuding PE Fund II—Shanghai Kunwu Jiuding primarily focuses on pre-IPO investment. Jiuding PE Fund III—Beijing Xiaqi Jiuding primarily invests in the Pre-IPO projects, and partly invests in the growth enterprises.

JK&B Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
JK&B Capital is a venture capital firm focused in the software, IT and communications markets with over $1.1 billion of capital under management. Founded in 1996, JK&B has built a track record of generating exceptional returns for investors by identifying and investing in companies with technologies which have been critical to the growth of the world’s information economy.

JLA Ventures
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
JL Albright Venture Partners invests primarily in emerging Internet, E-Commerce, Networking and Software companies with exceptional prospects for growth, superior technology, and a sustainable competitive advantage. JLA Ventures selects businesses that possess strong fundamentals, superior products and/or services. J.L. Albright is associated with CDP Capital-Technology Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Caisse de Depot et placement du Quebec.

JLL Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Founded in 1988, JLL Partners is among the leading private equity investment firms in the country. Since inception, they have managed a series of private equity funds aggregating approximately $4 billion in committed capital. JLL seeks to make control equity investments in middle market companies by extricating good companies from complicated situations or building strong companies in partnership with exceptional managers.

JMH Capital
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
JMH Capital invests in exceptional businesses where there are significant opportunities to accelerate growth, improve operating performance, and acquire complementary operations. The JMH Capital team brings an extensive array of resources—strategic, financial, operational, and transactional—that they deploy throughout the investment life cycle.

JMI Equity
Offices: San Diego, California & Baltimore, Maryland
John J. Moores, the founder and former Chairman of BMC Software, founded JMI in 1992. John's vision was to bring together a small group of professionals with complementary skills to invest in software and services segments of the technology industry. They closed their fourth fund in September 1999, bringing their total capital under management to approximately $400 million.

John D & Catherine T MacArthur Foundation
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, the Foundation works to defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society.

Johnson Capital
Offices: Irvine, California
At Johnson Capital they think there is a better way of doing business. By taking on projects they believe in and representing the best interests of their clients, they create optimal financing solutions. Ranked among the top real estate capital advisors in the country, they offer clients and capital providers sophisticated advisory services that are second to none. As a national, privately held real estate capital advisory firm, Johnson Capital is building on a long-standing history of success.

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC)
Offices: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Organized in 1973, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation is the venture capital subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. JJDC makes private equity investments in venture funded health care companies. Portfolio companies include those in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics and consumer products. JJDC also leads and manages internal investments in selected promising technologies.

John Templeton Foundation
Offices: West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
The mission of the John Templeton Foundation is to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for discovery in areas engaging life’s biggest questions. These questions range from explorations into the laws of nature and the universe to questions on the nature of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creativity.

Jolimont Capital
Offices: Melbourne, Australia
Jolimont Capital is a Melbourne-based venture capital firm. Its managing partners are Charles Gillies and Lex McArthur. Jolimont Capital established the Jolimont Secondaries Fund I, as a specialist $24 million secondary venture capital fund in October 2004. The cornerstone investor is Macquarie Funds Management. In July 2003 Jolimont Capital established the Jolimont Early Stage Trust.

JP Asia Capital
Offices: Singapore
JP Asia Capital seeks to acquire meaningful equity stakes in high-growth, technology-enabled companies. They believe that building partnerships with strong management teams is key to enhancing and unlocking value. Working closely with the executives of portfolio companies, JP Asia Capital seeks to maximize value and thus deliver strong returns to investors. Their principals’ have a strong track record in direct investments and building business franchises.

JP Morgan Partners
Offices: New York, New York
JP Morgan Partners is a leading private equity organization. Its primary goal is to build a diversified portfolio of investments in middle-market buyouts, growth equity and venture in the United States and Europe, and across its five core industry segments. JPMP complements this strategy with focused efforts in emerging markets in Latin America and Asia. Gluing this strategy together is the global integrated network.

Juggernaut Capital Partners (JCP)
Offices: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Juggernaut Capital Partners was formed in early 2009 to build on the founders' successful, focused investment approach by targeting middle market companies primarily in the consumer products and business services industries where the principals have extensive knowledge and experience. JCP differentiates itself from competing firms through its demonstrated ability to source transactions on a proprietary basis, and its proven record of building stronger and more operationally efficient businesses.

Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
JumpStart is a venture development organization that advises, invests in, assists, and accelerates Northeast Ohio's early-stage ideas and companies. JumpStart accelerates the growth of innovative early stage businesses and ideas into venture ready companies through providing a continuum of resources to entrepreneurs and the community.

Jumpstart Angel Network
Offices: Mt Laurel, New Jersey
Jumpstart is a private, member-lead, angel group that invests in early-stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. As the leading angel group in New Jersey, Jumpstart members include many successful entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists in the region. Jumpstart was formed in November of 2002 with the active support of New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) and New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA).

Offices: Santa Clara, California & Bangalore, India
JumpStartUp focuses on investments in the software, semiconductor, services and communications sectors. Their investment strategy is to invest in companies that address large under-serviced opportunities in capital efficient and innovative ways. The portfolio companies of JumpStartUp benefit immensely from its understanding of very young cross-border companies and its deep relationships with leading US venture capital firms.

Jupiter Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Jupiter Partners is a private investment firm organized to invest in management buyouts, industry consolidations and growth capital opportunities. Jupiter typically provides equity of between $15 million and $80 million for each investment. Although focused on making outright acquisitions, the firm has made non-control investments along-side other investment groups, industrial partners, or directly in public or private companies.

VC & Angel list continued...



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