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  Confirmation Report of Angels and VC's

What you're seeing below over these 7 pages is a confirmation report of all the Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors. We can send your pitchdeck to each of these investors for review for free. If you're doing a startup and you require venture capital funding, then apply now and lets get you all the funding you need starting today.

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2M BioTech
Offices: Dallas, Texas

2M BioTech partners with research groups, universities, inventors, and early stage biotech firms to accelerate the commercialization of their products and technologies. 2M BioTech provides an alternative to the traditional models associated with university-based technology licensing offices and venture capital financing. Their primary business purpose is to support The Morton H. Meyerson Family Fund and their communities.

2M Companies
Offices: Dallas, Texas

At first glance 2M appears to be similar to many other investment firms, however upon closer look you will find that we are very different. Their primary business purpose is to support The Morton H. Meyerson Family Fund and their communities, and to invest with people who are interested in effecting social change. Their business practices directly follow these values. 2M Companies are here because they want to make a difference.

2x Growth Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

2x Consumer Products Growth Partners partner with founders and management in merging consumer products businesses capable of growing exponentially via an infusion of capital and management expertise. As part a partnership they provide significant growth capital. Initial investment is generally $1-5 million with expectation that follow-on investments will support continued growth.

3i China
Offices: Beijing, China

3i has had a local presence in Greater China since 2001, with offices in Beijing. Since 2003, 3i has invested in the following sectors: Manufacturing, TMT, Technology, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Retail and Real Estate. International IPOs we have completed include PCD Stores (Hong Kong), Focus Media (New York), GST and Little Sheep (Hong Kong). 3i is also an investor in CDH II, the Beijing-based private equity fund.

3i Group
Offices: London, England

3i is a world leader in venture capital and private equity. At 3i it's the effort they put into understanding people, as well as business, that has made them a leading force in venture capital today. Since its foundation in 1945, 3i has invested in more than 14,000 companies in a wide range of sectors from start-ups to late stage transactions, focusing on businesses with high growth potential and strong management.

3i India
Offices: Mumbai-Delhi, India

3i has had a local presence in India since 2005. 3i has invested in the following sectors in India: media, automotives, construction, power, ports and manufacturing, amongst others. They currently manage an investment portfolio valued at cUS$920m. In April 2008, 3i closed a non-listed US$1.2 billion India Infrastructure fund and, together with funds, 3i has invested over $330 million in Indian infrastructure to-date.

3i US Growth Capital
Offices: New York, New York

3i has backed more than 40 companies that have gone public and has executed over 450 M&A transactions. 3i North America focuses on opportunities across a variety of sectors: consumer, healthcare, business services, financial services, oil, gas and power, and TMT. In addition to their sector-focused investment professionals, 3i US Growth Capital provides companies with access to the unique 3i global network of industry experts.

3TS Venture Partners
Offices: Budapest, Hungary

3TS Venture Partners is the exclusive advisor to the Technologieholding Central and Eastern European Funds. 3TS Venture Partner's role is to identify, evaluate and recommend investments. After investments are closed, 3TS represents the Funds either directly and/or with non-executive directors with positions of the Board and works with the management to fully support the operational development of the business.

4th Level Ventures
Offices: Dublin, Ireland

4th Level Ventures is a ·17 million Venture Capital Fund. Their investment focus is on companies commercializing technology & IP from research in third level educational institutions. Their investors see the benefit of commercializing ground-breaking research. Established by Dolmen Securities, the fund's investors now include institutional investors and Enterprise Ireland.

5AM Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Waltham, Massachusetts

5AM Ventures is a $65 million seed and early-stage fund that is focused on creating and building the next generation of leading biotechnology companies. 5AM works with entrepreneurs and scientists to help shape the strategic mission of new start-ups (or spin-outs) and provides business, financial, deal structuring, recruiting and other assistance in the company-building process.

7 Health Ventures
Offices: Edina, Minnesota

7 Health Ventures is a professional venture capital fund dedicated to investing in Israeli and Israeli-related companies, developing healthcare technologies and products. Their commitment to their entrepreneurs is for a long-term partnership because they understand that building a successful company takes time. They accompany their entrepreneurs with integrity, resourcefulness and dedication.

20/20 HealthCare Partners
Offices: Auburndale, Massachusetts

At 20/20, they have assembled a group of experts with a diverse range of backgrounds who have developed a vision for healthcare in the year 2020. This vision guides their strategy for developing and commercializing technologies that they feel will accelerate the implementation of successful 'Personalized Medicine' approaches. Their team approach relies on an efficient and strategic use of time and resources.

21 Partners
Offices: Treviso-Milan, Italy & Paris France

21 Investimenti was established by Alessandro Benetton in 1992 as a holding company investing in medium private companies in Italy. In 1998, 21 developed its activities in France with the creation of 21 Centrale Partners in partnership with Gérard Pluvinet, previously Chairman of Société Centrale pour l'Industrie for more than 30 years. Société Centrale pour l'Industrie (renamed 21 Centrale Partners) was a listed holding company founded in 1909.

88 Green Ventures
Offices: Melbourne, Australia

88 Green Ventures is a private investment vehicle formed by Mike Fitzpatrick to invest in global early stage venture capital to assist in development and commercialization of green technologies. 88 Green Ventures has well established networks with developers, investors, governments and advisors across the globe to work with companies to achieve their goals and create a more sustainable environment.

101 Ventures
Offices: Bentonville, Arkansas

101 Ventures is in the business of starting and growing high performing, capital-efficient businesses. They invest in winners. Sometimes that means running with an idea of their own or helping someone else get one off the ground. Sometimes they even invest their time, money and talent to help an existing business that hasn't quite reached its potential.

360 Capital Partners
Offices: Luxembourg, Germany

360 Capital Partners is a venture capital firm, investing in innovation at full scale, in Europe and more particularly in France and Italy. The new 360 Capital fund, a Luxembourg based Sicar, has reached a total capital commitment of over ·100m. 360 Capital Partners is managed by a consolidated team which has cumulated 50+ years of venture capital experience in investing in, following-up and/or exiting from over 60 companies.

.406 Ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

.406 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in innovative information technology and services companies founded by the finest entrepreneurs. They are a veteran team of industry entrepreneurs, operators and investors who apply real world experience, deep industry knowledge and networks, and strong company-building skills to create value for their entrepreneurs and investing partners.

500 Startups
Offices: Silicon Valley, California

500 Startups provides early-stage companies with funding ranging from $10K to $250K via seed investments, our startup accelerator program, and new micro-fund models like the Twilio Fund. With over 140 experienced startup mentors around the world, creative 10,000 sq ft working space in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a vibrant community of startup founders, we help our companies succeed in ways other venture firms do not. They are 500.


AAC Capital Partners
Offices: The Netherlands

AAC Capital Partners is a leading Northern European mid-market buy-out firm with a unique regional footprint. Made up of the former Dutch, Nordic and UK buy-out teams of ABN AMRO Capital, they lead buy-outs within the ·50 - 500 million deal range in the consumer, industrial and services sector. AAC targets opportunities for majority stakes in profitable, cash-generative companies headquartered in the Netherlands, Nordic region and the UK.

Offices: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

AAVIN is a private equity firm who invest in high-growth opportunities, management buyouts and certain recapitalization transactions. They partner with strong management teams seeking to build businesses through internal growth or acquisitions. They invest primarily in late-stage and expansion-stage financings.

Abbott Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Abbott Capital was founded in 1986 as an independent registered investment adviser and has focused exclusively on private equity·venture capital, buyouts and special situations·by making investments in professionally managed partnerships. Abbott Capital offers a unique combination of performance, continuity among senior professionals and alignment of interests that stems from its history as an independent manager focused solely on private equity investments.

Abbott Fund
Offices: Abbott Park, Illinois

Established in 1951 Abbott Fund is funded solely by Abbott, a global broad-based health care company. Their approach is to support programs that are results-driven and make a lasting impact on people·s lives. They support and partner with a broad range of organizations, including community-based charities, academic institutions, medical and health professional associations, international relief agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Aberdare Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

The Aberdare Ventures team are experienced venture investors and operators of healthcare technology companies. Their investment focus is driven by their years of experience growing biopharmaceutical product companies and therapeutic medical device companies. They have plenty of experience leading early-stage investments, but they are comfortable co-investing as well. Aberdare is willing to participate in financings as small as $1 million.

ABG Capital
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ABG Capital provides an innovative approach to traditional funding sources. They are comprised of highly experienced professionals who thrive on hands-on involvement with each of their portfolio companies. They've redefined the venture capital game; putting the odds in your favor. ABG Capital arms entrepreneurs with every tool necessary to execute the strategies for success. More than just funding, they're also your fuel.

Abingworth Management
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Abingworth is a long-established venture capital firm specializing in unquoted and life science biomedical companies. Abingworth is active on both sides of the Atlantic and, in the past fifteen years, has backed more than 80 developing life science/medical businesses. The majority of these have gone on to public offerings or have merged or been acquired by leading companies in the industry.

ABN AMRO Private Equity
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

ABN AMRO Private Equity invests across a broad spectrum of the communications industry. The combination of the migration to packet-based communications networks and The Telecommunications Act of 1996 have forever changed the landscape of the communications industry. ABN AMRO Private Equity believes that increased competition, new technologies and decreased regulation will all lead to continued explosive growth in communications sector.

Abris Capital Partners
Offices: London, England

Abris Capital Partners is a leading independent private equity fund manager, focused on mid-market opportunities in the major countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The principal role of Abris is to identify, and partner with, the most successful and dynamic businesses. They do this using their own skills and resources in combination with the investment capital entrusted to them by their institutional investors.

ABRY Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

ABRY Partners is one of the most experienced and successful media-focused private equity investment firms in North America. Since 1989, ABRY has completed over $7.0 billion of leveraged transactions and other private equity and mezzanine investments, representing investments in more than 450 media properties. ABRY typically invests $20 million to $100 million of equity or $10 million to $50 million of mezzanine capital in a company.

ABS Capital Partners
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts

Since 1990, ABS Capital Partners has established a strong track record investing in later-stage growth companies in the business services, health care, media & communications, and software sectors. Opportunities and challenges change when companies enter the high growth phase. As a recognized leader in later-stage investing, they understand this point in a company's lifecycle.

Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)
Offices: Dallas, Texas

Absolute Return for Kids is an international charity whose purpose is to transform children·s lives. Founded in 2002 by a group of leaders in the alternative investment industry, pooling their skills and resources to improve the life chances of children, ARK delivers high social returns on philanthropic investment. ARK brings together passionate experts with the best talent from business to deliver its vision on the ground.

ABS Ventures
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts

ABS Ventures employs both primary and secondary direct investing strategies for mid-stage technology companies. Utilizing our extensive experience and hybrid investment approach, thtey help companies overcome the common challenges of complex capital structures. ABS has a 25-year history of partnering with exceptional management teams to achieve successful exits under a variety of economic conditions.

Acacia Venture Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California

Acacia Venture Partners specializes in solely in identifying and building leading service businesses in the healthcare industry. They firmly believe that industry focus is critical to creating long term value in healthcare. Acacia's team of venture capital professionals has been investing in healthcare since the early 1980's. They have developed a deep industry understanding and a robust network of contact in the healthcare industry.

Acartha Technology Partners
Offices: Chester, Missouri & East Brunswick, New Jersey

The Acartha Technology Partners team employs its expertise and experience in technology, entrepreneurship and financial engineering to identify and invest in private equity opportunities involving financial sector technologies and associated financial products. n the process, they have transformed from being buyers of technology into being investors of companies.

Accelerated Technologies Partners (ATP)
Offices: Hackensack, New Jersey

Accelerated Technologies Partners is an investment partnership that focuses on medical devices and actively leverages a structured collaboration between world-leading physicians, experienced operational management and dedicated capital to produce superior returns and substantial clinical value. The ATP strategy supports the acceleration of product development and lowers market and execution risks.

Accelerator Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

Accelerator Ventures invests in early stage technology companies. They work with talented entrepreneurs to create the next generation of great companies. Accelerator Ventures brings to entrepreneurs its strong understanding of technology, capital, and venture markets. They actively help companies with financing strategy, business development, customer introductions and management team development.

Accel India
Offices: Bangalore, India

The Accel India team brings a deep base of experience that includes decades of operating experience within leading technology companies and new venture development. Their entrepreneurs benefit from the experiences they have deeply learned over 25 years in building category-defining companies. Like their companies working as a team, the entire Accel team is committed to the success of every investment.

Accel KKR
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Accel-KKR is a technology-focused private equity investment firm founded by venture firm Accel Partners and leveraged buyout firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR). Accel-KKR seeks investment opportunities in technology companies with strong growth potential. They will consider control positions as well as significant minority positions in both public and private companies. Their target investment size ranges from $10mm to $50mm.

Accel London
Offices: London, England

Accel London is dedicated to helping outstanding entrepreneurs locally in Europe and Israel build category-defining companies. Accel London team brings a wealth of company-building and seasoned operating acumen to each company. Accel Partners is regulated in the United Kingdom by the FSA. Founded in 1983, Accel Partners has a long history of excellence and innovation in the venture capital business.

Accel Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California & London, England

Accel Partners is a venture capital firm dedicated to helping outstanding entrepreneurs build category-defining technology companies. In order to meet this challenge with a "prepared mind," they focus the investment of over $3 billion under management in just two areas: Networking and Software.

Access Capital Partners
Offices: Brussels, Belgium

Access Capital Partners aims to deliver superior returns to its investors through investments in multiple growth sectors across Europe. Access constitutes carefully balanced portfolios of high-performance European Private Equity funds targeting companies at diverse stages of the value creation stream: high-potential technology ventures, mature companies seeking market expansion and buy-out opportunities.

Access Venture Partners
Offices: Westminster, Colorado

Access Venture Partners is a seed and early stage venture capital fund. The Fund invests between $250,000 and $2,000,000 in mid-continent technology companies with hyper-growth potential. They have offices in Austin, Denver and Silicon Valley, three of the most active technology markets in the country.

Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

ACCION International is a private, nonprofit organization with the mission of giving people the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty. By providing ·micro· loans, business training and other financial services to poor men and women who start their own businesses, ACCION helps people work their way up the economic ladder, with dignity and pride.

Accretion Investment Management
Offices: Sydney, Australia

Accretion Investment Management is a manager of later stage private equity investments. They invest institutional funds in small-to-medium sized unlisted businesses. Accretion also provides replacement manager services for institutional investors with underperforming investment portfolios. Accretion has successfully managed private equity investments in excess of $100m since its formation in 2002.

Accretive Exit Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Accretive Exit Capital Partners is a secondary direct investment firm with $125MM under management focusing on highest quality small and middle market buyout funds. They acquire meaningful minority positions in the highest quality private companies from PE funds seeking: to monetize aged investments; to eliminate having to continue funding and managing those investments; and/or to harvest accretive liquidity for their LPs.

Accuitive Medical Ventures (AMV)
Offices: Dululth, Georgia

Accuitive Medical Ventures is a venture capital firm in business to finance and help develop early and expansion stage medical device and technology companies. AMV has established relationships with some of the industry's leading institutions to offer emerging companies and investors the opportunity to work with AMV in building unique new businesses and long-term shareholder value.

ACI Capital
Offices: New York, New York

ACI Capital is an integrated investment firm and merchant bank that has generated superior risk adjusted returns for nearly 50 years by partnering with management teams to build valuable companies. ACI Capital invests directly in domestic companies with revenues between $50 and $500 million, and greater than $5 million of operating profit. ACI Capital seeks to invest between $10 and $50 million of equity in any given transaction.

Ackerley Partners
Offices: Seattle, Washington

The firm Ackerley Partners have created is more then merely another investment company. As they invest their own capital, they are highly motivated to offer their experience and network to help entrepreneurs quickly achieve market leadership and sustainable business models. While they seek out companies with strong growth potential is crucial, they also believe seeking out companies with bright, talented people behind them is essential.

Acorn Angels
Offices: Cupertino, California

Acorn Angels is a group of Silicon Valley Angel Investors who provide early stage investment capital for hi-tech companies. Their network of Angels consists of highly successful professionals who all bring invaluable knowledge and experience to their ongoing commitment to support innovation and creativity in the information technology industry.

Acorn Campus
Offices: Cupertino, California

Acorn Campus takes an approach anchored by innovative methods, differentiated competitive strategies, and key corporate alliances. With access to a vast network of professional and personal connections, Acorn Campus principals bring expertise, diversity of experience, and exceptional insight to the process of developing a new business. Acorn focuses on four sectors: communication infrastructure, semiconductor and photonics, wireless, and outsourcing.

Active Capital
Offices: Cayman, Islands

Active Capital serves to develop, support and manage the wide range of investment business in the portfolio. Led by Hugh Treadwell Jr., the company provides capital, research, analysis, accounting, operations, merchandising, information technology, logistics, branding, marketing, human resources, and project management support with in-house specialists from all the these areas.

Active Starts
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Active Starts is a professional angel investment firm. Their investment focus is on California-based software start-ups within a year from product launch. They help talented entrepreneurs maximize their chances of successfully validating the market opportunity they are pursuing. Their financial success is a function of the demonstrated technology innovation, leadership skills and operating excellence of the management teams they encourage relentlessly.

Acton Capital Partners
Offices: Munich, Germany

Acton Capital Partners is a specialist investor in internet- and mobile-based, consumer-oriented businesses. Having managed more than 30 investments since 1999 as the corporate venture capital business of Hubert Burda Media, the German family-owned global media company, the Acton team brings a wealth of expertise to the companies in which it invests, delivering superior capital returns.

ACT Venture Capital
Offices: Dublin, Ireland

ACT is Ireland's leading independent venture capital company and they have a very experienced and successful investment team. They provide capital to growth-oriented private companies in the range of ·750K to ·15M. Larger sums can be provided in syndication with their institutional investors. In December 2002, ACT closed its third fund at ·170 million. ACT now manages ·350 million through a number of venture capital funds.

Acuity Capital Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Acuity Capital Partners is a unique private investment firm. Their goal is simple: to create extraordinary shareholder value by making investments in carefully chosen companies in the lower middle market in which we can leverage their strengths in strategy, operations and corporate finance with management·s execution capabilities. Acuity invests their own capital in every deal and also invest on behalf of a small group of private individuals.

Acuity Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto-San Jose, California

Acuity Ventures is a Silicon Valley based venture capital fund that provides investment capital and strategic and operational guidance to early stage and emerging growth companies. The Fund provides capital through convertible preferred debt, direct equity investments and other investment participations. Acuity strives to incubate qualified companies with financing facilities and access to important alliances.

Acumen Fund
Offices: New York, New York

Acumen Fund is venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty. They seek to prove that small amounts of philanthropic capital, combined with large doses of business acumen, can build thriving enterprises that serve vast numbers of the poor. Their investments focus on delivering affordable, critical goods and services·like health, water, housing and energy·through innovative, market-oriented approaches.

Adams Capital Management
Offices: Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Adams Capital is a national venture capital firm noted for its domain expertise in disruptive technologies in the Information Technology, Telecommunications and Semiconductors industries. As active, lead investors with $700 million currently under management, they support emerging market leaders in billion dollar industries and help them navigate through their formative stages.

Adams Street Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & London, England

Adams Street Partners provides venture capital to growth and development-stage information technology, life sciences and business service firms primarily based in the United States. They have invested over $400 million in 160 companies over the last 30 years. The current team consists of eight professionals who are actively investing Fund IV, a $180 million closed-end fund raised in 1999, and Fund V, a 2003 vintage fund of similar size.

Adara Venture Partners
Offices: Madrid, Spain

The creation of Adara Venture Partners was driven by their partners· belief that venture capital needs to bring more than money to the table. They have a strong focus on bringing in-house expertise to portfolio companies, helping them successfully develop and reach ambitious business objectives. Adara believes this results-orientated approach combined with strict opportunity selection optimizes success for our partners·both investors and entrepreneurs.

ADCO Group
Offices: New York, New York

With a reputation built on experience, creativity and entrepreneurial drive, ADCO Group is a privately owned US real estate and merchant banking company. Capitalizing on strengths in every aspect of real estate, ADCO has grown and continues to diversify both geographically and in the scope of its holdings and services. ADCO's highly skilled professionals and consultants direct ADCO investments.

Add Partners
Offices: London, England

Add Partners is a leading venture capital firm investing in Europe·s most promising and ambitious IT and Communications businesses. Through their initial fund of ·175m, raised amongst some 25 institutional investors from across Europe, the US and Asia, they have invested in a select group of companies. While the majority of their investments are with early stage companies, they also aim to selectively support more developed private companies.

Adelante Capital Management
Offices: Oakland, California

Since 1995, Adelante's team of investment professionals have created and managed portfolios of domestic REITs built on the conviction that each company's underlying real estate assets are the key drivers to long term security performance. In 2006 Adelante expanded its reach beyond the U.S. and began investing in real estate securities globally. Adelante currently has in excess of $2.0 billion in assets under management.

Adena Ventures
Offices: Athens, Ohio

Adena Ventures provides equity capital and operational assistance to high-growth businesses, primarily in Appalachia. The principals have decades of experience in venture capital, financial services, strategy, and company operations. Adena's investment focus includes growth-oriented ventures at various stages of development across a broad range of industries. Adena works with portfolio companies to maximize growth.

Admiral Capital
Offices: New York, New York & San Antonio, Texas

Admiral Capital Group seeks is to create superior value for their investors, partners and communities through a combination of financial expertise, proprietary opportunities, investment capital, strategic business development and a strong commitment to social impact. With a commitment to integrity and character, Admiral Capital strives to maximize the financial and social impact of their collective efforts.

Advanced Equities
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Advanced Equities is a boutique investment bank that specializes in private, late-stage equity finance for the U.S. technology sector. They believe that recent market trends and the increased cost of going public have created a void between a company's traditional early-stage VC funding and the amount of capital required to build a competitive position and become a successful public company.

Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV)
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Waltham, Massachusetts

Advanced Technology Ventures is a bi-coastal venture capital firm with more than $1.5 billion in capital under management. They work closely with entrepreneurial teams in several technology markets, including communications, IT infrastructure, software and services, and healthcare technologies, to build emerging-growth business ventures into market leaders. ATV has a proven track record of success in helping to build enterprises.

Advantage Capital Partners
Offices: New Orleans, Louisiana

Advantage Capital Partners invests in emerging and rapidly developing companies operating in a variety of industries. They are generally predisposed to companies that develop or apply innovative technologies to products, systems, and services in the following industries: Information technology and the Internet, telecommunications and media, healthcare and life sciences, and energy related technologies.

Advantage Partners
Offices: Tokyo, Japan

Advantage Partners is a private equity investment firm founded in 1992. The firm manages private equity funds that focus on investing in acquisitions, buy-outs, buy-ins and other private equity opportunities in Japan. Prior to 1997, the firm focused on making direct investments of partner capital in a small number of portfolio companies, in which partners took an active role in management.

Advent International
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Advent International has the broadest geographic reach of any private equity investor with 14 offices and 10 affiliates in 25 countries. They have invested in more than 500 companies in many different industries. Their global investment team comprises over 90 professionals from diverse backgrounds including operations, finance and consulting. Resources of the Advent group can be called on to support the development of your business.

Advent Private Capital
Offices: Melbourne, Australia

Advent Private Capital is among the most experienced private equity investment firms in Australia, having invested in over 80 companies since inception. Advent is an independent fund manager and is owned by its executives. The Advent team has over 70 years of collective experience in private equity, building substantial value in companies over a full range of economic conditions and portfolio cycles.

Advent Venture Partners
Offices: London, England

Advent manages funds in excess of £450 million, including two private equity funds of £300 million and £100 million respectively, each sourced from institutional investors, and two Venture Capital Trusts. Advent is the venture capital group with a difference. They live and breathe technology markets as well as finance. They don't try to take control of your business and they don't pretend to be able to do what you do, but they do provide high quality top-level management support.

AEA Investors
Offices: New York, New York

AEA is a pioneer in the private equity industry, having been founded in 1968 by the Rockefeller, Mellon, and Harriman family interests and SG Warburg & Co. With almost 40 years of investing experience, AEA has established a track record of achieving superior returns as a leading private equity partner to middle market companies. AEA focuses on control buyouts in four industry sectors: value-added industrial products, specialty chemicals and consumer products.

Aequitas Capital
Offices: Lake Oswego, Oregon

As an innovative investment firm, Aequitas Capital Management has the talent and resources to provide private equity and commercial finance products to the middle market, healthcare and energy sectors. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Aequitas provides a suite of alternative investment products for accredited investors. They use a hands-on approach to advising, structuring and investing·making a difference in jobs, communities, and in their clients' bottom line.

Offices: The Netherlands

Aescap Venture is a new Venture Capital Company targeted at European biomedical companies. Their added value is based on best of breed investment managers. All with a proven track record and the ability to coach and stimulate entrepreneurs in the creation and growth of their companies. Their aim is to accelerate the creation of value in the companies they invest in.

Aetos Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Aetos Capital is an independent investment management firm offering institutional and private investors a set of compelling investment opportunities in alternative asset classes. Founded in 1999, Aetos has two investment capabilities: an opportunistic real estate investment offering and an absolute return fund of hedge funds and portable alpha offering. In 2005, AEA Holdings was formed as a result of the combination of Aetos Capital and AEA Investors.

Affinity Capital Management
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Affinity Capital Management invests in private, US-based health care companies. Within health care, they focus on the medical device, biotech, health care service and health care information technology sectors. They prefer companies with proprietary technology that have the potential to achieve and sustain leadership positions in large growing markets.

Affinity Equity Partners
Offices: Hong Kong, China

Affinity Equity Partners is an independently owned buyout fund manager comprising primarily the former investment professionals of UBS Capital Asia Pacific. It was spun out of UBS Capital Asia Pacific in March 2004. They are pioneers in buyout investments in the Asia-Pacific region. To this end, Affinity has an established and widely recognized franchise in buyouts.

Offices: Montreal, Quebec

The principals at AgeChem have operational experience having been involved in the launching of companies, their financing and in the management of their growth and liquidity event. They also have expertise in various fields of science (six members have a Ph.D.) covering biochemistry, chemistry, immunology, oncology, virology, bacteriology and human genetics.

AGF Private Equity
Offices: Paris, France

AGF Private Equity is specialized in non-listed investments. The Company manages an investment portfolio worth over EUR800m for institutional and private investors, through two activities: funds of funds and venture capital investments. AGF Private Equity is among the leaders in France in managing primary funds of funds and is also one of the most active French investors in venture capital.

Agilent Ventures
Offices: Santa Clara, California

Agilent Ventures a business unit of Agilent Technologies dedicated to investing globally in start-up or early-stage technology companies. The venture group invests in leading-edge technologies in the wireline/optical and wireless communications and life sciences markets. Agilent Ventures, which will invest up to $100 million per year, is positioned to provide start-ups with the opportunity to tap into Agilent's vast technological resources.

Agio Capital Partners
Offices: Edina, Minnesota

Agio Capital Partners is a private investment company which makes equity investments in a wide variety of middle market private companies. Agio began in 1996 and has been an active investor, typically investing $1 to $5 million per transaction. The general partners of Agio are Ken Gudorf, Don Haas and Goldsmith, Agio, Helms & Company, a leading, internationally respected investment banking firm.

Aglaia Biomedical Ventures
Offices: The Netherlands

Aglaia identifies groundbreaking opportunities in cancer research and, in close partnerships with inventors and entrepreneurs, takes these opportunities to the next phase of technical and commercial development. Aglaia finds themselves fortunate to be supported by some of the world·s foremost authorities in cancer research and by experienced business people in the biomedical field.

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation
Offices: Austin, Texas

A Glimmer of Hope is a compassionate social enterprise making a sustainable difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. Since 2000, A Glimmer of Hope has helped more than two million people improve their quality of life. The foundation believes justice, equality and dignity are everyone·s birthright and where you are born should not determine whether you live or die.

A-Grade Investments
Offices: Los Angeles, California

A-Grade Investments is a venture capital partnership of Ronold Burkle, Aston Kutcher and Guy Oseary.

AIF Capital
Offices: Hong Kong, China

AIF Capital is one of the largest Asia-based independent private equity firms. It has over US$1 billion under management. It provides capital for expansion, buy-outs or recapitalization, primarily to unlisted companies. The firm oversees a broad based portfolio of investments in sectors ranging from supply chain management, financial services, manufacturing, specialty steels and engineering services, to power generation, telecom and transportation.

AIG Global Investment Group
Offices: New York, New York

AIG Global Investment Group is a sector-specific private equity fund that targets businesses in power, transportation, and environmental services. They believe these industries offer attractive investment opportunities due to deregulation, historic under investment, and improving technologies and operating inefficiencies. Their strategy seeks to leverage AIG's strategic relationships, and invest in operating companies with proprietary technologies or processing capabilities.

Aisling Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Aisling Capital Believes the next decade will be marked by a revolution in healthcare driven by new therapeutics generated by biotechnology. The completion of human genome has given scientists new insights into the cause of human disease. These insights, combined with the past 20 years of developments in the biotechnology industry, are leading to rapid expansion of novel approaches toward the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of life-threatening illnesses.

Alafi Capital
Offices: Berkeley-San Francisco, California

Alafi Capital is a private venture capital firm that has been active in healthcare investing for over 25 years. Early and mid-stage investments in the U.S. and Europe are considered, with emphasis on product-oriented biotechnology, life science technologies, imaging and diagnostics, and medical devices.

Alberta Deal Generator (ADG)
Offices: Calgary, Alberta

For years, the business community in Alberta has called for more effective ways to bring together investors and entrepreneurs. The Alberta Deal Generator was created to connect active investors and qualified early and growth-stage companies. ADG is a joint venture of two not-for-profit agencies: Calgary Technologies and TEC Edmonton. The Alberta Deal Generator was created to connect active investors and qualified early and growth-stage companies.

Alcatel Lucent Foundation
Offices: Paris, France & Murray Hill, New Jersey

The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Alcatel-Lucent and it leads the company's charitable activities. With a focus on volunteerism, the foundation's mission is to support the commitment of Alcatel-Lucent to social responsibility by serving and enhancing the communities where its employees and customers live and work.

Alcatel Lucent Ventures
Offices: Murray Hill, New Jersey

Alcatel-Lucent Ventures is an internal incubator that supports teams striving to turn innovative technologies and business ideas into new products. Alcatel-Lucent Ventures is responsible for identifying game-changing ideas within Alcatel-Lucent·s Bell Labs research organization, incubating them into products, and finding the right mechanism to bring them to market.

Alchemy Partners
Offices: London, England

Specializing in buy-outs, buy-ins and the provision of later stage development capital, Alchemy is a private equity advisory business based in London. Alchemy looks for equity investments from £25m to £160m. Alchemy works closely as a small, highly professional team comprising partners who have backgrounds as experienced venture capitalists, supported by motivated and ambitious young executives.

Aldus Equity
Offices: New York, New York & Dallas, Texas

Aldus Equity is a boutique alternative investment management and advisory firm specializing in private equity. The firm's expertise includes domestic private equity, mezzanine finance, domestic real estate, European private equity, secondaries, and special situation funds. The firm is 100% employee-owned, and its partners have invested in excess of $5 billion into over 80 private equity funds since 1998.

Aleutian Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Aleutian Capital Partners is a private equity investment group that invests in and acquires privately-owned companies in North America. Their investments are made in traditional economy manufacturing, distribution and service businesses with revenue between $10 and $200 million. They also actively pursue information technology companies. Aleutian is building companies it intends to hold over an extended period.

Alexander Hutton
Offices: Seattle, Washington

Alexander Hutton Ventures' $95 million fund was inaugurated in December 1999. Their venture fund builds on the strong performance of Alexander Hutton Capital, a regional investment-banking firm that has raised capital for technology start-ups since 1995. Their team of professionals has significant, successful operating experience with some of the strongest technology companies in the region, such as Microsoft, RealNetworks and F5 Networks.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Offices: Pasadena, California

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, the landlord of choice to the life science industry, is the largest owner and pre-eminent first-in-class real estate investment trust focused principally on science-driven cluster formation. Alexandria provides high-quality environmentally sustainable real estate, technical infrastructure and services to the broad and diverse life science industry. Client tenants include institutional, pharmaceutical, medical devices and transitional entitities.

Alfred P Sloan Foundation
Offices: New York, New York & London, England

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is a philanthropic, not-for-profit grant making institution. Established in 1934 by Alfred Pritchard Sloan Jr., then-President and Chief Executive Officer of the General Motors Corporation, the foundation makes grants in support of original research and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economic performance.

Alice Ventures
Offices: Milan, Italy & Herzliya, Israel

Alice Ventures is a multinational team of highly professional and motivated partners and investment managers, backed by an extensive network of relationships. Based in Milan and Herzliya, Total funds currently advised by Alice Ventures are euro 170m. Alice Ventures is the advisor of the venture capital funds promoted by MB Venture Capital and of Alicelab, a seed fund investing in technology only projects.

Alinda Capital Partners
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut & London, England

Alinda Capital Partners is the world·s largest independent infrastructure firm, with over $7 billion in equity commitments to infrastructure investments. Alinda has invested in infrastructure companies that operate in 31 states in the United States as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy. These companies serve over 125 million customers annually in more than 400 cities, and employ more than 15,000 people.

Allco Renewable Energy Group
Offices: New York, New York

Allco Renewable Energy Group develops and invests in companies and projects across the broad spectrum of renewable energy technologies, including wind, biomass and solar power. Allco investments, acquisitions and developments are building the development and operational teams needed to support a diversified renewable energy organization.

Allegis Capital
Offices: Palo Alto-Santa Monica, California

Allegis Capital is an outgrowth of and a partner with AVI Management, a well-established high-technology seed and early-stage venture capital firm established in 1982. AVI funds have been consistently top tier in performance and traditionally invested in semiconductor technologies, networking infrastructure, components and innovative software products, a direction directly in line with the current focus of Allegis Capital funds.

Allegra Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Allegra and its predecessor organizations have been managing independent venture capital funds since 1981.T Over this period of time, the principals of Allegra have been involved in a broad range of small growth company financing and support activities and have managed venture portfolios through many business and economic cycles. The Allegra team has over 90 years of collective experience in providing equity capital.

Allegro Private Equity
Offices: Sydney, Australia

Allegro Private Equity is a fund manager investing primarily in private mid-market businesses. Their team currently manages more than $300 million in committed capital. Allegro are specialists in "Transformational Capital". They invest equity funds on behalf of their investors, and work in partnership with management to realize growth potential and deliver enduring value to shareholders.

Allen & Buckeridge
Offices: Sydney, Australia

Allen & Buckeridge is one of Australia·s most well known venture capital managers. The firm specializes in early and expansion-stage investments in information technology, telecommunications and media companies. With A$250 million under management, A&B has invested in twenty-eight companies during the last four years, one of which has been sold, one merged, one taken to IPO and one wound up.

Alliance of Angels
Offices: Seattle, Washington

The Alliance of Angels is a membership organization of individual accredited angel investors and investment corporations. The goal of the Alliance of Angels is to nurture the growth of technology-based businesses in the Pacific Northwest by improving the interactions among angel investors and emerging local technology companies seeking funding.

Alliance Trust
Offices: Dundee, London

Alliance Trust is an international investment and financial services group, specializing in fund management, pensions and investment services. Their objective at Alliance Trust is to be a core investment for investors seeking a long term store of increasing value. They allocate their capital across a broad range of asset classes to enhance and preserve total returns and to provide shareholders with real growth over the medium to long term.

Allied Capital
Offices: Washington, DC

Allied Capital is a private equity investor with a portfolio composed of mezzanine and equity investments in middle market companies, non-investment grade branches of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). They have participated in the private equity capital markets since the company was founded in 1958 and have financed thousands of companies nationwide.

Alloy Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California

Alloy Ventures, with venture capital experience dating back to 1977, has helped start and nurture more than 200 successful companies. Many of these companies have created and dominated entire industries. They are experts in their fields, with technical educations and extensive experience building companies in the areas of information technology, life sciences, bio-informatics, and eHealth.

Aloe Private Equity
Offices: London, England & Hyderabad, India

Aloe Private Equity manages a number of environment funds which invest in companies that can make a positive contribution to society, both socially and environmentally whilst simultaneously providing high financial returns to their investors. Aloe has a particular interest in companies who have proven products or solutions who wish to leverage their expertise in growing businesses in greater China and India.

Alpha Capital Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Alpha Capital Partners provides equity financing for promising growth businesses and for buyouts or recapitalizations of established companies. The investment activity of Alpha Capital is concentrated in the greater Midwest; however, Alpha will consider investments on nationwide basis. Currently, Alpha Capital Partners and affiliates manage over $135 million in three venture capital partnerships and other equity accounts.

Alpine Investors
Offices: San Francisco, California

Alpine Investors' objective is to invest in or acquire small to mid-sized U.S. based companies with EBITDA greater than $2 million. The firm's capital, $247 million under management, may be used to provide full or partial liquidity to entrepreneurs, family members, estates, passive investors or corporate owners. Alpine will also consider minority investments for growth.

AlpInvest Partners
Offices: The Netherlands

AlpInvest Partners (formerly NIB Capital Private Equity) is one of the largest private equity investors in the world, with more than EUR 19.9 billion of assets under management. Approximately 80% of these funds are invested by AlpInvest Partners in private equity funds (either directly or through secondary transactions). AlpInvest Partners also invests directly in companies. In this context, AlpInvest Partners operates either as a lead investor in buy-outs.

Alsop Louie Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California

Alsop Louie Partners was founded in 2006 by Stewart Alsop and Gilman Louie. The firm specializes in helping entrepreneurs start companies. Stewart Alsop, a noted technology industry writer, most recent endeavors include venture partner at NEA. Gilman Louie, a successful long-time technology industry entrepreneur, was also a founding partner and CEO of Q-Tel.

Alta Berkeley Venture Partners
Offices: London, England & Geneva, Switzerland

Alta Berkeley Venture Partners was formed in 1982 when they pioneered early stage technology investing in Europe. Since then they have backed over one hundred companies, helping them create considerable value through both bull and bear markets. They focus on early stage investing in Information Technology, Communications and Life Science. They are European based and focus on investments in Europe and Israel.

Altamont Capital Partners
Offices: Palo Alto, California

At Altamont Capital, we are always keen to meet entrepreneurs, intermediaries, and executives who share our focus on building great businesses. They partner with management teams. Capable and motivated management is critical to their investment formula. They have experience building businesses. They seek out complexity. They are flexible. They value relationships.

Alta Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California

Alta Partners was founded in 1996 by four of the senior partners of Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co. (BEDCO), a pioneering venture capital firm formed in 1979 that focused on early-stage investing in life sciences, information technology and communications. Alta currently manages five venture fund programs aggregating approximately $1 billion in committed capital. Since 1996, they have funded approximately 120 life sciences and information technology companies.

Altira Group
Offices: Denver, Colorado & Albuquerque

The Altira name is synonymous with venture capital for energy technology. Formed in 1996, they invest in companies that develop and commercialize energy technologies in the areas of natural resources, clean energy and electric power. Through five energy technology funds and years of experience, Altira Group has demonstrated its commitment to the energy industry.

Altitude Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Altitude Capital Partners is a leading private investment firm focused on investing $250 million of capital in businesses which own compelling intellectual property assets. They seek to invest in portfolio companies that have valuable patents, trademarks/brands, copyrights, royalty streams, trade secrets, and other intangible assets which will create a competitive advantage in creating value.

Altitude Life Science Ventures
Offices: Durango, California

Altitude Life Science Ventures builds their portfolio among attractive life science sectors in a manner that balances risk while maximizing potential synergies and ultimate returns. Their focus is on opportunities in biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. Their philosophy is to focus on life science markets with strong demand and growth potential, and then back the highest-quality entrepreneurs.

Altor Equity Partners
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

Altor Equity Partners has been formed in 2003 to create a leading Nordic buyout firm focusing on the middle market segment. The Altor 2003 Fund, closed in May 2003, has EURO650 million in committed capital available for investments. Alto will focus on investment opportunities in Nordic companies where it believes there is substantial potential for value creation through revenue growth, margin expansion and improved capital management.

Altos Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Altos Ventures was founded in 1996, to exclusively address the needs of promising, young technology companies and entrepreneurs. Because of their focus on entrepreneurs - along with their network of co-investors, partners, and industry experts·they know how to build viable business models so companies can move on to the next stage of growth. They've committed $150 million of their own capital.

Altus Capital Partners
Offices: Westport, Connecticut & Lincolnshire, Illinois

Altus is focused on being a dedicated partner to profitable small to medium sized manufacturing companies to help seize their current growth opportunities and solve succession challenges. With over 50 years of combined structured finance experience, their investment partners utilize their extensive knowledge to optimize the value of a company through structured buyouts, recapitalizations, consolidations and divestitures.

Alumni Capital Network (ACN)
Offices: New York, New York

Alumni Capital Network is a private equity firm launched by former Accenture partners who provide equity, expertise and execution capabilities to create value for middle market companies. Collectively, they delivered billions of dollars of incremental revenues and profits for Fortune 1000 clients and participated in over one hundred PE transactions. ACN brings the same proven methodologies, industry insights and contacts.

Amadeus Capital Partners
Offices: London-Cambridge, England

Amadeus Capital Partners Limited is a venture capital company specializing in high-technology investments in Europe. An independent fund management firm, Amadeus Capital Partners Limited advises on the investment of £288 million, raised through three funds. Amadeus is committed to nurturing its companies with a combination of management support and a global network of other technology investors and leaders.

AmBex Venture Group
Offices: Sunnyvale, California

AmBex Venture Group is a private venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that invests in information technology, health science and financial service companies. AmBex provides direct early stage and growth capital to entrepreneurs focused on building enduring companies around new technologies and new applications of technology. They leverage their direct investments in companies with investments in other venture partnership funds.

Offices: Milan, Italy

Ambienta is convinced that important investment opportunities and developments are being generated by the energy and environmental revolution, that has only just begun. Moreover, their firm belief is that specific competence in this sector is a crucial factor. Based on this, they have put together a strong management team with extensive experience in the environmental sector in addition to experience in the private equity field.

Ambient Sound Investments
Offices: Tallinn, Estonia

Ambient Sound Investments was established as an equal partnership in mid-2003 by four founding engineers at Skype Technologies for the purpose of holding a minority stake in Skype. At the end of 2005 Ambient sold this stake to eBay and now continues as a private investment vehicle for its four partners. Ahti, Jaan, Priit and Toivo·the four partners·have been instrumental in building a number of cutting-edge p2p networks together in the past.

American Capital
Offices: Bethesda, Maryland

American Capital is an equity partner in management and employee buyouts; provides mezzanine and senior debt financing for buyouts led by private equity firms; and provides capital directly to private and small public companies. American Capital invests across the balance sheet, providing senior debt, subordinated debt and equity. They are comfortable as either a majority or minority investor.

American Industrial Acquisition (AIAC) Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut

American Industrial Acquisition Corporation is a group of 35 manufacturing facilities with 5,322 employees in 12 countries in North America, the European Union, and Asia. Total annual revenues exceed $1 billion. AIAC has purchased and turned around distressed manufacturing units of Boeing, Siemens, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Kodak, Ahlstrom, Novelis, Jabil Circuit and Stanley Works.

American Industrial Partners (AIP)
Offices: New York, New York

American Industrial Partners (AIP) is a leading middle market private equity firm which makes control investments in North American based industrial businesses. AIP invests when it can significantly impact business value through the implementation of an operating agenda developed in collaboration with the company's management team. AIP has a total over $1 billion of equity capital.

American River Ventures
Offices: Roseville, California

American River Ventures was created to bring entrepreneurs a new point of view·a point of view that will help you build a great business. They are an early-stage investment firm focused on bringing value and experience to high-growth information technology companies. They look for products or services that are clearly positioned in the market and for which customers are clamoring.

American Securities Capital Partners (ASCP)
Offices: New York, New York

American Securities Capital Partners is the merchant banking arm of American Securities whose predecessor entity was founded in 1947 by William Rosenwald to invest and manage his share of his family·s Sears, Roebuck & Co. fortune. ASCP is a private investment partnership that makes equity investments in profitable companies, both privately and publicly held, primarily located in the United States and Canada.

American Wind Capital
Offices: Essex, Connecticut

Founded in 2008, American Wind Capital was established by veterans of the wind energy industry. Understanding the risks as well as the rewards inherent in the development of wind energy, American Wind seeks to build a substantial investment in wind infrastructure. Credibility is the foundation on which American Wind Capital is built and their clients can benefit from the strength of world-class investors.

America's Capital Partners
Offices: Miami, Florida

America's Capital Partners is a fully integrated private real estate investment company operating in major markets along the eastern seaboard of the United States. They are highly regarded as an industry leader due to their outstanding performance and operational process from due diligence through transition, property management, business plan execution and investment realization.

Amgen Ventures
Offices: Thousand Oaks, California

As a company formed with venture capital funding more than 25 years ago, Amgen understand the challenges faced by early-stage biotechnology companies. In 2004, they announced the formation of Amgen Ventures, their corporate venture capital fund. With an initial investment of $100 million, the fund is designed to provide emerging biotechnology companies with resources to develop pioneering discoveries focused on human therapeutics.

Amherst Fund
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Founded in 1998, Amherst Fund has invested in schools and hospitals in communities across the United States. Along with their community focus, they also partner with private companies through equity and debt investments. Seed and venture capital for small companies as well as joint ventures with other funds have included industries such as; electronic component manufacturing, robotic navigation, software, medical devices and life sciences.

Amidzad Partners
Offices: Redwood City, California

Amidzad Partners is a seed and early-stage investment firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies on the West Coast. They have over 50 years of combined entrepreneurial experience in building profitable, global enterprises from the ground up and over 25 years of combined investing experience in successful information technology and life science companies.

Ampersand Ventures
Offices: Wellesley, Massachusetts & San Diego, California

Ampersand Ventures traces its lineage to the early days of the private equity industry. Organized in 1969 as an internal technology-focused venture capital investment activity at PaineWebber, Ampersand was founded in 1988 as a spin-off from PaineWebber to step outside of the mainstream by focusing on the Specialty Materials and Chemicals (SMC) industry.

Offices: Mclean, Virginia

Amplifier Venture Partners is a seed and early stage venture capital fund that principally targets investments in technology companies. They are positioned to be the first institutional investor in promising technology companies and to provide highly focused, hands on assistance for entrepreneurs looking to team up with experienced business operators and managers to grow world class companies.

Amundi Private Equity
Offices: Paris, France

Amundi Private Equity Funds specializes in private equity and unliste infrastructure investments. Combining a wealth of expertise in all aspects of asset management built up over more than 10 years, Amundi provides both institutional and individual investors with a wide spectrum of investment opportunities, ranging from direct fund investments in unlisted French and foreign companies to dedicated mandates.

Offices: London, England

AnaCap is a specialist private equity fund focused on investments in the financial services sector. They offer opportunities for rapid growth and upside participation to strong management teams throughout Europe. Backed by 16 highly regarded global financial institutions, such as Adams Street Partners, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell and Allianz, AnaCap has the ability to support and build fast growing, dynamic financial services businesses.

Anchorage Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia

Anchorage Capital Partners is a specialist private equity firm that provides both capital resources and operational experience to businesses that are not achieving their full potential. They call these opportunities ·Special Situations·. They have an established track record of creating significant value supporting and partnering with management and supporting them in improving both the operational and financial performance of their businesses.

ANCOR Capital Partners
Offices: Fort Worth, Texas

ANCOR Capital Partners acquires companies with a history of profitable operations. Since forming in 1994, ANCOR has lead 19 acquisitions of 13 platform companies and 6 add-on acquisitions. The partners are established operators and financial professionals with 135 years of collective experience. While ANCOR is not limited to a specific industry sector focus, they have extensive experience in health care and consumer staples.

Andreessen Horowitz
Offices: Menlo Park

Andreessen Horowitz was established in June 2009 by entrepreneurs and engineers Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, based on their vision for a new, modern VC firm designed to support today's entrepreneurs. Andreessen and Horowitz have a track record of investing in, building and scaling highly successful businesses.

Andromeda Capital
Offices: London, England

Andromeda is an investor in software technology and related services that are applied to the stress points in the value chains of three key sectors: mass marketing; financial services; and energy. Specifically they seek out opportunities for Information Technology products and services that: through improved access to markets, drive incremental revenues; through efficiency improvements, or disintermediation drive reduction and control of costs.

Angeleno Group
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Angeleno Group is a private equity firm focused on high growth investments in the energy sector. AG makes investments broadly across the energy industry to support innovative, well-managed, rapidly growing companies. Angeleno Group believes that a series of fundamental changes in the energy and environmental industries are generating significant private equity opportunities.

Angel Forum
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia

Started in 1997, the Angel Forum·Vancouver introduces emerging companies to private equity investors, each spring and fall. It is the oldest angel group in Canada with 100+ investors. Its sponsors include leading companies and industry associations in BC. Up 30+ pre-screened technology, service and industrial companies seeking equity funding up to $1 million, present "in- person" and demonstrate their products/services to 70+ pre-screened investors in one day.

Angel Healthcare Investors
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Angel Healthcare Investors is a proven executives and entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities in early-stage healthcare and life sciences companies. From healthcare services to biotechnology and medical devices, Angel Healthcare targets investments in companies that clearly add value by addressing demonstrated customer needs. Angel Healthcare is highly committed to helping companies with solid business models tackle strategic and execution challenges.

Angel Investor Forum (AIF)
Offices: Hartford, Connecticut

The Angel Investor Forum is comprised of sophisticated, accredited investors, who are former CEOs, VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and active private equity investors. Investment members collaborate on due diligence, but make individual investment decisions. Because members are accredited investors, they understand the risk, complexity, and illiquid aspects of private equity investing.

Angelo Gordon & Co
Offices: New York, New York

Angelo Gordon & Co is a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing. The firm was founded in 1988 and currently manages approximately $10 billion. They seek to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting inefficiencies in selected markets and capitalizing on situations that are not in the mainstream of investment opportunities.

Offices: Silicon Valley, California

AngelsCorner is a venture group comprised of individual investors and representatives of investment corporations. AngelsCorner is primarily focused on investing into private companies with strong teams, proprietary solutions, and high potentials. Their objective is to help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value. The private equity investors affiliated with AngelsCorner are all successful business executives.

Ann Arbor Angels (A2A)
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The A2A Advisory Group·s members are leaders in Michigan·s technology business community. To most companies, though, A2A investors are much more: they often bring expertise or affinity for that company·s product, market or management team, in addition to taking additional financial risks. Many serve as active advisors or mentors for entrepreneurs, provide additional relationships to aid the business· growth, and supply industry and entrepreneurial experience.

Ansel Capital Partners
Offices: Boulder, Colorado

Ansel Capital Partners was founded in 2007 in response to the growing need for organized angel investor efforts. Due to the widening gap in the capital markets, there is a shortage of funding available at the seed stage ($250K-$5M). This funding gap represents a great opportunity for investment in companies with substantial growth potential but an inability to attract or lack of desire to engage venture capital.

Antares Capital Corporation
Offices: Miami Lakes, Florida

Antares Capital Corporation is a private venture capital firm investing equity capital in developmental and expansion stage companies and in management buy out opportunities. Their partners are highly experienced operating managers and entrepreneurs, willing to be constructive and helpful to the management teams running the companies in their portfolio. Their investments are concentrated in the Southeast and Texas.

Anthem Capital Management
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Athem Capital Management has accumulated more than 50 years of venture capital experience. They were early venture investors in such companies as Apple Computer, Samna (Lotus·s word processor), Sequoia Software, HealthSouth, Phycor, Corporate Childcare Services, Immunicon and Sensors for Medicine and Sciences. Anthem seeks opportunities in IT/telecom and healthcare/life sciences industries.

Anthem Venture Partners
Offices: Santa Monica, California

Anthem Venture Partners provides the necessary resources to enhance the development of emerging technology companies by providing financial investment, operational and management advice, and access to their network of professional relationships. Anthem·s greatest strengths are in their team·s significant operational and entrepreneurial experience, as well as in their dedication and commitment to working closely with portfolio companies throughout every stage of development.

ANU Connect Ventures
Offices: Canberra, Australia

ANU Connect Ventures manages two funds: The Discovery Translation Fund, which aims to support emerging businesses in undertaking crucial proof-of-concept work; and the $27 million Seed Investment fund for ANU-MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership. Both funds have been established with the support of the ACT Government to invest in promising commercial opportunities.

Apax Healthcare
Offices: New York, New York

Apax Partners is one of the leading global investors in the healthcare sector, having completed more than 100 healthcare transactions since inception. Over the past five years, Apax has invested over ·2.5 billion in healthcare across multiple geographies including the US, Europe and Asia. Apax has deep sector expertise in the key healthcare sub-categories.

Apax Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Apax Partners focuses on both early stage venture capital and management buyouts. Their early stage sector expertise enhances their ability to assess growth opportunities for their larger investments. Their performance in international management buyouts delivers significant networking benefits to their early stage companies. To date Apax Partners has raised and advised on over $12 billion around the world.

Antin Infrastructure Partners
Offices: Paris, France

Sponsored by the BNP Paribas group, Antin Infrastructure Partners is the management company of the infrastructure fund. Infrastructure expenditure has amounted to almost US$1,600 billion per year throughout the world and is continuing to grow, with forecasts of close to US$1,800 billion by 2030. The sector is undergoing deep change as a result of demographic, economic and political trends.

AP Capital Partners
Offices: Orlando, Florida

AP Capital Partners' mission is to provide liquidity and growth capital for a select few, exceptional middle-market enterprises. They provide the value-added capital and resources to help these firms realize their maximum potential. They are interested in partnering with companies and owners that share their long-term business philosophy, live and breathe customer service, and care about their employees.

Aperture Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Aperture Venture Partners is a venture capital group committed to working with exceptional entrepreneurs to tackle significant problems and create major new opportunities. They work with companies across a variety of sectors, primarily within the healthcare and healthy living industries. Their initial investment size ranges between $1 million and $4 million.

Aperion Partners
Offices: Framingham, Massachusetts

Apeiron Partners is a boutique investment bank focused exclusively on the life sciences. Apeiron is their new corporate brand replacing CPP Advisors, which many of you already know. With a new set of exciting transaction mandates, the changing market environment and the publication of their first book, they too felt the need for change.

Apex Venture Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Apex Venture Partners has five funds and more than $500 million under management. The firm has invested in over 110 technology companies. Apex focuses on early stage investments in enterprise applications & services, IT infrastructure, and telecommunications. Apex's guiding investment philosophy is to provide exceptional returns for their investors and build significant value in their portfolio companies.

Aphelion Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California

Aphelion Capital makes public and private investments in the medical technology industry. They leverage its substantial medical technology knowledge and deep networks to enhance returns for both the fund and the entrepreneurs in whom the fund invests. The fund is generally a long term investor in companies that they believe have superior products and strong management teams.

Apjohn Ventures
Offices: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Apjohn Ventures is an accomplished team of experienced business and pharmaceutical professionals that has demonstrated success in working with innovators to launch life science companies. Their focus is on early stage life science opportunities, with unique strength in bio-pharmaceuticals. The fourteen partners at Apjohn have broad and deep expertise, as well extensive networks, in all phases of the drug development process, from discovery through commercialization.

Apollo Management
Offices: New York, New York

Apollo Management, founded in 1990, is among the most active and successful private investment firms in the United States in terms of both number of investment transactions completed and aggregate dollars invested. Since its inception, Apollo Management, has managed the investment of an aggregate of approximately $13 billion in equity capital in a wide variety of industries, both domestically and internationally.

Appian Ventures
Offices: Denver, Colorado

Appian Ventures has $80 million under management. They invest in software and technologies that improve business performance through the application and management of network connectivity. They call this focus Applied Connectivity·a market with extraordinary growth potential. Their practice is to connect with entrepreneurs by treating them respectfully and their ideas thoughtfully.

Appletree Partners (ATP)
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts & Fairfield, Connecticut

Apple Tree Partners backs experienced entrepreneurs in the creation of drug development, drug discovery and medical device companies. ATP manages two venture capital funds totaling $135 million. In general, ATP invests in proprietary products and technologies that have the potential to serve markets with unmet needs. They prefer to start companies, yet they work with assets at all stages of development.


Applied Ventures
Offices: Santa Clara-Sunnyvale, California

Applied Ventures is the venture capital fund of Applied Materials, the global leader in nano-manufacturing technology solutions for the electronics industry with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service, and software products. Applied Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies that promise to deliver high growth and exceptional returns.

Apposite Capital
Offices: London, England

Apposite Capital's extensive entrepreneurial, private equity and investment banking skills, all focused on healthcare, allows them to add value to companies throughout their investment period. They have built an extensive network of relationships across the world, including with many prestigious advisers and institutions. This network allows them to provide their companies with invaluable introductions and insights on a global basis.

Apropos IT Ventures
Offices: Jerusalem, Israel

Apropos IT Ventures is Israel's leading expert in high technology investing. With a unique combination of world-class scientific expertise and industry leadership, they help entrepreneurs transform ideas into substantial, profitable businesses. They invest solely in technology-based companies at the seed and early stages of their lives. Their partners have been investing in Israeli technology and building successful companies since 1985.

Aquiline Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Aquiline Capital Partners is a private equity firm investing globally in financial services sectors such as property and casualty insurance, specialty finance, securities, asset management, life insurance and transaction processing. Aquiline seeks to add value to its portfolio companies through strategic, operational and financial guidance.

Aragon Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Aragon Ventures provides investment capital to high technology enterprises at all stages of their development, from startup companies through and including mezzanine financing. The often is the lead investor. Formed in late 1998, Aragon Ventures has made seventeen investments to date. The firm's principals have substantial experience in operating companies, including many startup companies.

Aravis Energy
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland

Aravis Energy invests in privately-held companies that develop, construct, operate or distribute renewable energy. Aravis has a unique and distinctive business model. They take controlling positions in companies that develop renewable energy production infrastructure. These companies strive to receive authorization to construct renewable energy plants such as wind parks and photovoltaic plants.

Aravis Venture Associates
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland

Aravis Venture Associates is an investment organization providing venture capital to highly promising seed and early-stage as well as spin-off biotechnology companies developing break-through technologies or new therapeutics. Aravis offers its portfolio companies a unique international network that combines decades of experience in science, operations and venture financing.

Arbel Capital
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel

The team at Arbel Capital specializes in providing a wide range of financial and advisory services for emerging, growth, technology-based companies. Combining in-depth technical know-how with significant business and capital markets experience, the firm provides intelligent financing solutions, tailor made to fit the diverse needs of their clients. Arbel's Goal is to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Argan Capital
Offices: London, England

Argan Capital is a leading independent European private equity fund focused on acquiring and developing European mid-market companies. Active in the European private equity market for over 12 years, the Argan Capital team has a strong track record of successful pan-European investments. Through active ownership, Argan Capital is committed to creating long-term value for its portfolio companies.

Argentum Group
Offices: New York, New York

Argentum Group are a based private equity firm that provides expansion capital to rapidly growing small and mid-sized businesses with market leading potential. They target those industries experiencing rapid growth or undergoing fundamental change in the areas of outsourced services, healthcare, and technology.

Argnor Wireless Ventures
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

Argnor is dedicated to wireless entrepreneurship in Nordic countries and provides development capital and strategic assistance to promising companies with great wireless data products and services at the early stage of their life cycle. The company combines experience, a global industry and mobile operator network, investment know-how with wireless market and technology insight to global markets.

Argnos Soditic
Offices: Geneva, Switzerland

Established in 1989, Argos Soditic is an independent European private equity partnership which focuses on investing in small to medium sized companies. Over their 15 years of experience, they have backed over 40 transactions with companies representing combined revenues in excess of EUR 3 billion, more than half of which have been realized through floatation or trade sale.

Argo Global Capital Offices: Wakefield, Massachusetts

Argo Global Capital is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in companies that are enabling the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet. Argo takes an active role in helping portfolio companies achieve their business vision. Argo·s investment professionals contribute strong operational and technical backgrounds, and extensive experience in private equity investment and international business.

Argosy Capital
Offices: Wayne, Pennsylvania

Argosy Partners is a leading source of growth capital for middle market manufacturing and service companies. Argosy offers a consistent track record of partnering with superior management teams to produce exceptional results. The cornerstone of their philosophy is to invest in established companies with attractive growth potential that require capital to expand their businesses internally or through acquisitions, or to effect an ownership transition.

ARGUS Capital Partners
Offices: London, England

ARGUS Capital Partners a private equity investment fund, was established in March 1999 to make equity and equity-related investments in Central and Eastern Europe. ARGUS Capital Partners has commitments in excess of US$170 million focusing on countries within the Region. The Fund's investors are sophisticated global institutional investors from North America, Western Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

Ariadne Capital
Offices: London, England

Ariadne Capital invests in early stage private companies and advises later stage private and public companies undergoing significant growth or change. They provide their portfolio companies and strategic partners access to their network of industry investors and executives, hands-on management capabilities and board-level advice to implement strategic, operational and financial plans.

Arboretum Ventures
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Arboretum Ventures is a venture capital firm targeting investments in early-stage life sciences companies. Their areas of focus include: medical devices and diagnostics; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; and, health care services. Arboretum makes seed and early-stage investments, often representing the founder·s first professional investor. As such, Arboretum·s principals remain actively involved with the portfolio companies.

Arbor Investments
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

At Arbor Investments, they grow food and beverage companies every day. Supporting management teams and implementing best practices. Leveraging industry relationships. Making strategic investments. Opening new markets. Building strong brands. Arbor has $270 million of capital under management across two private equity funds.

Arbor Partners
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Arbor Partners is committed to help entrepreneurs build lasting, growth companies. Arbor Partners invests exclusively in companies creating the next-generation of enterprise software, semiconductors, and advanced materials. The firm's first-hand experience and ongoing research in these dynamic markets, enables their team to work effectively with entrepreneurs in order to maximize the likelihood of success.

Arborview Capital
Offices: Chevy Chase, Maryland

Arborview Capital·s mission is to identify and partner with established companies that are emerging as leaders in the rapidly growing clean energy sector. They work closely with management to build a strong foundation that supports rapid growth and creates meaningful shareholder value. Arborview Capital believes that several fundamental shifts in global energy markets are causing structural changes in the U.S. energy industry.


Arcadia Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Arcadia Partners is the leading venture capital firm focused exclusively on the for-profit education industry. They invest in promising companies, each of which has come up with a unique learning solution to satisfy the growing demand for education and training resources in today's knowledge-based economy. Arcadia has a capital base of approximately $50 million and have completed over 19 investments.

ARC Angel Fund
Offices: New York, New York

ARC Angel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential. They focus primarily on Software, IT, Internet, tech-enabled services, business services, digital media, mobile, healthcare IT, among others. ARC Angel invests in industries with which its members have experience, with investments average $100,000 to $500,000, each, over the life of the investment.

Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

Arcapita's corporate investment team acts as a principal and arranger in the acquisition of controlling interests in established companies in the United States and Europe, focusing on growth-oriented corporate acquisitions with a total transaction value between $50 and $400 million. Smaller transactions are considered in certain high-growth situations or in circumstances where opportunities exist for strategic add-on acquisitions.

Archbrook Capital
Offices: West Conshochen, Pennsylvania

Archbrook Capital Management is a private investment management firm founded in 2002. Archbrook invests in public equities and in small, growth oriented private companies. Their goal is to outperform the traditional market indices by combining public equity exposure with significant ownership positions in private companies. They view their investors as long-term partners.

ARCH Development Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

ARCH Development Partners is a seed-stage venture capital fund combining operations and investment experience to address the void of seed venture capital in the Midwest. ARCH's model is to partner with universities and communities to create startups from world class technology. ARCH focuses on research based technologies including biotechnology/life sciences, wireless software and technology infrastructure.

Archer Capital
Offices: Dawes Point, Australia

Archer Capital is a leading Australian private equity manager, specializing in management buyouts and leveraged buyouts. The depth of its experience in operational management is unique in the Australian private equity industry. Archer Capital is characterized by its hands-on approach, beginning with the initial investment assessment right through to investment management and realization.

ARCH Life Science
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

ARCH invests in life science companies that are pioneering in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, gene therapy, medical devices, and other breakthrough technology. ARCH is one of the leading early-stage biotechnology investors nationwide and known for their focus on revolutionary platform technologies. They were early investors in groundbreaking technologies.

ARCH Venture Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

ARCH Venture Partners invests primarily in companies co-founded with leading scientists and entrepreneurs, concentrating on bringing to market innovations in information technology, life sciences, and physical sciences. ARCH currently manages five funds totaling over $700 million and has invested in the earliest venture capital rounds for more than 90 companies. ARCH investors include major corporations, financial institutions, and private investors.

Offices: New York, New York

Founded in 1993, ARCIS is an international asset management firm which specializes in private equity secondaries. ARCIS is a member of the Association Française des Investisseurs en Capital (AFIC) and the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EVCA). ARCIS specializes in the purchase of: positions in private equity funds, portfolios of positions in private equity funds, and portfolios of positions in private companies.

ArcLight Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & New York, New York

ArcLight Capital Partners is a leading energy investment firm with more than $6.8 billion under management. ArcLight invests across the energy industry value chain in hard assets that produce high current income and capital appreciation. Founded in 2001, ArcLight has 33 investment professionals and is led by its founders Daniel R. Revers and Robb E. Turner.

Arcturus Capital
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Arcturus Capital is a venture capital firm. The Arcturus team combines 170 years of experience in venture capital investing, professional investment management, executive operating experience, and advanced scientific research. With a large, diverse group of investment professionals, Arcturus is able to be opportunistic across business stages and regions, though their primary focus is early-stage technology companies in the Southern California area.

Arcus Ventures
Offices: New York, New York

Arcus Ventures (AV) consists of a team of professionals with experience in clinical and academic medicine, drug development, hospital management, healthcare industry consulting and private equity. AV is dedicated to investing in oncology focused companies with innovative biopharmaceuticals and or new drug delivery platforms in development, device companies with products that have pre-marketing approval, and service companies with positive revenue.

Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan & Hinsdale, Illinois

Ardesta has established itself as the leader in commercializing Small Tech products. Ardesta serves as the bridge between the universities/research laboratories involved in cutting edge basic research and the customers searching for product solutions that Small Tech can provide. In that role, Ardesta has created five Small Tech start-up companies and has invested in a number of early stage companies.

Ares Capital
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Ares Capital provides one-stop solutions to meet the distinct and underserved financing needs of private middle market companies across diverse industries. Their flexibility, structuring expertise and self-origination capabilities enable them to invest across the capital structure and to meet the full spectrum of their clients· financing needs. As a patient, long-term investor with permanent capital, Ares has developed a reputation for the flexibility of their approach.

Offices: Center Harbor, New Hampshire

Aretê Corporation has been managing venture capital funds focused on the needs and interests of the electric and gas utility industries since 1985. As manager of the Micro-Generation Technology Fund, Arete provides equity capital to entrepreneurial companies that are developing and introducing to the market micro-generation technologies and related systems.

Ascendiant Capital
Offices: Irvine, California

Established in 2001, Ascendiant Capital provides investment capital and strategic guidance to public and private emerging growth companies. For emerging public and private companies that are growing rapidly, investment capital serves as the lifeblood, allowing companies to expand and fulfill their potential. In addition to investment capital, Ascendiant provides strategic guidance and support to its portfolio companies and clients.

Ascend Venture Group
Offices: New York, New York & Houston, Texas

Ascend Venture Group iwas founded on the belief that creating and capturing value is akin to scaling a mountain. Those that reach the top often have been guided by experienced professionals that have made the journey before and who focus all their energies on mounting such expeditions. Ascend combines highly sophisticated financial expertise with unique access to investment opportunities.

Ascension Health Ventures
Offices: Saint Louis, Missouri

A strategic healthcare venture fund focused on the medical device, technology and service sectors. Established within Ascension Health, to invest in the future of its 400 year legacy, AHV·s role is to construct and manage a strategic portfolio of investments that deliver a venture investment return, have the potential to transform the healthcare industry and significantly enhance the quality of patient care.

Ascent Biomedical Ventures (ABV)
Offices: New York, New York

Ascent Biomedical Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in seed and early-stage biomedical technology companies developing medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and information technology. ABV's principals and advisors work closely with entrepreneurs to manage the risks associated with deploying capital in startup companies.

-Ascent- (cont.)

Ascent Venture Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Ascent Venture Partners provides early stage and growth financing to outstanding entrepreneurs located on the East Coast. Founded in 1985, Ascent manages almost $250 million across three funds. Ascent principally focuses on information technology related markets, including network & systems management, communications technology, enterprise software and specialized IT services.

Ashby Point Capital
Offices: Arnold, Maryland

Ashby Point Capital is a private equity firm whose mission is to make investments in growth companies within the payment systems and financial services industries. Ashby seeks opportunities where they can add value through their industry-specific expertise, experience and relationships. They are stage agnostic and will invest in both early and later stage growth opportunities. Ashby can make investments ranging from under $100,000 to over $5 million.

Ashford Capital Partners
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

Ashford Capital Partners is a real estate company that invests in low risk, high return, development-grade real estate assets. Ashford boasts 17 years in the real estate Industry providing the vital experience to effectively work with its land planners, engineers, local government officials, and trade contractors to identify strategically-placed, undervalued lots and tracts of land that can be acquired and resold for profit.

Asia Mezzanine Capital (AMCG)
Offices: Hong Kong, China

Asia Mezzanine Capital Group is an independent direct investment fund management group. Together with its constituents, AMCG invests in the strategic development of promising medium-sized companies with enterprise values of US$100 million to US$500 million. AMCG partners with companies, private equity investors and their advisers by providing longer-term hybrid and mezzanine-type capital, which is structured with a combination of debt and equity components.

Offices: Cupertino, California

AsiaTech helps grow early-stage technology companies. As the first venture capital firm in Asia, they are hands-on investors, providing in-depth technology and business support. Analogously, they don't just water a seed; they nurture it until it becomes a sturdy and stable fruit-bearing tree. This means that they not only identify and accelerate the growth of leading technology startups, but also can help transform traditional businesses into e-businesses.

AsiaVest Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California

AsiaVest Partners is a leading venture capital firm investing in private companies in the Greater China Region and the United States. Since it's founding in 1995, AsiaVest has been nurturing companies with innovative technologies, competitive market positions, and strong management teams to develop high growth businesses. The firm manages over US$700 million with strong presence throughout Asia and the US.

Asset Management Company
Offices: Palo Alto, California

Asset Management Company made history as one of the first Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Founded and led by Franklin "Pitch" Johnson, the company has been instrumental in the birth and evolution of more than 100 outstanding companies. Balancing an institutional history with creativity and vision, Asset Management focuses its primary capital investment on the biotechnology and information technology sector..

Associated Partnership
Offices: New York, New York & Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Associated Partnersship is an investment and operating partnership managed by Bill and David Berkman, and a long standing core team of professionals. The partnership continues their 28 year history of capturing attractive opportunities in infrastructure, telecommunications, internet/media and related technologies. The target superior, long-term, risk-balanced and tax-efficient returns within an accelerating pace of market change.

Astellas Venture Management
Offices: Los Altos, California

Investment in emerging biotechnology companies, Astellas Venture Management is the corporate venture capital arm of Astellas Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company originated in Japan. The venture capital activity of Astellas can trace back to Astellas Venture Capital (originally founded as Yamanouchi Venture Capital n 2000) and Fujisawa Investments for Entrepreneurship established in 1999. Astella Venture Management is currently managing four funds.

Aster Capital (Specialty Investments)
Offices: Plano, Texas

Aster Capital arranges equity and debt-secured accounts for Proof of Funds uses on a fixed-return basis to facilitate various funding requirements, providing organizations and individuals the capability to meet on-going project needs. The investment process is simple and secure, and can be completed in as little as two banking days. Aster can arrange funding for various types of accounts and instruments for a broad range of requirements.

Aster Capital (Venture Capital) Offices: Paris, France

Formed in 2000, Aster Capital (formerly Schneider Electric Ventures) is a leading venture capital fund sponsored by Alstom, Schneider Electric and Rhodia, three global energy and industrial leaders with combined revenues of US$60bl. The fund partners have significant experience in recognizing and developing innovative technologies and business models within the fields of Energy and the Environment. The first fund has successfully invested in over 20 companies.

Astorg Partners
Offices: Paris, France

Astorg Partners is an independent private equity fund management company. It currently manages capital of approximately EUR 500 million. Combining industrial and financial approaches, Astorg backs talented management teams of fast growing companies, offering them a 3 to 6 year time span to carry out the transformations often required to manage such growth. Astorg brings strategic and operational support backed by its team·s extensive investment record.

Atalaya Capital Management Offices: New York, New York

Atalaya Capital Management is an alternative investment firm primarily focused on investing in small and middle market credit opportunities. Since inception in early 2006, Atalaya has successfully invested over $1 billion through the opportunistic purchase of private, senior secured credit from financial institutions and sellers in need of liquidity, and proprietary ·new issue· credit investments including DIP loans and other senior secured financings.

ATA Ventures
Offices: Redwood City, California

Based in Silicon Valley, ATA Ventures are closing their first fund of $150 million, on September 30, 2004. They are focused on the early stage IT industry. Michio Fujimura, Hatch Graham and Pete Thomas, the founding partners, chose to use their collective knowledge to find success. The firm is focused on early stage IT companies with an emphasis on integrated technologies.

ATEL Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

ATEL Ventures was formed in 1998 to provide secured financing to emerging growth companies. ATEL has committed to invest approximately $100MM in secured financing to pre-IPO companies. They focus on financing business necessary equipment to companies that are also funded by quality venture capital firms. ATEL invests in companies with strong management teams, taking an active, personal and supportive role with their business partners, but a passive role in management decisions.

Athena Technology Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Seoul, South Korea

Athena Technology makes investments in early stage companies in the global communications industry. Athena's portfolio includes companies focusing on semiconductors, network systems, telecom services, Internet infrastructure and infra-services, and e-commerce. The principals and support staff bring a broad array of technical, financial, and operational experience to making each investment decision, and supporting each portfolio company.

Athenaeum Fund
Offices: Pasadena, California

The Athenaeum Fund is a venture capital partnership committed to generating superior capital gains for its investors. The Fund was designed to fill the gap in the sources of funding needed by the Southern California entrepreneurial community. It provides the seed capital necessary to develop businesses to the point that they are able to attract investment from the larger venture capital firms and institutional investors.

Atheneos Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Atheneos Capital's goal is to enable rapid ROI in life science focused investments to all stakeholders in such investments. This will be achieved by combining entrepreneur managed funding of high quality early stage projects to build and sell ultra microcap companies that employ cost effective product development (distributed development) with risk managed investments.

Athenian Venture Partners
Offices: Athens, Ohio

Athenian Venture Partners is a coast-to-coast boutique venture capital firm investing in early through later stage life sciences and IT companies. They currently manage four funds and maintain a presence in the main venture markets in the United States. Athenian executes an investment strategy based on industry specific technical expertise, as well as a network and geography that gives them access to a range of syndicate partners and deals.

Atherton Venture Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Atherton Venture Partners invests in healthcare, life science, and information technology companies. Current portfolio holdings focus primarily on companies that develop diagnostic devices, medical treatment procedures, and surgical instruments in the fields of sports medicine, cardiovascular and vascular medicine, as well as radiology and anesthesiology. Information technology investments focus on companies that develop software and operating systems.

Atila Ventures
Offices: Bermuda

Atila Ventures was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing capital, operating and other value adding resources to entrepreneurs in Europe. Their experience gained in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia in the high growth technology sector is used to provide entrepreneurs primarily in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and other European countries with venture capital, advice and networking.

Atlanta Technology Angels (ATA)
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Technology Angels is a private group, founded in 1998, that actively seeks investments in early stage technology companies based in Atlanta. ATA is an active source of private capital and business experience to local technology entrepreneurs. ATA, as a group, has invested more than $15 million in 30 Atlanta technology companies between 1999 and 2004. In addition, ATA members have invested in more than 75 companies in the state of Georgia.

Atlantic Bridge Ventures
Offices: Dublin, Ireland & London, England

Atlantic Bridge Ventures is a Pan European venture capital company with offices in Dublin and London. Atlantic Bridge focuses on making early and mid stage technology investments in semiconductors and software across Europe with a strong focus on a transatlantic business building and investment exit model. Atlantic Bridge brings together a unique team of technology entrepreneurs, corporate finance and investment experts.

Atlantic Street Capital
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut

Atlantic Street Capital Management is a special situations private equity fund investing in middle market companies that present challenges to typical investors. Atlantic Street is comfortable taking controlling equity positions in companies requiring significant operational improvements, including turnarounds and restructurings.


Offices: Philadelphia-Radnor, Pennsilvania

BioAdvance provides funding to startup life sciences companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania through its Greenhouse Fund. They invest in therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and platform technologies focused on human health. Since its first investments in 2003, BioAdvance has become one of the nation's leading investors providing pre-seed and seed-stage funding. To date they have committed $19.6 million to 29 seed-stage companies and 15 pre-seed investments.

Offices: Lake Bluff, Illinois

BioAngels is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to facilitate investment in startup and early-stage medical and life sciences businesses in the Midwest. BioAngels holds dinner meetings approximately every other month at which two or three companies make dinner presentations. The BioAngels screening committee is composed of members who are industry experts, and includes renowned scientists, physicians, venture capitalists and executives.

Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

BioCrossroads started with the core leadership of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, the City of Indianapolis, Indiana Health Industry Forum, Indiana University and Purdue University. With the support of Eli Lilly and Company, Indiana's largest employer, the circle quickly expanded to include other corporate and community participants, including the Indy Partnership, the regional economic development organization.

BioFrontier Partners
Offices: Tokyo, Japan

BioFrontier Partners, an independent biotech venture firm, has been expanded to target investments in biotech companies. Extensive expertise and experience against the background of the network, ranging from technology development to support participation in management has conducted hands-on investment for all investment companies.

Biogen Idec New Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California

New Ventures is Biogen Idec's corporate venture group, which was formed in 2004 with an initial commitment of $100 million for strategic investments in emerging biotech companies. Their strategy is to select investments in companies developing innovative human therapeutic products or technologies that will drive product discovery and development more efficiently.

BioMed Partners
Offices: Basel, Switzerland

BioMed Partners is one of the leading European venture capital firms providing private equity and mezzanine financing to early- and mid-stage healthcare and human life science companies. BioMed targets the entire industry with special focus on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technology. Their team consists of experienced investment professionals with extensive expertise in investing and building healthcare companies.

BioMed Valley Discoveries
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri

BioMed Valley Discoveries stands at the forefront of translational research that has the potential to change the practice of medicine. They can invest both capital and people in projects that are outside the scope of traditional biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as academia. Their relationship with the Stowers Institute for Medical Research is what sets them apart. The institute has allocated $80 million in seed funding to support our operations.

Bio*One Capital
Offices: Redwood City, California

Bio*One Capital is a subsidiary of EDB Investments, the investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). As a leading fund management company for biomedical sciences in Asia with a global presence through EDB offices in US and Europe, Bio*One Capital plays an important role as a business and scientific bridge between companies in Asia and US and Europe. Bio*One Capital manages more than S$1.2 billion in funds.

-Bio- (cont.)

BioStar Ventures
Offices: Petoskey, Michigan

BioStar Ventures is a venture capital based fund created by physicians and medical business leaders to invest primarily in vascular medical devices and related technology. The management and board members of the Bio-Star have proven track records within the medical industry and offer the investor decades of inside knowledge into the business of medicine as well as patient care delivery.

Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio

BIO/START is Greater Cincinnati's only bio/medical business incubator. They provide specialized wet lab space and shared technical equipment for entrepreneurs and start-up companies at below market rates. Operational support services are also available on a fee-for-service basis. More importantly, BIO/START offers business counseling, entrepreneurial education and an infrastructure of support that enhances a tenant's probability of success.

Offices: Singapore, China

BioVeda invests in companies in the healthcare sector with leading market positions, proprietary technologies, and outstanding scientific and management talent. They are a crucial business and scientific bridge between companies in the East and West, linking business and technology between two very diverse markets. They provide a strong combination of broad scientific, industry and medical expertise.

Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts

BioVentures Investors has three funds currently under management; all focused on the commercial development of advanced technology in Life Sciences and Healthcare. They know this industry. They have seen its potential from the inside, from the boardroom, the lab bench, and the patient bedside. Given economic and demographic trends, there is a rapidly growing market need; there are tremendous advances in biotechnology and materials science.

BIP Opportunities Fund
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

BIP Opportunities Fund is an investment firm focused on providing capital and operational support to emerging, high growth companies. They seek to invest between $2 million to $5 million in companies with revenues up to $15 million and may take a minority or majority position, depending on the situation. Investments will generally be based within the Southeast but they remain opportunistic to other domestically-based investment opportunities.

Birch Hill Equity Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

Birch Hill is a private equity partnership with a point-of-view on how this business should work. They've become Canada's mid-market leader in creating long-term value because they understand that capital is only one part of what it takes to succeed. The real key to unlocking value is smart, sustained business-building based on shared interests and guided by growth. Their partner companies are established leaders in their industries.

Birchmere Ventures
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Birchmere Ventures, with more than $115 million under management, has a successful track record of investing in and building early-stage technology and life sciences companies. They focus principally on early stage, pre-revenue start-ups where they have direct operational or investing experience. They prefer to lead syndicated deals with other institutional investors. They limit the number of board seats each partners holds.

Bison Capital
Offices: Los Angeles, California & Charlotte, North Carolina

Bison Capital makes growth equity investments in fundamentally strong middle-market companies, public or private, for expansion, acquisitions or recapitalizations. Their investment approach involves the flexibility to invest in both the equity and debt securities of a company in order to meet its capital needs while enabling existing managers to retain significant equity ownership going forward.

Bi State Investment Group (BIG)
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri

The Bi-State Investment Group is a member-managed Limited Liability Company organized in 2000 to provide equity capital to early stage entrepreneurial companies within 2 hours of the Greater Kansas City Area. BIG has over 70 members, all of whom are accredited investors. BIG is structured after a similar organization in North Carolina, the Tri-State Investment Group (TIG).

Blumberg Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California

Blumberg Capital invests predominantly in emerging technology companies that are focused on security and software infrastructure for the enterprise. Blumberg Capital has been investing since 1992 in seed and early stage technology companies that today have become market leaders with billion dollar market capitalizations, including: Check Point Software, CREO, DSP Group and Electronics for Imaging.

Blum Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California

Blum Capital's aggregated investments have outperformed the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indices, often by significant margins. The firm·s long-term returns also have been commensurate with other leaders in the private equity industry. Blum Capital does not allow overall market trends to influence decisions or distract the firm from its fundamental focus on the inherent value of individual companies.

Offices: New York, New York

Established in 1976, KKR is a leading global alternative asset manager. KKR's franchise is sponsoring and managing funds that make investments in private equity, fixed income and other assets in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. BMG is an international media company encompassing television, book publishing, magazine publishing, media services, and media clubs in more than 50 countries.

BMO Equity Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

BMO Equity Partners aspires to be the financial partner of choice recognized for the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Inherent in every successful partnership is a relationship based on a clear understanding and alignment of the goals and objectives of the equity partners and the major stakeholders. BMO Equity Partners understands the importance of long-term value creation and has the expertise to assist management.

Boathouse Capital
Offices: Wayne, Pennsylvania

Boathouse Capital invests mezzanine debt and equity in high quality lower middle market companies in partnership with management teams and private equity funds. Their principals have a combined 50+ years of lower middle market investing experience, and have deployed over $1 billion as a team. Boathouse was founded in 2008 on a foundation of fair dealing, hard work and the belief that the best deals are those grounded in trust and common goals.

Borealis Ventures
Offices: Concord-Hanover, New Hampshire

Borealis Ventures is a seed and early stage venture capital firm uniquely focused on investing in companies in Northern New England and throughout the Dartmouth College network. Borealis uses its local knowledge and presence to understand and meet the needs of Northern New England's entrepreneurs. They combine this "home field advantage" with the national-scale resources of Village Ventures to help their companies succeed.

Boston Capital ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Capital Ventures has invested in over 50 companies since 1982. The companies described represent a selection of investments made by BCV partnerships. BCV seeks to invest in companies in the following areas: enterprise & infrastructure software, revenue management, marketing resource management, CAD/CAM, collaboration & development tools, Web Services, B2B technologies and telecommunications software.

Boston Finance & Equity (BFEC)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Financial & Equity understands entrepreneurs and the challenges and needs they face. They need quick and flexible solutions· and that·s what BFEC does. For most of these companies, financing, whether it·s an equipment lease or a working capital loan, is the critical component to its growth · they understand that. They listen to the story. Their dedicated team of professionals has worked together for over 15 years.

Boston Harbor Angels
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Harbor Angels, like a lighthouse, helps entrepreneurs navigate and grow their start-up businesses through the treacherous waters of an increasingly competitive environment in our global economy. Boston Harbor Angels is a group of proven business leaders. Since 2004 they have made investments in companies in medical devices, IT, consumer products, business products, specialty materials, Internet, aviation, etc.

Boston Millennia Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Millennia Partners has a long and successful history of venture capital investing on a national scope. Their investment strategy, combined with their international network of relationships and deep industry expertise, sets them apart and enables them to add value to their portfolio companies. The growth and success of their portfolio companies have, in turn, allowed them to grow and expand their capital base to over $700 million.

Boston Seed Capital
Offices: Westborough, Massachusetts

Boston Seed Capital provides early stage funding and support for internet-enabled businesses around the country. But they like to say: They fund from Boston. They are operators who have founded companies, grown companies, raised capital, acquired companies, taken companies public, exited companies and built and led cultures of great places to work.

Boston Ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Ventures is one of the leading private equity firms in the United States. Over its 22-year history, Boston Ventures has invested six funds with a total of $2.6 billion in capital commitments. Their experience and breadth of capabilities differentiate the firm from other similarly focused private equity firms. The firm is focused on middle-market media, information and publishing, entertainment, and communications opportunities.

Boulder Ventures
Offices: Boulder, Colorado & Owings Mills, Maryland

Boulder Ventures was formed in 1995 to manage venture capital partnerships. They seek to realize superior returns from early-stage equity investment and active partnership with exceptional entrepreneurs to build market-leading technology companies. Boulder Ventures identifies exceptional entrepreneurs building market-leading technology companies and provides the funding, contacts and experience needed to succeed in today's highly competitive environment.

Bounds Equity Partners
Offices: Highland Park, Illinois

Bounds Equity Partners invests in well-managed, entrepreneurial businesses with EBITDA in excess of $1 million. The principals of Bounds invest in good businesses and help management build larger, more successful companies. Nearly all of their investment transactions have been with private company entrepreneurs seeking liquidity, who almost always have reinvested with us to share in the future value creation.

Bourne Avenue Capital Partners
Offices: Rumford, Rhode Island

Bourne Avenue Capital Partners is a real-estate investment firm seeking opportunities to invest in real-estate assets. Bourne brings a wealth of real estate and investment experience to the commercial real estate market. Managing Partner Dave Sluter and Portfolio Manager Bill Lovett have extensive real estate development, investment and management experience, and are supported by a talented team.

Bowmark Capital
Offices: London, England

Bowmark Capital is the leading private equity firm specializing in smaller UK companies. They are active and supportive investors, backing experienced management teams in the purchase or expansion of their businesses. Their team has extensive experience of investing in growth companies, having supported over 50 different businesses across a range of industries. Their philosophy is to be creative and responsive partners, tailoring their involvement to the needs of each business.

Bow River Capital Partners
Offices: Denver, Colorado

Bow River Capital Partners is a private investment fund based in that invests in promising US and Canadian companies and alternatives. Bow River and its Principals have collectively produced a long term track record of value creation by partnering with proven operators who are committed to growing their business.

Boynton Angels
Offices: Westborough, Massachusetts

Boynton Angels is a group of angel investors focused on investing in seed and expansion stage technology companies located within a two-hour radius of Worcester, Massachusetts. They believe that Central Massachusetts is rich in opportunities for economic growth with high technology companies, yet it is financially underserved. Target investments are in the life sciences, energy, transportation, communications and software.

Boxwood Partners
Offices: Richmond, Virginia

Boxwood Partners, together with its affiliate Boxwood Capital Partners, is an integrated mid-market investment banking and private investment management firm. Boxwood Office their professionals combine a unique blend of senior-level transaction advisory and business operating experience with proven process execution skills to give their clients a distinct advantage in the market.

BP Foundation
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Through the BP Foundation, they committed $2.1 million in 2007 to humanitarian aid. They supported relief efforts for the victims of the earthquakes in Peru, Japan and Sakhalin, Russia, the cyclone in Oman and the California wild fires. They have dispersed funds through agencies such as Save the Children, Red Cross and locally based relief organizations.

Breakaway Ventures
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Breakaway Ventures is an unique venture capital & private equity firm that focuses on a new generation of innovative and high growth retail and consumer oriented businesses. They move well beyond the requisite financial engineering to business innovation and value creation by partnering on every level with forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Breakaway has a history of embracing visionary concepts aand getting them successfully to market.

Bregal Private Equity Partners
Offices: Paris, France

The goal of the Bregal Private Equity Partners part of the Bregal program is to build a diversified portfolio of fund investments that will complement the activities of the direct private equity teams they invest with. With investments that will range from ·20-70 million in size, the Bregal Private Equity Partners program takes meaningful LP stakes as it attempts to achieve its goal of committing approximately ·1.2 billion to this asset class.

Brentwood Associates
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Brentwood Associates seeks equity investment opportunities in operating businesses, and also forms new companies to pursue growth-through-acquisition strategies in selected industries. They partner with experienced operating executives who are accorded significant equity ownership in their businesses.

Brera Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Brera Capital Partners is a global private equity investment firm that seeks to achieve superior returns by investing in controlling positions in a select group of companies with unique potential for sustained capital appreciation. They are committed to working in true partnership with the management of each company in which they invest to ensure that decisions are based on doing what is right for the company and to build on the company's fundamental strengths.

Bridge Investment Fund
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio & Tel Aviv, Israel

Bridge Investment Fund is a venture capital fund focused on investing in international technology companies. Bridge is particularly interested in international life science companies that have synergies with the leading health care industries and institutions in Northeast Ohio. Bridge is specifically focused on Israeli medical device companies that have completed their initial clinical trials and are looking to the US market for further clinical validation.

Bridgepoint Capital
Offices: Frankfurt, Germany

Bridgepoint is a leading provider of private equity with a 25-year track record of investing in businesses that will achieve long-term capital growth. They do this by acquiring companies with management and arranging and leading buy-outs or providing further financial resources to help established companies grow. Independently owned and managed by a team of experienced private equity practitioners, they have some ·4 billion under management.

Bridgescale Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Bridgescale Partners is an entrepreneurial venture capital firm. Their team is small, focused and extremely experienced in the art of mid to late stage venture capital investing. They bring a unique combination of venture capital, operational and investment banking expertise to help companies scale their businesses. Their investment team combines operational and domain expertise typical of early stage investing with the financial and capital markets expertise essential.

Brightspark Ventures
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

Brightspark's team brings years of investment and technology expertise in creating and operating software companies in the areas of application and infrastructure software, enterprise software and communications software. Their experience allows them to work closely with entrepreneurs to identify emerging technologies and solutions that address large market opportunities. Their goal is to proactively engage young companies.

Bridge Street Capital
Offices: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bridge Street Capital Partners brings together practical experience, entrepreneurial spirit, operational knowledge, and a sense of purpose. They're managing capital intelligently. And they're putting it to work here, close to home. Bridge Street believes that local private equity capital should be available to regional businesses for ownership transitions and growth funding.

BRM Capital
Offices: Herzliya, Israel

BRM Capital strives to invest in innovative companies, providing them with an appropriate blend of the business experience and financial resources necessary for building market leading companies and driving long-term shareholder value. With offices in both US and Israel, BRM Capital has a demonstrated track record in helping its portfolio companies successfully transition to the US marketplace.

BS Private Equity
Offices: Milan, Italy

BS Private Equity is one of Italy's leading private equity firms, investing in manufacturing and service companies. It arranges management buy-outs and buy-ins, with the goal of assisting experienced executives who are eager to become entrepreneurs. It provides the capital that unlisted companies need to grow both internally and externally. BS Private Equity is owned by its partners.

Buckingham Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Buckingham Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts of US-based, lower middle market industrial and manufacturing companies. Buckingham will seek to make control equity investments in leveraged and management buyouts and recapitalizations of companies in the $15 million to $100 million valuation range. The firm's managing partners have invested in private equity since 1994 and have generated a superior investment track record.

Building Industry Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Building Industry Partners is a private equity investment and transaction advisory firm specializing in the U.S. middle-market building industry. Building Industry Partners focuses its private equity and advisory efforts on transactions involving privately-owned building product manufacturers and distributors as well as construction service companies with revenues of $25 to $500 million.

Bullpen Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Bullpen Capital leads second round investments in technology companies seeded by Super Angel investors. Founded by technology industry veterans Paul Martino, Duncan Davidson, and Richard Melmon, the fund is purpose-built to address a structural hole in the capital efficient or lean investing eco-system.

Bunker Hill Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & San Diego, California

Bunker Hill Capital is a private equity firm that makes control investments in lower middle market companies with typical enterprise values ranging between $20 million and $150 million. They have over 90 years of experience in private equity. Collectively, the partners have invested over $400 million in 28 transactions that fall within their four targeted business sectors including industrial products, business services, specialty retail and consumer products.

Offices: Munich, Germany

New business needs new entrepreneurs! Therefore Hubert Burda Media invests ventures by the Burda digitally for nearly ten years on broad level into the business field Internet & mobile and thereby on-line range as growth field already created itself; from start UP to Later of steam turbine and gas turbine systems. The Burda digitally ventures identifies new ideas, which are carried by unusual teams.

Bure Equity
Offices: Goteborg, Sweden

Bure is an investment company whose primary emphasis is on long-term ownership of unlisted companies with strong and stable earnings and in areas of businesses where they have experience. In its role as assertive principal owner, Bure creates shareholder value by focusing on operating efficiency, growth-enhancing measures and capital structure of the companies.

Burrill & Company
Offices: San Francisco, California

Burrill & Company is a life sciences merchant bank focused exclusively on companies involved in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, human healthcare and related medical technologies, nutraceuticals and wellness, agricultural biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology (biomaterials/bioprocesses) with over $500 million under management. Burrill's technical and venture investing competence spans the entire spectrum of life sciences.

Bush O'Donnell Capital Partners
Offices: St Louis, Missouri

Bush O'Donnell Capital Partners, with over $60 million under management in its first fund, Bush O'Donnell makes mezzanine and private equity investments of between $1 and $4 million. At Bush O'Donnell they are focused on partnering with management or other private equity investors to supply growth and change of control capital to middle market businesses. Their principals have backgrounds in both commercial and investment banking and have worked with hundreds of middle market businesses.

Butler Capital Partners
Offices: Paris, France

The private ownership of Butler Capital Partners guarantees the absence of conflicts of interest. Complete independence with respect to all the major financial and banking institutions enables them to be extremely responsive and to make quick decisions. They are only involved in private equity. They have been investing for more than ten years. They are pioneers in France and Europe and have acquired a unique knowledge of the industrial and entrepreneurial fabric of French companies.

BV Capital (Bertelsmann Ventures)
Offices: Hamburg, Germany

BV Capital has expanded their investment focus from media to information technology, telecommunications and mobile applications. Through their offices in California and Germany they are investing in early and growth stage companies mainly located in California and Northern Europe. They target entrepreneurs who have the character and ambition necessary to build world-class companies and look for products that bear a strong innovation potential.

BVM Capital
Offices: New Orleans, Louisiana

The partners of BVM Capital manage two investment funds: Louisiana Ventures and TVP (Themelios Ventures). Louisiana Ventures is focused on venture capital and private equity opportunities. Louisiana Ventures is a generalist fund as far as industry preference, and invests opportunistically in high growth equity opportunities. In contrast, TVP is focused on life science opportunities from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, the world·s leader in diabetes, nutrition and obesity research.

Blueprint Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

Blueprint Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on working with entrepreneurs to build exceptional communications and IT infrastructure companies. As sector experts, they are a trusted partner to their entrepreneurs from idea to exit and are passionately dedicated to the success of their portfolio companies. The Blueprint Ventures investment team manages over $200 million in committed capital.

Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council (BREC)
Offices: Ashville, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council is a nurturing organization for entrepreneurs in western North Carolina that focuses on education, networking and mentoring, communications and capital formation. BREC has helped local businesses raise capital, brought private equity investors to western North Carolina to evaluate businesses, hosted venture capital conferences in Asheville, and recruited businesses.

Blue Rock Capital
Offices: Wilmington, Delaware

Blue Rock Capital is a venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage private companies with high growth potential in the Mid-Atlantic region. With approximately $50 million of assets under management, Blue Rock is particularly interested in backing strong management teams in high growth markets. Investments are selected for their ability to create value for management and investors.

BlueRun Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Launched in 1998 as Nokia Venture Partners, BlueRun Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital fund. BlueRun Ventures· proven approach is to invest globally as a single fund in best of breed technologies, and teams with the drive and ability to build leading global companies. BlueRun focuses on the adoption of consumer and mobile technologies for entertainment and communications companies.

Blue Sage Capital
Offices: Austin, Texas & Albuquerque, New Mexico

Blue Sage Capital formed to invest with management in proven, growing, small middle-market companies. They partner with companies that have the potential to become market leaders. They work hard to help their portfolio companies advance to "the next level" of profitability and growth.

Blue Sky Private Equity (BSPE)
Offices: Brisbane, Australia

Blue Sky Private Equity specializes in providing rapidly expanding Australian companies with additional capital to help support their growth. BSPE was founded in 2006 and currently has investments in across a broad range of industries, including retail, consumer goods, equipment hire, manufacturing, media and mining services.

Bluestem Ventures
Offices: Springfield, Illinois & Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Named after the high-yielding prairie grass that pervades the Midwest, Bluestem Ventures is a private investment group investing in both mature and early-stage companies. They consist of leading business executives, private investors, bankers, researchers, doctors and emerging entrepreneurs with expertise in a variety of markets and technologies. Bluestem provides both financial and intellectual capital, along with a vast network of industry resources.

BlueStream Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Minneapolis, Minnesota

BlueStream Ventures' focus is exclusive to networking hardware and software. They bring over 40 years of collective research, banking and advisory experience to their portfolio companies. They recognize the value of a strong management team. Blue Stream understands the industry and they provide strategic advice based on personal experience. Their network of relationships extends their reach to support both the development and capital needs.

BlueTree Allied Angels
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

BlueTree Allied Angels is a regional group of accredited investors who desire to invest in regional early-stage companies. This ·members-only· organization is designed to operate as a network of private equity investors who meet on a monthly basis to evaluate and consider pre-institutional, early-stage investments. The BlueTree Allied Angels is a group of investors who possess financial means and investment/business experience.

Blue Water Capital (BWC)
Offices: McLean, Virginia

Founded in 1995, Blue Water Capital is a venture capital firm with about $100 million under management. BWC has always invested in expansion stage information technology companies, requiring that prospective investments be profitable and have at least $2 million in prior year revenue. Blue Water Capital places great weight on management's long-term vision and ability to execute its plans.

Blue Wolf Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Blue Wolf·s goal is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. They expect to do this by making control investments of $5 to $30 million in middle market companies. They use the team·s reputation for creative problem-solving among traditional private equity market participants, bankruptcy professionals and labor unions to identify investment opportunities in attractive companies.

Braemar Energy Ventures
Offices: New York, New York

Braemar Energy Ventures was formed in 2002 to create a venture capital firm with that expertise. Focused exclusively on technology and communications opportunities in the energy sector, Braemar Energy Ventures has both the industry and operating knowledge to select promising young companies, bring them into the larger energy world and guide them to reach their full potential.

BrainHeart Capital
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

BrainHeart Capital is an active owner with a clear ambition to contribute with a lot more than capital to their portfolio companies. They see themselves more as a solid industrial partner than just a financial investor. With years of international hands-on experience and their proactive efforts within the three focus areas they believe they can support the management teams both in terms of ongoing engagements and one-time "injections".

BrainStorm Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

BrainStorm Ventures was founded by Keith Cox, Eduardo Rallo, and Zev Zaidman in July 1999 with a mission to fund emerging technology companies and actively assist them in their development. The principals manage a seed and early stage venture fund with 22 portfolio companies. BrainStorm Ventures also targets a select number of international opportunities leveraging its portfolio companies· technologies.

BrainsToVentures (b-to-v)
Offices: St Gallen, Switzerland

Through BrainsToVentures (b-to-v) an extensive network of committed entrepreneurial private investors with backgrounds from various sectors invests in growth companies with promising and scalable business models. Their vibrant network of investment intelligence finances first-class ventures with excellent management teams and offers them access to experienced investors from the respective sector.

Brandon Capital Partners (BCP)
Offices: Melbourne-Sydney, Australia

Brandon Capital Partners makes seed and venture capital investments into emerging businesses in the high-growth life science industry. In addition to capital, the company enables entrepreneurs to access the resources needed to build successful businesses. BCP approaches each investment as a collaborative alliance. Brandon Capital Partners is passionate about turning good science into improved medical outcomes for everyone.

Brantley Partners
Offices: Beachwood, Ohio

Brantley·s investment philosophy is to partner with entrepreneurs and management teams that are committed to creating major enterprises via investments in their organization which will yield long-term capital appreciation for these individuals and for their financial partners. Brantley is an active financial partner which helps build successful businesses by providing expertise in strategic planning, operational management, manufacturing and marketing in addition to their financial resources.

Braveheart Investment Group
Offices: Perth, Scotland

Braveheart Investment Group plc is an investment company that makes and manages investments in British businesses. Braveheart was formed in 1997 by four Scottish businessmen as a co-investment vehicle so that they could pool their money and knowledge to reduce risk. Investments are generally made utilizing the Enterprise Investment Scheme, which makes provision for income tax relief in addition to rollover relief and capital gains tax exemption for qualifying holdings.

Brazos Private Equity Partners
Offices: Dallas, Texas

The Brazos Partners team has a unique set of complementary skills that not only enhance the execution of its investment strategy, but significantly benefit the Firm's portfolio companies. These skills include extensive private equity, operating and investment banking expertise. Brazos Private Equity Partners specializes in leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations of established, profitable companies with strong and proven management teams, predictable cash flows and significant growth potential.


Canaan Partners
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Canaan Partners invests more than money in a company·they invest their time, experience, knowledge, connections and team-oriented approach. They place tremendous value on creating working partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams who have the character and the drive to succeed. Prominent among Canaan's resources is the breadth of operating, managerial and financial experience.

Candover Investments
Offices: London, England

Candover Investments specializes in arranging and leading large buyouts and buy-ins. They actively seek opportunities across Europe via their offices in London, Paris and Düsseldorf, and a local advisor in Madrid. To date they have invested in 120 deals with a total value of over ·25 billion. Since 1980 over 80% of companies they have backed have achieved successful exits via stock market listings or trade sales.

Canoe Ventures
Offices: New York, New York

Canoe Ventures is a company founded by the nation's leading cable operators including Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems Corporation, Charter Communications, Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. The company is focused on making cable's advanced advertising solutions easier to buy, use and measure.

Canopy Ventures
Offices: Lindon, Utah

Canopy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm targeting information technology companies in the western United States. Their primary areas of focus include enterprise software, IP video technologies, networking and communications, security software, WI-FI broadcasting, IT hosting and software as a service.

Canyon Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Canyon Partners was founded in1990. Canyon its affiliates currently manage investment partnerships and separate accounts with approximately $16.9 billion in assets with a staff of 195. Canyon Capital Realty Advisors and its affiliate Canyon Capital Advisors are registered investment advisors and money management firms, with over $15 billion of capital under management.

Capital Access Network (CAN)
Offices: College Park, Maryland

In partnership with tech councils, incubators, and state-funded institutions, the Capital Access Network enables entrepreneurs of start-up companies in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Delaware to connect with active, accredited angel investors. The purpose of the Capital Access Network is to provide open and efficient access to early-stage capital for entrepreneurs in the DC Metro area.

Capital Community Angels (CCA)
Offices: East Lansing, Michigan

Capital Community Angels is a group of accredited investors of Greater Lansing dedicated to helping entrepreneurs of their region succeed and prosper. Their members, mostly successful entrepreneurs and professionals, want to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the tri-county area. They will invest in seed and early-stage companies whose leaders can demonstrate the high growth and superior profit potential of their under-takings, and create jobs in their region.

Capital Dynamics
Offices: San Francisco, California

Capital Dynamics welcomes you to the exciting world of private equity investment. Understanding your unique goals is their passion. Delivering the opportunity that is right for you will be their sole objective. They are one of the world·s largest private equity asset managers. As an independent firm, with an exclusive focus on private equity, they aim to offer you the best possible products and services.

Capital for Business (CFB)
Offices: Clayton, Missouri

In every instance, Capital for Business serve as board-level advisors·but they don't run the company, nor do they take part in its day-to-day operations. They leave that to the people who already know what they're doing. They give them the wherewithal to do it-and then get out of their way.

Capital For Enterprise (CfEl)
Offices: Sheffield, England

The primary objective for Capital For Enterprise is to deliver the highest level of service to its customers and other stakeholders. To that end the company supports both existing programs and actively seeks new opportunities that increase the provision of capital for early stage SMEs in the UK. CfEl has 17 full-time expert staff as well as retaining specialist consultants and other professionals as required.

Capital Midwest Fund
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Capital Midwest Fund invests primarily on investments where companies have excellent management and technology, are performing an important function, and will address significant markets. They look for management with successful previous experience; markets that are established and growing; defensible IP positions; and sustainable competitive advantages.

Capital Point Partners
Offices: Houston, Texas

Capital Point Partners invests mezzanine capital in companies owned by established equity sponsor groups, companies with fundless sponsor involvement, and also directly with strong management teams. Capital Point·s investment sizes typically sought range from $3-$15 million. They invest in a wide variety of transaction types, including buyouts, recapitalizations and re-financings, mergers and acquisitions and growth/expansion situations.

Capital Resource Partners (CRP)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Capital Resource Partners, established in 1987, is a private capital firm with over $1 billion under management. Through five mezzanine funds they have invested in over 75 companies. CRP provides growth capital mainly in the form of subordinated debt with equity, which combined with their long-term focus, offers maximum flexibility for companies looking for cost-efficient growth capital.

Offices: Chevy Chase, Maryland

CapitalSource is a leading commercial finance company serving the middle market. They offer unparalleled solutions to complex financial challenges, excelling in situations that require extraordinary service, creativity, flexibility, insight and speed. They provide senior through mezzanine debt financings from $10 to $200 million for a wide range of transactions including LBOs of mature technology providers.

CapitalSouth Partners
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

CapitalSouth Partners was founded in 1998 to provide private equity and mezzanine capital to lower middle-market companies. Since its inception, CapitalSouth has closed over 40 transactions. With over $500 million under management through the three funds, CapitalSouth actively seeks to invest in lower middle-market companies throughout the U.S.

Capital Southwest
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

Capital Southwest is a publicly·owned business development company with total assets of $418 million as of March 31, 2009. They provide patient capital to exceptional businesses with significant growth potential. As a public company, they have the flexibility to hold investments indefinitely, which has provided the management teams of their holdings a stable ownership platform.

Capital Strategy Management
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Capital Strategy Management serves a wide range of early stage high and medium technology industries as well as service firms, with capital for start-up, expansion, or repositioning, as well as strategic and financial advisory expertise. Their portfolio companies and clients are throughout the United States, with a concentration in the upper Midwest.

Capital Today
Offices: Shanghai-Hong Kong, China

Capital Today Group manages a USD280 million mid-cap growth capital fund with a focus on the China market. Their lead investors comprise of Caledonia, Dow Pension, Partners Group, Asia Alternative and other reputable international investors. Their investment team consists of experienced and cohesive professionals who have proven investment record and considerable local knowledge.

Capital Trust Ventures
Offices: Washington, DC

Capital Trust Ventures provides growth-stage venture capital financing for information technology companies. Their approach is to invest in high-growth businesses, help them achieve scale, and exit successfully. Their experienced team of partners has extensive investing and entrepreneurial experience in multiple sectors including application software, emerging technologies, vertical software, new media, internet content, e-commerce, and infrastructure software.

Capital Z Partners (CZIP)
Offices: New York, New York

Capital Z Partners is a $2.25 billion alternative investment sponsor. They invest in private equity funds, hedge funds, and structured products while assuming a meaningful minority interest in the management companies of such vehicles. Capital Z is a leading private equity investor focused exclusively on the financial services industry in the US and Europe. Since 1990, CZIP has invested in excess of $2.1 billion in over 50 transactions.

Offices: Berlin-Stuttgart, Germany

Capiton has invested capital of more than Euro 610 million, Capiton is a competent partner of many small and medium-sized enterprises and invests in promising, future-proof markets. Many years of experience, entrepreneurial thinking and a proactive approach characterize the highly qualified Capiton team that responds quickly and prudently to questions and market developments.

Offices: Helsinki, Finland

CapMan, one of the leading private equity investors in the Nordic countries, was founded in 1989. Its core business is private equity fund management and advisory services. The Group·s parent company, CapMan Plc, has been on the Main List of Helsinki Exchanges (OMHEX) since spring 2001. CapMan is specializes in mid-market buyouts in various industry sectors, technology investments in the ICT sector, and investments in life sciences.

Capricorn Venture Partners
Offices: Leuven, Belgium

Capricorn Venture Partners is an independent pan-European manager of venture capital funds that invest in innovative European companies with technology as competitive advantage. The investment team of Capricorn is composed of experienced investment managers with deep technology expertise and a broad industrial experience.

Offices: Ridgeland, Mississippi

CapSources emerged from a mid-market investment banking company, Amerimark Capital Corporation, which was formed in 1988 by two of the current three principals of CapSources. In 1993, the company opened an investment banking office followed with the opening of their second office in 1997 and began its fund raising efforts to create a venture capital fund.

CapStreet Group
Offices: Houston, Texas

The CapStreet Group, formerly Summit Capital Group, is a private equity firm that invests in middle market companies primarily in Texas and other Sunbelt states. CapStreet manages two investment funds totaling more than $400 million. CapStreet was founded in 1990 by George Kelly and Fred Lummis. Their third managing partner, David Graham, joined them in 1997. Since their inception, CapStreet has invested in 20 middle market companies.

Capvis Offices: Zurich, Switzerland

Capvis is the leading private equity firm in Switzerland and a top players in german-speaking Europe Capvis invests in well-positioned midsize firms, typically as part of succession solutions and corporate spin-offs. Capvis funds currently total EURO 900m. At Capvis, their aim is to take substantial ownership stakes in attractive firms, to support management teams in releasing new entrepreneurial potential.

CapX Partners
Offices: San Diego, California & Chicago, Illinois

CapX Partners looks beyond the standard and sees the potential in your mission-critical initiatives. Each customer, vendor and employee relationship makes the difference in the success of your growing business. When you need capital to build these relationships, you need a partner with vision; a big-picture thinker who sees what you see and is willing to reach.

Cardinal Growth
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Cardinal Growth is a private investment company with over $100 million in investment capital. Cardinal invests in a wide variety of middle market private companies. Cardinal typically makes investments of $3 to $6 million, but has led and participated in significantly larger investments utilizing their extensive investor network. They focus on management buyouts, recapitalizations, add-on acquisitions and internal expansions.

Cardinal Venture Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Cardinal Venture Capital fills the financing gap between angel investors and larger venture funds. They invest between $500,000 and $3 million initially, and typically co-invest with partners·including seed, early and late-stage funds, and corporate investors. They always reserve funds for future rounds. Cardinal Venture Capital specializes in three market areas·wireless communications, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.

Care Capital
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey

Care Capital invests in life science companies, with a particular focus on later stage pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises. They bring to bear many strengths in evaluating potential investment opportunities or assisting managements with specific scientific, strategic or operational issues. They have many decades of experience successfully building and leading large life science enterprises.

Cargill Ventures
Offices: San Mateo, California & Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cargill Ventures is a wholly-owned venture investment group of Cargill, a privately-held company with operations in 59 countries and revenues of approximately $50 billion. They invest in early stage technology companies that enable commerce, innovation, and efficiencies and help them to be a global leader in providing goods and services necessary for life, health and growth. In business over 135 years, Cargill is a globally respected business leader.

Carlyle Group
Offices: Washington, DC

The Carlyle Group is one of the world's largest private equity firms, with more than $89.3 billion under management. With 64 funds across four investment disciplines (buyouts, growth capital, real estate and leveraged finance), Launched in 2005 at $1.8 billion, this fund conducts leveraged buyout transactions in Asia in targeted industries.

Carmel Ventures
Offices: Herzliya, Israel

Carmel Ventures is Israel's largest software focused fund. They are committed to helping talented entrepreneurs translate their vision and technology into successful global software companies. With $170 million under management, their investors include Citigroup, AOL Time Warner, Siemens, SwissLife, Partners Group and other leading worldwide corporations.

Carnegie Corporation of New York
Offices: New York, New York

Corporation of New York was created by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 to promote "the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding." Under Carnegie's will, grants must benefit the people of the United States, although up to 7.4 percent of the funds may be used for the same purpose in countries that are or have been members of the British Commonwealth.

Carousel Capital
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

Carousel Capital is a private investment firm that invests in companies located in the Southeastern United States. Carousel·s investor base includes institutional investors and an elite group of more than 60 current and former CEO·s with significant operating experience. Carousel invests in companies primarily in three targeted growth sections, including: business services, consumer products & services, and healthcare services.

Carrot Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Carrot Capital prides itself in being a different kind of venture firm. Their portfolio companies are typically start-up companies that may not appeal to more traditional venture capital companies. They focus on seed and early-state investments·entrepreneurs or firms that have a great idea or product, regardless of their experience in starting up a new venture.

Cartesian Capital Group
Offices: New York, New York

Cartesian Capital Group manages alternative investments worldwide with a special focus on the world's emerging markets. With $1 billion under management, they invest globally, with particular expertise in backing quality management teams who seek to expand their businesses internationally. With more than 100 years of international private equity experience, they are uniquely positioned to deliver capital and superior value-added support to high-growth companies.

Carthage Capital Group
Offices: New York, New York

Carthage Capital Group is a private equity firm that partners with the most talented entrepreneurs in the country. At Carthage, they work hard to earn the opportunity to partner with, advise and invest in the very best companies in their market sectors. They are not afraid to roll-up their sleeves and work side-by-side in partnership with their entrepreneurs to help build the most dynamic companies in the marketplace.

Caruso Capital Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Caruso Capital Partners formed a vehicle together with TPG Capital in 2010 to invest $750 million of debt and equity in retail centers and mixed-use properties in select markets in the Western United States. Caruso Capital targets single assets, portfolios and development opportunities leveraging the experience that its parent company, Caruso Affiliated, has gained during 20 years of operations in the retail real estate industry.

CarVal Investors
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota

CarVal Investors is a leader in managing opportunistic value investments. Founded in 1987 by Cargill, CarVal Investors has quietly acquired more than $33 billion in assets in 3,900 transactions. The firm has been a first mover or early entrant across the globe, having invested in 57 countries. Today, CarVal Investors manages $9 billion in assets.

Cayuga Venture Fund (CVF)
Offices: Ithaca, New York

Cayuga Venture Fund has been providing capital and other resources to advanced technology and high growth companies since 1994. With the late 2005 launch of their third fund, they will continue to provide these resources to companies commercializing high value technologies, particularly those generated at Cornell University. CVF's primary investment focus is early stage and follow on rounds of financing.

Cazenove Private Equity
Offices: London, England

Cazenove Private Equity was established in April 2000. Its first fund, the Cazenove New Europe Access Fund (CNEAF), raised £234 / ·388 million from a combination of leading European institutional investors and Cazenove itself. CPE operates as a separate division of Cazenove, with the sole objective of producing superior returns for its investors, but has access to the resources of Cazenove as a whole.

C&B Capital
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

C&B Capital is a $19 million private equity fund that selectively invests in privately-held, small- and mid-sized, high-potential growth companies located primarily in the Southeast, the fastest growing region in the United States. Their Fund typically invests alongside experienced lead investors in opportunities generated by Croft & Bender in the course of their investment banking business.

CBPE Capital
Offices: London, England

CBPE Capital is a private equity firm that puts strong relationships with management at the heart of everything they do. CBPE makes only a small number of investments each year. And they make sure they have researched them carefully beforehand. The same goes for their relationships with management. They want to get to know the team thoroughly, and for them to know them, before they invest together.

C Cap
Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio

C-Cap has enlisted the premier group of local angels, Queen City Angels, as a catalyst to create a real network for funding the angel capital needs of growth companies. Queen City Angels is actively expanding its membership, growing from 7 to over 25 members since 2001. Many of the current members are former chief executive officers and founders of successful companies, and a number of them are knowledgeable in information technology and other technologies.

C Change Investments
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts

C Change was formed in 2008 to generate attractive financial returns from equity investments in companies which address resource limits in energy, water, food, air and materials. C Change makes investments in companies on the cutting edge of technologies with potential to create significant changes in the cost, availability and environmental impact of energy and to reduce energy use.

CCMP Capital
Offices: New York, New York;

As a premier private equity firm, CCMP Capital Advisors has invested approximately $12 billion in buyout and growth equity transactions since 1984. The foundation of CCMP Capital·s investment approach is to leverage the combined strengths of its deep industry expertise and proprietary global network of relationships. CCMP Capital·s team has established a reputation as a world-class investment partner.

CCP Equity Partners
Offices: Hartford, Connecticut

CCP Equity Partners is a leading private equity firm providing growth capital to innovative financial services and healthcare services companies. In partnership with proven management teams, they shape strategy by leveraging their operating skills, deep industry experience and extensive networks to drive value, accelerate growth, and deliver superior returns to their investors. They currently manage more than $500 million and offer scalable financial solutions.

Cascade Investments
Offices: Kirkland, Washington

Cascade Investment oversees the personal investments of William H. Gates III and the investment assets of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing countries, they focus on improving people·s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty.

Castanea Partners
Offices: Newton, Massachusetts

Castanea Partners invests in small to middle market companies in publishing, education, training, consumer products, specialty retail, and marketing services. They participate in traditional management buyouts, sales of private companies, industry consolidation opportunities, growth and acquisition equity, and operationally challenging situations.

Castile Ventures
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts

Castile Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm providing financial backing and strategic guidance to help exceptional entrepreneurs build successful businesses founded on fundamental innovations in technology. Castile seeks out entrepreneurial teams applying fundamental innovations in communications, software and IT infrastructure to deliver breakthrough solutions for the CTO·s and CIO·s of large enterprises, IT vendors and service providers.

Castle Harlan
Offices: New York, New York

Founded in 1987, Castle Harlan is a private-equity investment firm, investing primarily in controlling interests in the buyout and development of middle-market companies in North America and Europe. Castle Harlan's team of nine managing directors, including its founders, has completed more than 60 acquisitions with a total value in excess of $7 billion. The firm traces its roots to the start of the institutionalized private-equity business in the late 1960s.

Castle Private Equity
Offices: Pfaffikon, Switzerland

Castle Private Equity is a Swiss investment company focused on private equity investments, publicly listed since September 1997. Castle offers the essential benefits of private equity investing in a well-diversified and actively managed global portfolio of high-quality private equity partnerships: attractive long-term performance, moderate volatility, and moderate correlation to traditional equities and bonds.

Catalist Group
Offices: Hong Kong-Shanghai-China & New Delhi, India

Catalist Group launches, manages, mentors, and resources start-up companies. Their main focus is on digital, mobile and internet, but they are also interested in the ·green· space. Catalist uses their combined experience to start a service matching start-ups with investors. Their added value comes from the fact that they·ve been on both sides of this fence: as a startup and as an investor.

Catalyst Hall
Offices: Houston-Ft Worth, Texas & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Catalyst/Hall manages $150 million of committed capital from its investment partners, which include high-net worth families and institutions. Their investors are focused on long-term value creation and capital appreciation. By drawing upon the experience, analytical resources and contacts of their principals, Catalyst/Hall is able to provide the capital and value-added expertise required to help businesses grow more rapidly and attain greater overall success.

Catalyst Investment
Offices: Sydney-Melbourne, Australia

Catalyst Investment is a leading independent firm in the private equity market, with a reputation built on its longevity in the market, superior track record and extensive local network. Catalyst has in excess of $1 billion in funds under management. The Catalyst team is one of the largest in Australia and New Zealand, currently comprising 13 experienced and dynamic investment professionals.

Catalyst Investments
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel

The goal of Catalyst Investments is to provide maturing companies with the necessary resources to attain global leadership in their respective market sectors. They enhance the value of invested companies by using their wide European network, available operating platforms of their partners, diverse background of their managers and the emerging market conditions of the Israeli technology sector.

Catamount Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

Catamount Ventures seeks to back companies that possess both the desire and the potential to become true high tech market leaders. They will invest in companies with initial investment valuations that are likely to range from $2 million to $25 million. Their typical initial investment in a first round will be $0.5 million to $2M and in any individual company a total of up to $4 million.

Catapult Venture Managers
Offices: Leicester-Birmingham, England

Catapult Venture Managers provides a full range funding requirement from early stage, development capital to MBO/MBIs. Since 1999 they have invested in over 65 companies, providing initial and further follow on requirements. Their experienced team of eight executives and two non-executive directors have over 100 years of VC experience between them.

Catterton Partners
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut

Catterton Partners is the leading private equity firm with an exclusive focus on providing equity capital to growing middle market consumer companies in North America. Their combination of investment capital, strategic and operating skills, and industry network has enabled them to become the most sought after private equity firm in the consumer sector.

Centennial Investors
Offices: Columbia, Missouri

Centennial Investors was created to meet the early capital needs of university and private sector entrepreneurs. It will assist in bringing to market exciting ideas generated in university labs and private businesses. The Centennial Angel Network provides its members a forum in which to efficiently evaluate promising, early-stage investment opportunities. Membership consists of active, accredited investors who share the goal of making informed, collaborative investments.

Centennial Ventures
Offices: Denver, Colorado & Houston-Austin, Texas

Centennial Ventures has emerged as one of the most innovative venture capital firms in the rapidly changing world of communications. They make Impact Investments in the $2 trillion communications convergence market. Their partners provide entrepreneurs with ongoing assistance in each seed, early stage or Centennial-founded company in which they invest. Centennial Ventures current assets under management exceed $1 billion.

Centerbridge Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Centerbridge Partners was established in 2006 and currently has approximately $11 billion in assets under management investing across multiple strategies, including private equity and distressed credit. The firm is dedicated to partnering with world class management teams to invest throughout a company·s capital structure and to employ various strategies to help companies achieve their operating and financial objectives.

CenterPoint Ventures
Offices: Austin-Dallas, Texas

CenterPoint Ventures as one of Texas' largest early-stage venture capital firms, they have helped scores of entrepreneurs build successful, enduring companies·Initiatives that have delivered long-term value to investors, founders, employees, customers and investors alike. Start-ups that go the distance. To deliver the highest degree of guidance and expertise, CenterPoint predominantly invests in early-stage private companies.

Centerview Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Centerview Partners seeks to leverage their operational expertise and broad consumer industry relationships to partner with existing owners and management to achieve strategic and operational excellence. They look to acquire meaningful equity ownership positions in leading middle market consumer-oriented companies and build those businesses and brands by working with management to improve materially their operations and financial performance.

Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN)
Offices: Austin, Texas

The Central Texas Angel Network is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited Central Texas angel investors, and to assisting, educating and connecting early stage growth companies in Central Texas with information and advisors for the purpose of raising money and assisting in their growth.

Central Valley Fund (CVF)
Offices: Davis, California

The Central Valley Fund was established by the principals of Gael Partners to provide private capital for small to mid-sized businesses. With a focus on California's Central Valley, CVF's capital is used to finance later stage growth, strategic acquisitions, ownership transitions, and recapitalizations. CVF provides the layer of a company·s capital structure between senior debt and common equity, often referred to as mezzanine capital.

Centre Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California & New York, New York

Centre Partners is a leading private equity firm focused on making investments in middle market companies. Their mission is to generate superior returns on equity investments in the middle market. They do so by partnering with strong management teams who care who their capital partner is and who have meaningful economic stakes in the success of their businesses.

CentreStone Ventures
Offices: Winnipeg, Manitoba

CentreStone Ventures is a life sciences focused venture capital fund investing primarily in companies developing early stage therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and new drug delivery methods. Companies that interest CentreStone develop products for large markets with unmet clinical needs. They have technologies based on solid intellectual property, a combination of entrepreneurial and technical expertise.

Centurion Global Private Capital
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina & Houston, Texas

Centurion Global Group is a group of individually owned and operated companies working in conjunction with one another sharing contacts and resources to accomplish individual goals. Started in 2004, we have projects around the globe on almost every continent. Their partners share their vision and believe that they now live in a global economy. They seek opportunities in their backyard and internationally.

Century Pacific Group (CPG)
Offices: Los Angeles-San Francisco, California

Century Pacific Group provides comprehensive real estate investment services, enabling their clients to include real estate as a significant portion of their total investment portfolio without having to deal with the headaches and time consuming process of searching for, analyzing, and managing the projects. Most of their clients are not full-time real estate investors.

Century Park Capital Partners
Offices: Los Angeles-Menlo Park, California

Business owners typically know what they want to accomplish with respect to business growth, asset diversification, and lifestyle management. However, the path to achieving these goals is not always apparent. Century Park Capital works closely with business owners and management, providing the requisite experience, insight and equity capital to help them resolve such challenges.

Cerberus Capital Management
Offices: New York, New York

Cerberus Capital Management, along with its affiliates, is one of the world's leading private investment firms. Through its team of investment and operations professionals, Cerberus specializes in providing both financial resources and operational expertise to help transform undervalued companies into industry leaders for long-term success and value creation. Cerberus holds significant interests in companies around the world.

Cerea Capital
Offices: Paris, France

Céréa Capital participates as a majority or joint-majority private equity investor in family or management shareholding restructurings and spin-offs or divestments from industrial groups, families or other investors. Céréa Capital closely associates each company's management to the success of the transaction and supports it in the identification and selection of internal and external growth projects with a view to increasing the intrinsic and strategic value of its investments.

Ceres Venture Fund
Offices: Evanston, Illinois

Ceres Venture Fund bring over 60 years of experience in investing, managing, and developing early stage businesses. Theyseek to partner with entrepreneurs in creating successful companies. In particular Ceres portfolio companies benefit from their extensive contacts, strategic insights, and business experience in those areas necessary to support successful growth of an organization.

Cervin Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

Cervin Ventures is an early stage B2B technology fund investing in mobile, cloud computing, software-as-a-service and social media startups. Cervin Ventures has been founded by a team of successful ex-entrepreneurs, whose experience and network allow them to find exceptional entrepreneurs, build strong alignment on company goals with the founders, and work with them to create great companies.

Ceyuan Ventures
Offices: Beijing, China

Ceyuan Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on IT and emerging growth companies. They emphasize backing great teams, technology and business innovation. The mission of Ceyuan Ventures is to assist entrepreneurs in creating and building world-class businesses. Their conviction, network of relationships and grass roots culture give them the opportunity to discover the next big idea early.

CGS Private Equity
Offices: Pfaffikon, Switzerland

CGS Private Equity Partnerships invest in small- to medium-sized industrial and technology based European companies with a special emphasis on German speaking countries. CGS Private Equity Partnership II continues the successful CGS buy & build strategy which focuses mainly on small industrial buyouts with revenues from CHF 10m · 80m, located in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.

CDB Web Tech
Offices: Milan, Italy & London, England

CDB Web Tech the leading Italian publicly traded investment company, is exclusively focused on technologies, services and applications for next generation communications and Internet. The sector includes wireless, optical networking, IP telephony, next generation access, high speed switching, broadband, communications components, e-commerce and e-business applications, and security. Their goal is to develop a balanced portfolio of premiere privately held companies.

CEA Private Equity
Offices: Tampa, Florida

Growth and late-stage companies in the media, entertainment and communications industries form the cornerstone of CEA·s funds. Their knowledge of these industries and foresight of their future direction has enabled them to generate outstanding results for their investors over the past 15 years. Since creating its first private equity fund in Western Europe in 1993, CEA now manages a worldwide family of funds with over $1.15 billion under management.

Cedar Advisors
Offices: Herzliya, Israel

Founded in 1997, Cedar Advisors is a leading provider of investment and financial advice for high technology companies as well as the Israeli advisor to Cedar Fund, a $225 Million international venture capital firm. Within its advisory role to Cedar Fund, Cedar Advisors assists the Fund in identifying Israeli early stage, high tech investment opportunities in the telecommunications, networking, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software areas.

Cedar Fund
Offices: Herzliya, Israel & Cayman Islands

Cedar Fund seeks to invest in outstanding entrepreneurs pursuing high growth markets with distinguished technologies in the telecommunications, networking, Internet-infrastructure and enterprise software areas. With its quality investment track record and over $225 million under management, Cedar Fund is among the largest and most notable venture capital firms focusing on Israel-related, early stage investments.

Cedar Grove Investments
Offices: Seattle, Washington

Cedar Grove Investments is a unique private venture capital firm comprised of former senior executives from leading wireless and internet companies. They have an in-depth combination of entrepreneurial management, technical, marketing, legal and investment experience. Their focus is upon early stage electronic business software and services and next generation communication carriers and tools.

CEI Ventures
Offices: Portland, Maine

CEI Ventures manages two venture capital funds with total commitments of $25.54 million. These funds make equity investments in companies exhibiting the potential to grow profitably and provide attractive financial returns. CEI Ventures makes equity investments in underserved markets throughout the Northeastern United States. Often staged through multiple financings, investments average $750,000 in a range from $500,000 to $2 million.

Celerity Partners
Offices: Los Angeles-Menlo Park, California

Celerity Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to building businesses into market leaders. They sponsor management buyouts or recapitalizations of companies with revenues of $10 million or more and provide later stage capital to companies on a rapid growth mode. They often accelerate the organic growth of a company through the initiation of a focused, proactive acquisition program.

Celtic House Venture Partners
Offices: Kanata, Nova Scotia

Celtic House Venture Partners is a private venture capital firm that provides early stage funding, management experience and industry connections to high-tech entrepreneurs in North America and the United Kingdom. They have deep knowledge of the technology sectors they invest in, and a growing portfolio of successful companies in those areas to prove it. They invest in the Internet infrastructure, networking, telecommunications and storage markets.

Cambrian Ventures
Offices: Mountain View, California

Cambrian Ventures is a unique technology research and venture capital firm. They understand entrepreneurs and technology: their partners, Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, co-founded Junglee Corp., and are both PhD's in Computer Science. They love disruptive technologies and applications and typically get involved very early with such companies to help shape both the technology and the business.

Cambridge Capital Group
Offices: Cambridge, England

Cambridge Capital Group offers development funding for early stage technology based companies a private equity syndicate of angel investors. The backgrounds of their members include: semiconductors, chemicals, accountancy, consumer products, agriculture, banking and finance, specialist engineering, export marketing, healthcare, property development, software and IT.

Cambridge Capital Management
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

Cambridge Capital Management is a closely held, private company specializing in the management of non-traditional sources of capital. Cambridge Capital is your entry into a variety of funds for any business expansion purpose. The funds managed by Cambridge have provided over $423 million to more than 1,157 companies. These companies include a variety of companies in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors.

Cambridge Gateway Fund
Offices: Cambridgeshire, England

The investment team at Cambridge Gateway draws on a wide range of experience from the commercial, financial and technical sectors in both the US and Europe. This enables them to provide critical assistance to their investment portfolio on a full range of issues. They understand the hurdles that management must overcome on the path to long-term commercial success.

Camden Partners
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland

Where there is little common knowledge, Camden partners make it their business to know intimately the companies and the money managers in which they invest. While many other investment management firms seek to excel as stock-pickers, they pursue opportunities where their experience and influence will make a positive difference to both their investors and the companies in which they invest.

Camelot Venture Group
Offices: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Camelot Venture Group is a private investment group owned by David Katzman, Steve Cicurel, Nicholas Pyett, and Jim McDonald that invest primarily in direct to consumer companies including online, catalog, retail, technology and financial services and sports management. Each of their partners brings a unique skill set and they collectively work as a team with their portfolio companies to achieve success.

Camino Real Angels
Offices: El Paso, Texas

In forming the Camino Real Angels' they agreed their mission was to provide opportunities where their members could realize excellent financial returns by investing in early-stage companies located in the Paso del Norte Region and by helping them obtain market leadership. The Camino Real Angels provide seed and early-stage capital in the range up to $2M. Business and financial leaders of their community, who have funded and built successful companies, make up their membership.

CAM Private Equity
Offices: Cologne-Munich, Germany

CAM Private Equity is one of Europe's leading management and consulting firms for investments in private equity funds. CAM is a partner-managed company. CAM's success is largely due to their exclusive focus on private equity and an unusual combination of partners and employees with extensive experience and expertise in the areas of private equity, industry operations and professional asset management of financial institutions.

Offices: Los Altos, California

CampVentures is a true seed-stage venture capital firm. They engage with great companies in their earliest stages of development. For such companies, they lead seed rounds on the order of $500K to $1.5M. Once invested, they work intensely with their companies to prepare them for their next rounds of financing, which are nearly universally led by top-tier venture capital firms.

Camros Capital
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Camros Capital is an early stage investment company. Camros Capital promotes the development of new and innovative technologies having the potential for commercial growth. Aside from financial investments, Camros Capital also helps their portfolio companies succeed by providing broad expertise in technologies and experience growing successful start-up companies.

Cadence Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Cadence Capital Partners was founded by a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors who are passionate about building and growing small to mid-sized companies. Cadence Capital·s sole purpose is to identify, acquire and operate profitable service businesses with potential for long-term growth and annual revenues ranging from $5 to $50 million.

CAG Investments
Offices: Austin, Texas

CAG Investments was founded in 2008 with the strategy of investing in, acquiring, and growing a portfolio of technology-based software and service solutions companies. CAG has assembled a highly capable and proven management team with decades of experience and success in investments, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, financing transactions, operations, turnarounds, and divestitures.

CAI Private Equity
Offices: New York, New York

Founded in 1989, CAI is a private equity firm specializing in buyouts, restructurings, acquisitions, recapitalizations and other corporate growth initiatives. Their broad operational and financial expertise and ready access to capital position them as a valued partner for proven, motivated management teams. They acquire significant ownership positions in North American companies, then fully utilize their firm's extensive experience and resources to achieve strategic objectives.

Offices: San Francisco, California

CalCEF is a $30 million nonprofit venture capital fund formed in 2004 to accelerate the development of promising early-stage clean energy technologies. CalCEF is a non-profit entity, but makes for-profit investments in commercially viable companies via a range of partnerships. Profits will be reinvested to further support the mission of accelerating clean technology development.

Calera Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California & Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1991, Calera Capital, formerly known as Fremont Partners, is a private investment partnership which has invested $2 billion of equity in 25 investments. Calera invests across a diverse range of industries, including financial services, business services, food and consumer, healthcare, building products, and industrial manufacturing. Calera Capital makes substantial equity investments in operating companies, typically with enterprise values up to $1 billion.

California Technology Ventures
Offices: Pasadena, California

California Technology Ventures helps emerging technology companies grow and thrive. Located near scientific, educational, entertainment, multi-media and creative centers, CTV is ideally placed to help new technology companies participate in the ideas and energy created by Southern California's dynamic confluence of science, education and media.

Callisto Capital
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

Callisto Capital is a private equity team with a focus on creating value and success through partnerships with high-potential enterprises. They are committed to working with talented management teams to build profitable and sustainable industry-leading businesses. The diverse team at Callisto Capital looks beyond finance. As partners, they help management teams determine the best strategies, find solutions to their business challenges, and define their competitive advantage.

Caltius Private Equity
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Caltius Equity Partners has partnered with a select group of seasoned, successful operating executives with many years of hands-on experience. These executives have worked with them as day-to-day portfolio company operating executives and/or as directors of their portfolio companies. They employ a strategic approach to investing.

Calvert Street Capital Partners (CSCP)
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland

CSCP·s private equity business engages in one activity·buying and building businesses in partnership with operating management. They acquire controlling interests in companies through leveraged acquisitions, recapitalizations and growth capital transactions. CSCP seeks to achieve superior long-term rates of return on their investments by focusing on earnings growth of their portfolio companies.

Clairvest Group
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

Clairvest Group is one of Canada·s leading providers of equity financing to mid-market companies and currently has approximately C$600 million of equity capital under management. Clairvest partners with management to invest in profitable small and mid-sized North American companies with the goal of helping to build value in the business and generate superior long term financial returns for investors.

Claremont Creek Ventures
Offices: Oakland, California

Claremont Creek Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage information technology companies. Their investment professionals are experienced managers and proven venture investors. Their team shares a deep commitment to helping entrepreneurs build successful companies from the ground up. They focus on IT sectors where they have deep domain expertise, including·but not limited to·mobility, healthcare, and security markets.

Clarendon Fund Managers
Offices: Belfast, Ireland

Clarendon Fund Managers is a regional venture capital fund manager which was established in 2000, and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. It is the appointed Fund Manager for the Viridian Growth Fund LP, which was established in August 2001, and it also manages the Nitech Growth Fund LP, which was established in February 2003.

Clarian Health Ventures
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

The mission of Clarian Health Ventures is to profitably facilitate the commercialization of activities within Clarian Health·Indiana's largest health care system·and to invest in external business opportunities that directly benefit the mission of Clarian. Clarian Health Ventures invests in opportunities where the value of such an opportunity is immediately enhanced by the presence and resources of Clarian Health.

Clarion Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Clarion Capital Partners is a private equity investment firm, which invests capital in middle-market, growth-oriented companies. The firm is seeking opportunities in industries in which it can leverage the experience and relationships of its principals to benefit Clarion·s portfolio companies. Clarion seeks companies requiring an equity investment of $15 to $50 million, targets $25 million, and will consider a broad range of investment structures.

Claritas Capital
Offices: Nashville, Tennessee

Claritas Capital concentrates on finding and funding talented emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs. Specifically, they help frontier businesses and their managements in two main industries each distinguished by a history of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Clarity China
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai, China

Clarity China is a China-based private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in the greater China region that capitalize on the rapidly growing domestic consumer market in China. Clarity China was established by individuals with a deep knowledge and understanding of the China market and the necessary skills and resources to help Chinese entrepreneurs build outstanding companies.

Clarity Partners
Offices: Beverly Hills, California

Clarity Partners is a private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in communications, media and related services and technologies within those sectors. All of the senior members of the Clarity team have been successful investors in these industry segments, but in addition, they have all had senior level operating and financing experience. Clarity also brings assistance with technology, marketing, operating and financing issues.

Clark Enterprises (CEI)
Offices: Bethesda, Maryland

Established in 1972, Clark Enterprises is a diversified investment company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. CEI is one of the largest privately held companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with holdings in real estate; commercial, heavy and residential construction; and venture capital, private equity and other investments. Clark Enterprises continually scans the investment horizon looking for new opportunities across a wide spectrum of market sectors.

CLARK Investment Group (CIG)
Offices: Wichita, Kansas

CLARK Investment Group is a privately held investment company specializing in real estate related investments since 1955. CIG is primarily engaged in the acquisition, development, and management of real estate investments to be held for the long-term production of income. CIG·s investment philosophy demands quality, which provides a foundation for mutually beneficial relationships with our lenders and strategic business partners.

Clarus Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Clarus Ventures is a life sciences venture capital firm with a team that has a long history of success in creating value. Deep relationships with world thought leaders and decision makers allow this team to identify unique investment opportunities and shepherd them to maturity. Clarus augments its core expertise of investing in biopharmaceuticals and medical technology with the deep and diverse expertise of the team.

Clayton Associates
Offices: Franklin, Tennessee

While Clayton Associates was originally designed to be an advisory and investment consulting firm, the company evolved quickly into a hub of strategic business development activities for healthcare, diversified service and technology companies throughout the Southeast. Due to the extensive operating experience and network of relationships of the principals, Clayton Associates has attracted many skilled managers with inventive ideas seeking access to capital.

Clayton Dubilier & Rice (CD&R)
Offices: New York, New York

Clayton Dubilier & Rice is one of the oldest and most respected private equity investment firms in the world. Since its founding in 1978, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and private equity funds managed by it (together, including subsidiaries, as appropriate, "CD&R") have invested $4 billion in 36 businesses representing a broad range of industries with aggregate transaction values in excess of $18 billion and revenues of over $25 billion.

Clean Energy Angel Fund (CalCEF)
Offices: San Francisco, California

The California Clean Energy Fund , formed in 2004, will make equity investments totaling at least $30 million in emerging clean energy technology companies. The Fund arises from the PG&E bankruptcy settlement negotiated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). CalCEF will invest in companies located in PG&E·s service territory and elsewhere that are developing technology or products that could benefit the region.

Clean Energy Capital (CEC)
Offices: London, England

Clean Energy Capital is a leading provider of investment and development capital for the low carbon economy. Operating on a global scale, they have considerable expertise in developing environmental technologies, investing their own funds, capital raising and trading carbon and energy products. CEC targets the best propositions that exist in the sector, providing expertise and support throughout a project·s complete lifecycle.

Clean Pacific Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

Clean Pacific Ventures invests in early stage clean technology companies. They look for motivated, entrepreneurial management teams with clarity of purpose and who are dedicated to building premier clean technology businesses. Clean Pacific's five investment professionals contribute sector expertise, venture investment experience and strong working relationships to the portfolio companies they fund.

Clean Resources Capital (CRC)
Offices: Singapore

Clean Resources Capital is the first Asia-Pacific public and private investment platform dedicated to the clean technology sector. The CRC team manages four public equity funds and a private equity fund providing comprehensive exposure to Asia-Pacific·s listed and private resource-efficient companies. CRC·s sole focus is the Asia-Pacific region's rapid structural trend towards greater energy and resource efficiency.

Clearlake Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Clearlake Capital Group is a private investment firm co-founded by Steve Chang, Behdad Eghbali, and José Feliciano in partnership with Reservoir Capital Group. Clearlake seeks to partner with world-class management teams to provide businesses and industries going through change and transition with patient, long-term capital and operational expertise to invest in businesses going through change.

ClearLight Partners
Offices: Newport Beach, California

The ClearLight Partners strategy is to invest in industry-leading companies with talented management teams, and to work hard to help them achieve the next phase of success. ClearLight takes a long-term view toward building value and driving growth in their investments. During a typical five-to-seven year partnership with a portfolio company, they endeavor to provide their management partners with the extensive real-world operating and financial experience of their network.

Clearstone Venture Partners
Offices: Santa Monica-Menlo Park, California

Clearstone Venture Partners is leader in early stage venture financing. Clearstone works closely with high-potential technology companies to help them become leaders in their industries. Their $100 million first fund and $350 million second fund have invested in dozens of successful technology companies. All of their partners have substantial operating backgrounds and at least five years of successful VC experience.

Clearview Capital
Offices: Los Angeles, California

Clearview Capital is a private investment firm specializing in the acquisition and recapitalization of companies with operating profits of $4 - 20 million. The firm's principals have a successful track record of completing transactions and creating and realizing value in portfolio companies. As a team, the principals have invested in ten platform companies and have also completed numerous add-on acquisitions.

Clearwater Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Clearwater Capital Partners provides investors with access to a full spectrum of special-situation investments in public and private debt or equity of local, Asia-region issuers. In doing so, Clearwater also assists owners and management, particularly of the region's often capital-constrained small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to create financial and operating restructurings that will allow their companies to succeed.

Cleveland Foundation
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio

Established in 1914, the Cleveland Foundation is the world's first community foundation and the nation·s third-largest today, with assets of $1.8 billion and annual grants of $80 million to $85 million. The foundation improves the lives of Greater Clevelanders now and for generations to come by building community endowment, addressing needs through grant making, and providing leadership on vital issues.

Climate Change Capital
Offices: London, England

Climate Change Capital is an investment manager and advisor specializing in the opportunities that are generated by the global transition to the low carbon economy. They have advised, raised and deployed capital on a global basis. These include financing renewable energy installations; destroying industrial greenhouse gases; advice on the acquisition and divestiture strategies for private equity funds and carbon intensive industry.

Cloquet Capital Partners
Offices: Northfield, Illinois

Cloquet Capital Partners private equity firm that, along with its operating partners and affiliates, manages in excess of $50 million of available or invested capital. Its mission is to acquire and build a portfolio of exceptional business in niche markets. Cloquet invests in venture-stage communication software companies, management buyouts, growth equity investments and special situations. Cloquet seeks to enter into close operating partnerships.

Close Ventures
Offices: London, England

Close Ventures looks to invest £1-10m in a wide range of growing businesses, from technology-oriented companies to service and asset-based businesses. Investment is made in either ordinary equity or a mixture of debt and equity. Larger investments tend to be strongly asset-backed such as care homes, hotels and pubs, while at the smaller end of the funding scale Close Ventures looks at second or third round technology propositions.

CLS Capital Group
Offices: Toledo, Ohio

CLS Capital Group is a private lending company that specializes in unconventional financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical. Their unique lending program has made CLS one of the best direct, private lenders in the country. At CLS, they recognize the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each client's unique set of financial circumstances.

Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC)
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comcast Interactive Capital is a $350 million venture capital fund affiliated with Comcast Corporation, a diversified global leader in broadband services, telecommunications, electronic commerce, and entertainment. CIC's primary goal is to generate superior financial returns from equity investments in companies in the Internet and other interactive technologies. CIC works to foster the success of its portfolio companies.

Offices: Lexington, Massachusetts

Named after the city's historic public meeting grounds, Common Angels is a group of 50 leading private investors and several dozen limited partners in two co-investment funds. They have expertise in over 58 specific sectors; have founded over 115 companies; sold over 100; and participated in over 34 IPOs. They finance some the region's most innovative high-tech ventures with a focus on capital efficiency: Series A rounds.

Common Capital
Offices: Brookline, Massachusetts

Commons Capital is a venture capital firm founded to realize competitive rates of return by investing in promising young companies whose products, services and corporate cultures promote a sustainable economy and deliver market solutions to major social and environmental problems. They believe that business can be a powerful force for good in the world and that early stage companies·due to their creativity, flexibility and energy.

Commonwealth Capital
Offices: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Commonwealth Capital was founded in 1995 by a team of experienced venture capital investors, Commonwealth Capital is a leading early-stage venture capital firm focused on opportunities in the Communications Infrastructure and Software and Services sectors. With over $350 million of committed capital under management, the firm·s partners have invested in more than 130 high-growth companies that are leaders in their industry categories.

Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT)
Offices: Dallas, Texas

Communities Foundation of Texas traces its roots back to 1953. Since that year, more than $1 billion in grants have been made by the Dallas-based foundation. It has grown along with North Texas to become one of the largest community foundations in the nation. People who make charitable gifts save time and effort by working with CFT. They help donors take advantage of optimal tax benefits.

Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
Offices: Washington, DC

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region is one of the largest philanthropic foundations of any type in the United States. In FY2007, The Foundation and their donors distributed more than $95 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions throughout the Greater Washington area and beyond. They are committed to ensuring equity, access and opportunity for all residents of the Washington metropolitan area.

Compass Technology Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Compass Venture is a venture capital firm focused on investing in emerging companies, with high-growth potential and a focus on science and technology, innovation and intellectual property. Their mission is to enable and support entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses with large market potentials. They do so with capital, the collective experience of their partners and the access to their network of relationships.

ComVest Group
Offices: New York, New York & West Palm Beach, Florida

The ComVest Group seeks to realize superior returns primarily through investments in equity and debt securities of public and private middle market companies. The fund's mandate is to invest in the information technology, healthcare and telecommunication industries with a particular emphasis on distressed, special situation, and mezzanine investment opportunities. The ComVest Equity Fund seeks to invest between $10-$50 million per transaction.

Consor Capital
Offices: Sausalito, California & Greenwich, Connecticut

Consor Capital has been formed by Josh and Jay Huffard to manage venture capital investments. Consor Capital focuses on early-stage companies serving consumers and small businesses. They seek to partner with companies run by strong leaders, focused on rapidly changing markets and leveraging technology as a key aspect of their business model. They have worked and invested together in more than 20 companies over the past 10 years.

Constellation Ventures
Offices: New York, New York & Tokyo, Japan

Constellation Ventures manages $450 million in venture capital. The fund invests between $5 and $35 million in early to mid-stage companies that enable the distribution, management and control of information over emerging digital networks. Constellation Ventures provides its portfolio companies with strategic leverage with Bear Stearns, Sony, Viacom, Young & Rubicam, Tribune, Dai Nippon Printing, NTT Data, Acxiom, Toyota and Singapore Technologies.

Constitution Medical Investors
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Constitution Medical Investors is a private investment firm focused on healthcare sector-related acquisitions, which was launched in partnership with Warburg Pincus, the global private equity firm. Constitution Medical Investors focuses on the identification and acquisition of innovative, healthcare-related platform technologies and companies where the principals will be able to leverage their experience.

Consumer Capital Partners
Offices: Denver, Colorado

Consumer Capital Partners is a unique private investment, concept/brand development, & strategic advisory firm. They are 100% focused on multi-unit consumer centric business. They help principals and executives create significant, lasting value. Their edge: Consumer focused, insight & data drive and innovative time tested process. They are differentiated by their results, experience, innovation, breadth of talent & imagination.

Contour Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Contour Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused on working with companies that provide leading-edge technology enhanced products and services. They partner with passionate entrepreneurs and management teams to build great businesses that will ultimately transform their industries. They have a deep understanding of how difficult it is to transform even the best ideas into successful enterprises.

Conversus Capital
Offices: Guernsey, Channel Islands

Conversus Capital expects to invest 10-25% of its total investments in direct private equity investments. A majority of their direct private equity investments are expected to be investments in individual operating companies in the form of equity, mezzanine debt, equity-linked securities and PIPEs. Conversus expect that the majority of its investments in individual operating companies to be co-investments in portfolio companies of private equity funds in its portfolio.

Offices: Espoo, Finland

Convexa is a leading Norwegian based venture capital company that invests in early stage companies with disruptive technologies in the areas of solar energy and oil technology. Convexa focuses on accelerating these technology companies to international markets. Convexa is an active investor from early stage all the way to IPO or trade sale and has demonstrated value creation from direct investments in a large number of technology companies.

Craton Equity Partners
Offices: Morristown, New Jersey & Los Angeles, California

Craton Equity Partners invests in water remediation, waste conversion and ·green· building materials. They believe that companies providing clean environmental solutions in these areas will be driven by the demands of the market, following public sentiment as well as federal and state regulations. In addition, they find that major global trends are emerging in the clean tech sector to create new and exciting investment opportunities.

Cravey Green Wahlen
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

Cravey, Green & Wahlen is a private equity investment firm which supports management teams in acquisitions and recapitalizations of middle-market companies, typically involving transactions valued between $25·200 million. The firm invests through its managed partnerships, CGW Southeast Partners. With current equity capital under management in excess of $750 million, the firm has focused exclusively on the middle market.

Crawley Ventures
Offices: Denver, Colorado

Crawley Ventures make makes direct investments in private companies and investments in venture funds and hedge funds. Crawley Ventures invests in seed, early, and expansion stage companies seeking capital to fund opportunities with significant growth potential. Portfolio companies are in a broad range of industries including high tech optics, financial services, software, manufacturing and wireless technologies.

Offices: Stockholm, Sweden

Creandum is an independent and partner owned firm that invests in Nordic companies in the technology sectors and currently has approximately 120 million Euros under management. Their most recent fund was opened for investments in Q1 2007 and they are actively looking for new companies to invest in. Their initial investment can be as small as a couple of hundred thousand euros and can go up to 10 million euros over the life cycle of a company.

Creathor Ventures
Offices: Hamburg, Germany & Zurich, Switzerland

Creathor Ventures are looking for entrepreneurs who address new markets and have the potential to turn their company into a global market leader. We are searching for teams who act decisively when building their company. They have 25 years of venture capital experience, investing in more than 200 companies and participating in over 20 IPOs. In addition tot capital, they provide industry knowledge, expertise at building companies, and the network.

Credit Agricole Private Equity
Offices: Paris, France

Crédit Agricole Private Equity is the Crédit Agricole group's private equity arm. Its team of forty professionals supports companies at all stages of their growth and expansion, from start-up right through to sale, in a long-term relationship of mutual trust and proximity. As an active shareholder in over 250 companies, they aim at becoming a leading multi-specialist player in the private equity market.

Creo Capital Partners
Offices: Pacific Palisades, California

Creo Capital Partners, based in is a leading provider of capital to middle-market companies operating in a wide range of industries and in various geographic regions. As part of a multi-billion dollar pool of international investment funds, Creo makes control-oriented investments in established companies generating revenues of $15 million to $150 million and with enterprise values of $10 million to $100 million.

Crescendo Venture Management
Offices: Palo Alto, California

Crescendo provides early-stage funding and growth resources to high-potential companies in the communication and enterprise infrastructure industries. Crescendo's entire global team is focused on a single objective: supporting talented entrepreneurs in their drive to create market-leading companies. To accomplish this goal, they use industry expertise, team-based service structure and global network.

Crescent Capital Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia

Crescent Capital Partners assists companies increase in value through the provision of capital and by providing advice at a strategic and board level. Their investment philosophy is one of partnership with management. For their investors, they seek high returns on investments commensurate with the high risk nature of private equity investment. Crescent has over $500m in funds under management.

Crestview Capital
Offices: Northbrook, Illinois

Crestview Capital invests in public companies with a market capitalization that ranges from 5 million to 300 million dollars. Private placements in public companies are central to their investment strategy, they are also actively acquire micro cap positions in the open market and purchase warrants restricted stock, and other securities in private transactions. Crestview investments focus on health care, technology, energy, and special situations.

Crimson Investments
Offices: Palo Alto, California

Established in 1993, Crimson is an international private equity firm that provides buyout and growth capital financing to middle-market companies capitalizing on the accelerating globalization trend within manufacturing and services industries. With over $850 million under management, Crimson provides a dedicated team of cross-border operating executives.

CM Capital
Offices: Brisbane, Australia

At CM Capital, they partner with the management teams of life sciences and telecommunications companies to help create market leaders in their respective fields. Their team combines management experience, industry knowledge, technology and financial expertise to help their portfolio companies and advisory clients build upon and transform great ideas into great companies.

CMEA Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California

CMEA Ventures was established in 1998 and specializes in high technology and life sciences investments. They invest in both early and late stage companies, and actively partner with their extended network of companies, other VC firms, institutional investors, strategic partners as well as entrepreneurs. CMEA was originally formed as an affiliate of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) in 1989 and became independent in 1997.

CM Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York & Washington, DC

CM Equity Partners is a private equity investment firm that makes controlling investments in middle-market companies operating primarily in the United States and Canada. CM Equity Partners also makes minority investments in certain situations. Since 1993, they have completed over 40 acquisitions, including private and public companies, subsidiaries of public companies, and companies operating in a bankruptcy process.

CMS Small Cap Private Equity Fund
Offices: Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

CMS Small-Cap Private Equity Fund has been helping successful entrepreneurs grow, manage and preserve personal wealth since 1969. On behalf of these select clients, CMS has invested more than $3.5 billion in alternative assets such as private equity and real estate. This experience affords CMS Companies a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing owners as they seek to grow and expand their businesses.

Coachella Valley Angel Network
Offices: Palm Dessert, California

Coachella Valley Angel Network is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and accredited investors that have formed an angel investment group. CV Angel Network is interested in providing early-stage funding to start-up companies·particularly those based in the Coachella Valley. Their members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including medical technology, consumer goods, computer technology and financial services.

Cody Gate Ventures
Offices: Cheltenham, Scotland

Cody Gate Ventures invests in businesses to meet the important needs of global corporations and government. What makes Cody Gate unique is its preferential access o disruptive, government-funded technologies to realize high-value opportunities across a range of sectors. They invest in sectors such as mobile infrastructure, government security, Internet infrastructure & services, renewable energy, medical devices & nanotechnology.

Code Hennessy & Simmons (CHS)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Code Hennessy & Simmons is a middle market private equity firm that was founded upon a core philosophy: they build shareholder value through the strength of their relationships and the soundness of their investment strategies. Code Hennessy & Simmons have formed five private equity funds with commitments totaling over $2.5 billion and invested in 58 platform investments.

Coleman Swenson
Offices: Franklin, Tennessee

Coleman Swenson Booth was established in 1983 to make venture capital investments in all sectors of healthcare and the life sciences. Four funds are currently under management aggregating $188 million. Coleman Swenson has assisted its portfolio companies in raising over $800 million in private equity capital. The partners began their venture capital careers in 1983 managing a portfolio of healthcare companies.

Coller Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Coller Capital is the leading investor in private equity secondaries worldwide, with approximately $8 billion under management. They acquire positions in venture capital, buyout and mezzanine funds, together with portfolios of companies or stakes in companies, from institutions, corporations, government bodies and family offices. Their investment in any one transaction ranges from $1 million to more than $1 billion.

Colony Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Through the identification of supply-demand source imbalances in capital, product types and information availability, Colony Capital achieves attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in real estate, non-performing loans, distressed assets, real estate-dependent operating companies, and select commercial and residential development opportunities throughout the world.

Colony Financial
Offices: Santa Monica, California

Colony Financial is a commercial real estate finance company engaged in acquiring, originating, investing in, financing and managing a diversified portfolio of real estate-related debt investments, with a primary focus on commercial mortgage loans (which may be performing, sub-performing or non-performing loans), CMBS, mezzanine loans, real estate owned properties, debtor-in-possession loans, B-notes, bridge loans and other commercial real estate-related debt investments.

Colt ventures
Offices: Dallas, Texas

Colt Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on life sciences, technology and natural resources. Colt utilizes its team of seasoned investment professionals and industry experts to provide companies with the resources and guidance they need to grow and create value. Colt's combination of investment and insight helps entrepreneurs build market leading companies. Colt invests in businesses that will dramatically alter market segments or create new ones.

Columbia Capital
Offices: Alexandria, Virginia

Columbia Capital is dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs build successful companies and shape the development of new markets. Their track record of success and their approach to early-stage, hands-on investing sets them apart. Columbia Capital has been partnering with early-stage ventures to build communications and technology enterprises for more than twelve years. They have invested more than $700 million in technology ventures.

Coral Group
Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Coral Group (formerly, Coral Ventures) invests in technology driven companies with substantial intrinsic momentum led by strong management teams, with early demand indicators, such as accelerating revenues, increasing product or service utilization, and a growing customer base. They focus on opportunities in high growth markets undergoing imminent transitions.

Cordiant Capital
Offices: Quebec, Montreal

Cordiant is a pre-eminent fund manager of emerging market, private sector investments. With USD1.4 billion in subscriptions since inception and a solid record, the firm counts a number of the world's top institutional investors amongst its clients. Drawn from around the globe and with over 150 years of collective experience, Cordiant's investment professionals manage top quality private equity and debt deals throughout the emerging and high growth markets.

Cordova Ventures
Offices: Alpharetta, Georgia

Cordova Ventures invests in privately-held companies at varying stages of development, including seed and start-up, early-stage and later-stage growth in amounts ranging from $250,000 to $4 million. The firm invests primarily in the Southeast in a wide variety of companies with concentration in information technology, communications, industrial technologies, healthcare services, telecommunications, financial services and real estate development equity financing.

Core Capital Partners
Offices: Washington, DC

Core Capital Partners is a $180 million private equity fund that provides capital to both early-stage ventures and small to mid-sized growth companies. The common thread is that these companies are developing or incorporating disruptive technologies into their businesses. They focus principally on the kinds of "core" or fundamental technologies that enable or enhance information, data and communication. Most of their investments are made on the East Coast.

Offices: Toledo, Ohio

CoreNetwork is a private, independent, and confidential group of individuals who are interested in looking at private equity investment opportunities, primarily in the local area, which may provide an above-average return. CoreNetwork provides a formal structure to accomplish this in a manner which incorporates community and sponsor support intended to improve the likelihood for success of the investee companies.

Corinthian Capital
Offices: New York, New York & Chicago, Illinois

Corinthian Capital was founded in 2005 to invest in small and middle market companies. Their founders have over 80 years of combined private equity investment experience. They have completed over 50 acquisitions with a combined total value of over $1.5 billion. During their nearly 20 years together, they have exclusively focused on making equity investments in manufacturing, distribution, and service companies.

Coriolis Ventures
Offices: New York, New York

Coriolis Ventures is an early stage Venture and incubation fund specializing in new media and infrastructure technology related to Internet advertising. Coriolis provides its portfolio companies with both capital (and in many cases) incubation assistance to help nascent early stage companies accelerate their growth and development.

Cornerstone Angels
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Cornerstone Angels seeks to provide financial capital and mentorship to early-stage companies in the greater Midwest. Their group is a private investment organization composed of highly successful executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. Cornerstone orchestrates a rigorous and disciplined approach to angel investing. Their goal is to help bridge the widening gap between initial start-up capital and institutional financing.

Cornerstone Equity Investors
Offices: New York, New York

Cornerstone Equity Investors is one of the largest and most experienced private equity firms in the United States. Since 1984, the professionals of Cornerstone have raised over $1.2 billion in committed capital. Cornerstone focuses on middle market leveraged buyouts of corporate divisions, closely held private companies and small capitalization public companies.

Cortec Group
Offices: New York, New York

Cortec Group was founded by senior executives of a diversified public company; they bring a record of working with management to achieve excellence in all functional areas of businesses. Cortec Group·s principals collectively have over 150 years of combined experience leading more than 75 different specialty manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. They do not run the companies they acquire; they offer their expertise and resources to management.

Cotton Creek Capital
Offices: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Cotton Creek Capital Management is a multi-strategy investment firm managing investment funds focused on private equity, oil & gas and other asset classes. The firm has been founded upon the relationships and active involvement of Smith Brownlie and Jim Braden, whose Brownlie & Braden advisory firm has been providing financial advisory services to the truly wealthy for over 20 years.

Council Ventures
Offices: Nashville, Tennessee

Council Ventures is focused on early-stage companies with proven, technology-driven value propositions and strong revenue momentum. Council Ventures brings substantial management and operating experience to their portfolio companies through their CEO Council, comprised of 22 former and current CEOs of major corporations and institutions.

Court Square Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Court Square Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm established by the former members of Citigroup Venture Capital Equity Partners. For 20 years, the investment professionals at Court Square have invested in a wide variety of industries over the course of numerous economic and financial cycles, gaining broad experience in evaluating and managing private equity investments.

Court Square Ventures
Offices: Charlottesville, Virginia

Court Square Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage communications, information technology, and media companies, with a particular interest in points of convergence between these industries. The firm·s deep understanding of its three target sectors stems from the partners· 60 years of operating and investing experience in these areas. Court Square uses this base of experience to support young companies.

Covera Ventures
Offices: Austin-Dallas, Texas

Covera Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology companies with a primary focus on infrastructure, wireless and mobility, software, and technology-enabled service companies. Their team of experienced investment professionals is committed to working with entrepreneurs to build great companies that address unmet needs in the marketplace.

Covington Capital
Offices: Toronto, Ontario

Covington Capital is the investment manager to five Ontario-based Labour Sponsored Investment Funds: Covington Fund I, Covington Fund II , New Millennium Venture Fund, Triax Growth Fund and the Venture Partners Fund. The Covington team has over 150 years of combined experience and focuses on growth and maximization of shareholder value. Covington Capital currently manages combined assets of approximately $465 million.

Concept Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California

Concept Ventures invests in early stage companies in the Information and Media Technology sectors. They believe that a successful new enterprise must offer a solid management team, a clearly differentiated value proposition in a growing market segment, disruptive technology, and a sustainable business model. Creating shareholder value by helping young companies formulate valuable ideas to take never-before-commercialized products.

Concert Venture Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California

Concert Venture Capital is a private equity firm that partners with the founders and management teams of profitable businesses experiencing rapid growth. They work in concert with entrepreneurs - offering their capital, their financial and operating expertise, and their network of industry relationships. They encourage entrepreneurs and business owners seeking capital, liquidity and view themselves as a true partner for their next phase of growth.

Concord Ventures
Offices: Herzliya, Israel

Concord Ventures is one of the leading venture firms in Israel. With $260 million under management, they concentrate their investments in early and later-stage companies in the areas of: Datcom and Telecommunications; Software Applications and Internet Infrastructure; Medical Technologies and Biotechnology; and, Semiconductors. They dedicate substantial time and resources to companies in their portfolio, taking an active role in strategic planning, recruiting, business development and corporate partnerships.

Conduit Ventures
Offices: London, England

Conduit Ventures is the first EU venture capital company which specializes on fuel cells and related hydrogen technologies. They are the only firm with such a focus and a global reach. Their ambition is to become the leading independent global provider of venture capital to different fuel cell and related hydrogen technologies industries, in order to generate superior financial returns for investors.


Connecticut Innovations
Offices: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Since 1995, Connecticut Innovations has become the state's leading investor in high-technology companies, having invested more than $109 million to attract and retain growing companies, create high-paying jobs and increase Connecticut's intellectual capital. Investments typically range from $500,000 to $2 million in the form of equity and convertible debt.

Conning Capital Partners
Offices: Hartford, Connecticut

Conning Capital Partners with approximately $600 million currently under management, the firm is focused on investing in financial services and healthcare services companies. Their main areas of investment include all forms of insurance, banking and finance, capital markets, health care services and employee benefits, and supporting services and technology enterprises within these industries.

Conor Venture Partners
Offices: Espoo, Finland

Conor Venture Partners Oy is a new breed technology venture capital fund and management company. Conor invests in early-stage companies originating from Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. Investment areas include information and communications technology, embedded software, semiconductor technology, electronics, new materials and optics.

Conrad H Hilton Foundation
Offices: Reno, Nevada & Los Angeles, California

Established in 1944 by hotel entrepreneur, Conrad N. Hilton, the foundation remained relatively small until his death on January 3, 1979 when it was named the principal beneficiary of his estate. Offices are located in Los Angeles, California and Reno, Nevada. The Foundation and its related charitable entities have total assets in excess of $3.4 billion. Since inception, the Foundation has awarded in excess of $800 million in grants. Currently more than 50% supports international charitable projects.

Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Offices: Radnor, Pennsylvania

Cross Atlantic Capital Partners founded in 1999, with more than $350 million under management, concentrates its investments in technology companies located in the United States, Ireland, and England. Its portfolio includes Gain Capital, eCount, Marrakech, and Rubicon Technology. Cross Atlantic Capital Partners (XACP) is a venture capital management firm operating several venture funds to deliver superior returns to its investors.

Crossbar Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Crossbar Capital invests in software, Internet and technology enabled services companies. Crossbar looks for companies with the potential to seize market leading positions through technical innovation that establishes new market segments, or by implementing business models that fundamentally disrupt the competitive dynamic within existing large markets.

Crossbow Ventures
Offices: West Palm Beach, Florida

Crossbow Ventures manages $160 million on behalf of European and American institutions and individuals. The firm concentrates its lead investments in the Southeastern US and co-invests with a number of other venture capital funds across the US industry sectors include Information Technology, Telecommunications, Life Sciences/Healthcare and Financial Services/Transaction Processing.

CrossBridge Venture Partners
Offices: San Bruno, California & Tokyo, Japan

CrossBridge Venture Partners is a private equity fund managed by a group of highly experienced investment professionals who have successfully teamed together in the past. The primary aim is to earn substantial capital gains by linking the explosive growth of Silicon Valley technology companies to the Asian markets. Their hands-on approach offers portfolio companies both timely and strategic access to the world's second largest market.

Cross Creek Capital
Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah

Cross Creek Capital seeks to provide late-stage venture capital funding for private companies with significant return potential that are expected to go public within three years. Portfolio companies are selected through a process of deep due diligence utilizing Wasatch's time-tested investment discipline of bottom-up, fundamental analysis.

Crosscut Ventures
Offices: Santa Monica, California

Crosscut Ventures is looking for entrepreneurs with a vision that crosscuts conventional thinking around media consumption, distribution and monetization. They want to work with entrepreneurs who have the foresight, personal fortitude and perseverance to take their ideas of the future and make them happen. In a big way. Crosscut wants to be a partner to those entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to win.

CrossHarbor Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

CrossHarbor Capital Partners' private equity investment activities are focused on the acquisition and activities are focused on the acquisition and creation of operating business in the financial services, asset management and business services, asset management and business services sectors. They are "control" investors and are the sole or lead equity investor in their portfolio companies.

Crosslink Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California

Crosslink's founders of began working together in 1989, when industry veteran Sy Kaufman founded the Omega Ventures arm of Robertson Stephens. Over the next decade, the founders of Crosslink established themselves as leading emerging growth investors, investing in private and public companies through a family of venture, crossover and hedge funds. Crosslink Capital manages over $700 million in assets.

Crosspoint Venture Partners
Offices: Woodside-Irvine, California

Crosspoint has a capital base of approximately $2 billion. With their early stage funds, they invest up to $40 million per project. In addition, they can participate in their portfolio companies' follow-on rounds with their late stage funds, up to an additional $10 million per project. Crosspoint invests in early stage companies in two strategic areas·E-Business Services and Broadband Infrastructure.

CrossTechnology Venture Partners
Offices: Tokyo, Japan

CrossTechnology Venture Partners specializes in helping US based companies enter the Japanese market. They partner with leading US venture capital firms, helping their best portfolio companies. Their role is to help your business. Their greatest value is your market expansion of Japan. The CrossTechnology senior level relationships, with over 200 top Japanese companies, get you immediate attention with minimal time and effort.

Crow Holdings
Offices: Dallas, Texas

Crow Holdings is the investment firm that owns and directs the investments of the Trammell Crow family and its investment partners. Today, Crow Holdings has a substantial stake in the ownership of various businesses, both real estate and non-real estate related, with a level of involvement in the management of these companies that ranges from active to passive. Their holdings also include significant, diversified positions in financial investments.

Crown Capital Partners
Offices: Regina, Saskatchewan & Toronto, Ontario

Crown Capital Partners is a leading provider of growth capital to middle-market companies throughout Canada. Their team specializes in providing specialized financing solutions including subordinated term and bridge loans for acquisitions, management buy-outs, growth financings and recapitalizations. Crown Capital Partners typically invests $5 million to $25 million in any one transaction and is capable of financing significantly larger transactions.

Crystal Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Crystal Capital provides debt and equity funding to middle market companies in the US and abroad. For more than ten years, their team has helped clients in a variety of industries and their financial and strategic objectives by providing the appropriate capital structure to meet their needs. Their experience, strong industry alliances and commitment to respond quickly are the cornerstones of their success and their clients.

Crystal Ventures
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio; Palo Alto, California & Singapore

Crystal Internet Ventures is dedicated to the continuation of Internet investments, their only business. Formed with a combination of technical expertise, financial prowess, marketing know-how, and the first-hand experience of growing companies from the ground up, the firm presents itself as a partner to both entrepreneurs and fellow-investors. Leveraging their domestic and international connections, they look to place a value-added investment.

CSFB Private Equity
Offices: New York, New York & Zurich, Switzerland

CSFB Private Equity is the global private equity arm of CSFB, is one of the largest managers of alternative assets in the world, with over $25 billion in funds under management. CSFB Private Equity is comprised of investment funds that focus on domestic and international leveraged buyouts, structured equity investments, mezzanine investments, real estate investments, venture capital and growth capital investments and investments in other private equity funds.

CSK Venture Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & San Francisco, California

CSK Venture Capital is taking advantage of the vast resources of CSK Group. They have invested in a broad range of IT segments including software, hardware, telecommunication, and IT services. Over 80% of their investments are in IT segments. CSK has a worldwide network built through years of global investment experiences here and abroad. CSK supports their portfolio companies coming into Japanese market.

CSLA Capital
Offices: Tokyo, Japan

CLSA Capital Partners is the alternative asset management arm of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, Asia's leading independent investment bank and part of one of the world's top financial institutions. With funds well over US$1 billion, CLSA Capital Partners offers a diversified and increasing range of investment vehicles.

C&T Access Ventures
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio

C&T Access Ventures is a $44 million venture capital fund sponsored by Christian & Timbers, one of the leading retained executive search firms, and were created to co-invest in private venture-stage companies with whom Christian & Timbers has business or professional relationships.Their venture opportunities come to them because of the quality and depth of business and professional relationships that Christian & Timbers has with the venture community.

CTEK Angels
Offices: Denver, Colorado

CTEK is a statewide partnership of independent, non-profit community ·Venture Centers· that provide innovative entrepreneurs with the expertise, resources, and capital sources they need to grow their company to the next level in business. Each Venture Center is committed to helping entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses in Colorado. CTEK focuses on innovative companies with high growth potential.

Cubera Private Equity
Offices: Oslo, Norway & Stockholm, Sweden

Cubera Private Equity is an independent and fully partner owned Nordic fund advisor dedicated to private equity. The partners of Cubera Private Equity were key players in building several Nordic private equity portfolios, and have completed more than 40 fund investments in Nordic private equity. This ensures that Cubera Private Equity has the skills and experience to select premium funds.

Cue Ball Group
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

Cue Ball Group is a venture capital firm built on a distinct, human capital philosophy: it is all about the people. Their partners are self-made business builders whose track records include running the world's largest information media company and founding groundbreaking Internet and consumer businesses. Cue Ball seeks that rare intersection of extraordinary people and pioneering ideas backed by sound business fundamentals.

Cultivian Ventures
Offices: Carmel, Indiana

Cultivian Ventures seeks investment opportunities across a wide range of technologies addressing large opportunities in the food or agricultural markets, including: Novel products or byproducts, as well as novel technologies serving the biofuels and renewable chemicals industries; Waste/odor management and utilization; and, Novel processing and storage technologies, crop pest control, crop genetics.

Curious Office
Offices: Seattle, Washington

Conceived in 2005, Curious Office was established in recognition of a new trend emerging in web development. Increasingly, small teams using emerging development frameworks, better tools and web services could deploy game changing new applications on small budgets and within extremely short periods of time.

Custer Capital
Offices: Columbus, Ohio & Toronto, Ontario

Custer Capital is a venture capital firm financing early stage to post IPO growth companies in technology, telecommunications and healthcare. The firm offers strategic counsel in a number of business areas, including business plans, venture capital, marketing, product planning, organization development, finance and human resources. Their initial investments range from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and they typically invest additional amounts over the life cycle of a portfolio company.

Cutlass Capital
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & San Francisco, California

Cutlass Capital is a private venture capital partnership investing exclusively in health care. Their goal is to partner with outstanding entrepreneurs to create the next generation of revolutionary and innovative health care companies. They believe that a venture capitalist's role with a portfolio company should go far beyond providing financial capital.

CVC Capital Partners
Offices: London, England

CVC is an independent buy-out firm founded in 1981. They manage US$ 9 billion in equity capital and have completed over 250 acquisitions with a total value in excess of US$ 40 billion. CVC is a multinational firm with a long standing local presence across Europe. Even in a united Europe there are many contrasting business cultures and an in-depth understanding of the local environment is crucial to the success of their business.

CX Venture Capital Group
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan

Cheng Xin (CX) Venture Capital Group, established in 1990, manages eight funds representing over US$160 million of capital. CX Venture Capital Group makes investment decisions for its family of funds in both the high technology and biotechnology industries throughout North America and Asia Pacific regions. High technology investments primarily include energy, electronics, optoelectronics, communications, information technology and software.

Cycad Group
Offices: Carpinteria, California

Cycad Group is a venture capital firm focusing on investments in companies with enabling solutions, disruptive technologies and innovative products. They seek opportunities to work with exceptional entrepreneurs creating technology driven businesses. Cycad is opportunistic and doesn·t limit its investment activities to any single industry sector.

Cycle Capital Management
Offices: Montreal, QC

Cycle Capital is a pioneer among Canadian venture capital funds focused on the cleantech sector. The fund invests in companies developing and commercializing clean technologies and projects in renewable energy generation that are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing resources use, and decreasing impacts over their entire life cycle.

Champlain Capital Partners
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts & San Francisco, California

Champlain Capital Partners is a $140 million private equity fund dedicated to working with owners and management teams of middle-market companies. They provide equity capital and financial, strategic, and operational expertise to assist owners and management teams in providing liquidity for shareholders, making strategic acquisitions, and financing major capital expenditures or growth programs.

CHAMP Private Equity
Offices: Sydney-Brisbane, Australia

The CHAMP family of funds cover the who range of private equity activity, with specialist teams focusing on early stage, expansion and buy-outs. The association with castle Harlan provides CHAMP investee companies with access to global contacts and information at many levels in finance, trade and industry sectors.

CHAMP Ventures
Offices: Sydney, Australia

CHAMP Ventures is part of the CHAMP Group, one of Australia·s leading private equity managers with over $2 billion in funds under management. In overseas markets, they can draw on the networks and resources of their shareholder, Castle Harlan Inc., a pioneering US private equity firm founded in 1987. They provide capital for buy-outs, expansion and acquisition of share in mainly private companies.

Change Capital partners
Offices: Skokie, Illinois

Change Capital Partners is a private equity fund focused on buy-outs of middle market consumer-related companies across Europe. Change Capital was created in 2003 by Luc Vandevelde, former Chairman of Carrefour and Marks & Spencer and current board member of Vodafone and Société Générale. Change Capital leverages its unmatched expertise in all aspects of retail and consumer operations to assist management teams in dramatically improving their companies.

Channel Medical Partners
Offices: Skokie, Illinois

Channel Medical Partners seeks out high quality late stage investments in medical technology companies. They recognize that late-stage private financing for medical technology companies is often time consuming and difficult to complete. This stage of financing has historically represented a narrow channel or bottleneck for emerging growth companies·capital provided by earlier stage venture capital investors and institutions.

Charlesbank Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & New York, New York

Charlesbank Capital Partners is a private equity firm making middle-market investments in US companies. They invest across a range of industries, backing skilled management teams to acquire and build fundamentally sound businesses. Their team has worked together for more than a decade; since 1991 They have invested over $1 billion in 44 companies, developing a record of consistent, superior results through several economic cycles.

Charles River Ventures
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts & Menlo Park, California

Charles River Ventures is one of the oldest and most successful venture capital firms. Companies like Cascade, CIENA, Chipcom, NetGenesis, Parametric Technology, Sonus, Speechworks, Stratus Computer, Sybase, Vignette and dozens more have gone from idea to reality with the financial, managerial and visionary backing of CRV. The firm's investment returns are consistently among the highest of venture capital.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Offices: Flit, Michigan

As a foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation believes that learning how people can live together most effectively is one of the fundamental needs of humanity. In so doing, people create a sense of "community," or belonging, whether at the local neighborhood level or as a global society. Building strong communities through collaboration provides a basis for positive change.

Charleston Angel Partners (CHAP)
Offices: Charleston, South Carolina

The Charleston Angel Partners is a member-driven organization composed of a group of Charleston area business professionals who work together to help support high growth economic development in the region. They screen and evaluate qualified start-ups looking for seed capital. Membership is open to area men and women who are qualified individual investors, and have business or professional experience which can be employed in the group·s research.

Charterhouse Group
Offices: New York, New York

Founded in 1973, Charterhouse Group is a privately-owned investment firm that actively acquires and manages middle-market companies. Combining innovative thinking and significant financial resources, they partner with experienced and proven operating managers to make private equity investments in established businesses with enterprise values between $100 million and $500 million. Today, they manage in excess of $1.3 billion in capital.

-Charter- (cont.)

Charter Life Sciences (CLS)
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Cincinnati, Ohio

Charter Life Sciences is a clinical stage life sciences venture capital investor. CLS makes initial portfolio company investments in life sciences companies that are seeking capital to obtain initial clinical proof-of-efficacy of their products, and they continue to support their successful portfolio companies with follow on investments until they are acquired or go public.

Charter Oak Equity
Offices: Westport, Connecticut

Charter Oak Equity was formed in 2006. The firm invests in niche manufacturing, medical products and financial services companies with enterprise values between $20 and $150 million. The general partners average over 20 years of investing and operating experience and have worked together at Charter Oak Capital Partners since 1999. Their executive partners serve as advisors, deal finders and board members.

Charter Venture Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California

Charter Venture Capital has been an active and dedicated force in the growth of Silicon Valley . Charter Ventures takes the long view. They selectively invest in early-stage companies poised to create significant value for all parties over time in these industries: communications, software and life sciences. This balanced approach enables them to move forward through the ups and downs of each sector.

Chart Venture Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Chart Venture Partners is a $100M early stage venture capital fund investing in security related technologies with government and commercial applications. They invest in highly differentiated opportunities with large markets where they add value through their industry experience, network of relationships and technology insight. Chart was founded through an exclusive agreement between the Chart Group and InSitech.

Chatham Capital
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

Chatham Capital is a mezzanine finance firm that concentrates on small to middle market companies with sustainable cash flow from operations. Chatham principally invests in health care, manufacturing, and service companies with revenues of at least $10 million. Chatham Capital does not make early-stage, venture capital or real estate investments.

Chazen Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

Chazen Capital Partners was established in 1997 as a private investment partnership. They provide equity capital and support to growth opportunities in both traditional and new economy businesses. They focus on companies that work on any or all links in the value chain stretching from manufacturing to consumer sales. At one end of this chain they may work with a technology company that creates efficiency in the order processing between retailers and their suppliers.

CHB Capital Partners
Offices: Denver, Colorado & Atlanta, Georgia

CHB Capital Partners was founded with one objective·provide closely held and family owned businesses with the equity capital and expertise required for smooth ownership transitions and sustained growth. They know that to succeed they must understand the complex characteristics of ownership transitions within closely held businesses.

Chengwei Ventures
Offices: Shanghai, China

Chengwei Ventures backs entrepreneurial companies that have scalable business opportunities in the Chinese economy. They are first and foremost in the business of backing capable entrepreneurs, and seek to add value to the creation and building of their businesses. They invest in a variety of industries including communication software, enterprise software, financial services, IC design, niche component manufacturing, healthcare and media.

Cherington Capital
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cherington Capital is a private equity investment firm focused on recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts of middle market companies. They only invest in partnership with successful and experienced management teams seeking to grow their business. In the last ten years, their team has led or co-led more than ten leveraged acquisitions in a range of industries with transaction sizes from $10 to $70 million.

Cherrystone Angel Group
Offices: Providence, Rhode Island

Cherrystone Angel Group, founded in 2004 with more than 30 members, is Rhode Island·s first organized angel investment group. All their members are experienced and qualified investors who have either built their own companies or have extensive experience launching new business ventures. Many have done both. Their backgrounds include creating or working with manufacturing, distribution, technology, and service companies.

Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club
Offices: Columbia, Maryland

The Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club. The Club is a manager-led Maryland limited liability company angel investing fund. The Club was organized to provide its members an opportunity for active involvement in an early-stage private equity fund. The primary focus of the Club is to invest in early-stage companies with significant growth potential that operate in large markets and are run by talented management.

Chess Ventures
Offices: London, England & San Francisco, California

Chess Ventures is a private equity firm that invests in earlier-stage technology companies that have direct application to the financial services industry. The firm is funded in part by the Schwab family. Chess Ventures is the investment vehicle used to conduct the strategic investment activities of the firm. The investment team is led by Charles Schwab, Jr. and the shareholders include both the Schwab family and large financial institutions located outside of the United States.

CI Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York

CI Capital Partners is a leading private equity investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts of middle-market companies located primarily in North America. The firm was founded in 1993 to invest private capital on behalf of Caxton Associates, a New York investment management firm. Their heritage has shaped a unique culture built around long-term equity investments and high integrity.

CIC Partners
Offices: Dallas, Texas

CIC Partners' investment success begins and ends with successful operators. CIC's investment strategy ensures success throughout the life cycle of an investment. They partner with proven management that has demonstrated excellence and desires to develop a meaningful equity position in a growing business. They strive to align management incentives with those of the investors throughout the life cycle of the investment.

CID Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

CID Capital has financed the growth plans of emerging technology companies, funded management buyouts, supported acquisition strategies, and helped position companies for their initial public offerings. CID Capital's experience in meeting the capital requirements of nearly 100 portfolio companies has enabled their investment professionals to develop the skills and insight to structure financial arrangements that are both fair and effective.

CID Equity Partners
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

CID Equity Partners, founded in 1981, is a leading provider of private equity and debt financing to high growth companies throughout the Mid-America region. The firm is actively managing seed, venture and mezzanine capital funds which together total nearly $440 million. Industries of interest include information technology, life sciences, business services and manufacturing.


Cimino & Associati Private Equity (CAPE)
Offices: Milano, Italy

Cimino & Associati Private Equity invests equity in small and medium size companies operating in Northern Italy, mainly through buy-outs. Cape activity starts in 1999, when Simone Cimino, former managing partner of LBO Italia, launches his first fund with a group of private investors. CAPE organization is made up of 15 professionals: 3 managing partners, 3 partners, 2 investment managers and 7 investment analysts.

Offices: London, England

Established in 1977, Cinven is one of the most prominent and successful investors in the European buyout market. Their reputation has been built on their pioneering transactions, the quality of their people and the exceptional success of their funds. Their achievements rest on proven ability to apply effective investment strategies to their portfolio of leading companies, thereby creating value and long term growth.

Cipio Partners
Offices: Munich, Germany

Cipio Partners is a leading investment management firm in the secondary direct market. Founded in mid-2003, Cipio Partners manages an international portfolio of early and later-stage venture capital and mid-market investments. Representative portfolio companies include Broadbus Technologies, Danger and MontaVista Software in the US as well as Saifun Semiconductors and DiBcom in Europe.

Circle Peak Capital
Offices: New York, New York

Circle Peak Capital is a private equity firm that invests alongside founders and management to build market leading companies in the consumer, industrial, and financial services sectors. By leveraging the firm's deep industry expertise and exclusive network of operating executives, their partnership strategy empowers management to enter new markets, pursue new opportunities, and grow sustainable businesses.

Chicago Growth Partners (CGP)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Growth Partners is committed both to its investments and its investors, as it concentrates in the lower middle market in four industries: business and consumer services, healthcare, industrial growth and information technology. CGP distinguishes itself through its experienced team·including in-house marketing, information technology and operations expertise, its approach to the development and execution of strategies designed to build success.

Chicago Venture Partners
Offices: Murray, Utah & Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Venture Partners is a private equity investment firm specializing in buyouts, late stage growth equity investments and PIPES (private investments in public entities). Their constant striving is to find and create circumstances that combine three factors that are critical to investment success. These are great business opportunities, uncommon managerial talent, and financial capital.

Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
Offices: London, England

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation is an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organization formally linked to an investment fund, which contributes a portion of its management fees and profits to the foundation. CIFF aims to deliver large-scale, long-term transformational advances for children as evidenced by clear indicators for children to survive, thrive and mature successfully into adulthood.

Offices: San Francisco, California

ChinaVest was the first independent American venture capital firm to be established in Greater China and is among the oldest venture firms operating in the region. Founded in 1983, their singular mission is to provide long term investment capital and management expertise to growing companies doing business in or with the economies of Greater China. At the core of their strategy is the blending of Chinese entrepreneurship with American managerial and financial discipline.

Chippewa Valley Angel Investor Network
Offices: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network began operating in April, 2003 in an effort to provide a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs seeking equity financing in the Chippewa Valley. Supported by Momentum Chippewa Valley, the network is owned and operated by its member angel investors, and meets monthly to view presentations from businesses who have been pre-selected and invited to present.

CHL Medical Partners
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut

The people at CHL Medical Partners have been active founders of leading medical technology companies for over two decades, providing capital support to over 80 companies in the sector, the majority of which have grown to become successful publicly traded entities. They work closely with entrepreneurs at each stage of a company's development, actively participating in creating and executing business development strategies.

Chrysalix Energy
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia

Chrysalix Energy invests in and supports game changing clean technology companies that are helping to build the new energy economy. They invest in early to mid-stage companies with exceptional teams developing products and business models that change how they use natural resources to support sustainable economic activity, while minimizing environmental impacts.

Chrysalis Ventures
Offices: Louisville, Kentucky

Chrysalis Ventures is a leading source of equity capital for growth companies in the Southeast and Midwest. They have more than $200 million under management and have made investments in over 40 companies. Chrysalis identifies and nurtures promising early-stage companies poised for growth. To these investments, they contribute not just capital but hands-on experience and assistance.

Offices: San Bruno, California & Tokyo, Japan

ChrysCapital manages $1 billion across four funds and aspires to build the leading investment firm focused on India. Their disciplined investment approach translates the growth in the Indian economy into superior returns for their investors. They have developed a strong track record with several successful realizations. They look to build domain expertise in selected sectors and then proactively look to identify leading companies.

Chuo Mitsui Capital (CMC)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan

Chuo Mitsui Capital is active in three particular areas of investment: mezzanine finance, growth capital and venture capital. CMC serves investors both in Japan and overseas, seeking to provide solutions that match the client's financial needs. CMC works aggressively to resolve the client's problems, offering a variety of structured finance solutions that address the capital policy challenges that the client faces.

Churchill Financial
Offices: New York, New York

Churchill Financial Middle Market Finance is a leading provider of senior and subordinated debt financing to middle market companies that are backed by leading private equity firms and other investors. Churchill Financial is part of the Churchill Financial Group, which was founded in 2006 with a goal of building the preeminent commercial finance company focusing on middle market companies and the private equity firms that own them.

VC & Angel list continued...



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