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Please Read This Membership Agreement Before Joining As A Paid Member Of Angel Vision Investors™.

1. INTRODUCTION. This Service Agreement is entered into between Angel Vision Investors™, its successors and assigns, hereinafter, "Angel Vision Investors™" and you, the member, hereinafter, "Member", the service of providing the Member with the data, hereinafter is the, "Members Area" . Angel Vision Investors™ is a unique online members only information Center, which provides members with specific information that can aid in their search for a venture capital partner.

2. MEMBER'S ACCOUNT. Upon joining as a member, the user will gain access to our private members only area of the site. Once logged into the private members only area users will gain access to the various information and data available. Any unauthorized use of the Angel Vision Investors™ members area will be grounds for termination of this Agreement by Angel Vision Investors™ and or cancellation of a Members membership.

3. TERM OF AGREEMENT. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of service and of this agreement and any future versions. Both parties hereto will be acting in an individual capacity and not as agents, employees, partners, joint ventures, or associates of one another.

4. PERFORMANCE. Angel Vision Investors™ shall be deemed to have performed its obligations under this Agreement upon providing the Member access to our members area. However, Angel Vision Investors™ reserves the right to refuse access of services to any member for any reason it deems appropriate. Angel Vision Investors™ does not provide any guarantee that a Member will secure a venture capital partner or funding for the Members startup through use of the Members area. Should any provision of this Agreement be found invalid, ineffective or unenforceable under present or future laws, the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated. No waiver of breach of any provision of this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of any other breach, or of such provision. Failure of Angel Vision Investors™ to enforce at any time any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver thereof. The remedies reserved by Angel Vision Investors™ under this Agreement shall be cumulative and additional to any other remedies in law or equity.

5. SUBSCRIPTION REQUIREMENTS. You, the Member, by registering for our Members Area, hereby affirm that you are of legal adult age as deemed by the governing authorities of the client's country of origin.

6. PAYMENT. We currently accept payment for a Angel Vision Investors™ services by credit card only. We do not accept payments by mail at this time.

7. WEB SITE AND SERVICE USAGE. Angel Vision Investors™ service is only meant for use by individuals or companies who are seeking venture capital and information that can aid in the search to locate funding. Since we are primarily a service that sells information in the form of our "Members Area" we do not guarantee any the member will find venture capital. We do not guarantee that a member will be able to find a venture capital investors or angel investor as these are all areas beyond our realm of control. Angel Vision Investors will have been deemed to have fulfilled it's obligations to a member in terms of services rendered by providing the the Member with access to our product which is information contained in our Members area, what happens to a Member after that in terms of actually getting offers or getting funding from VC's or angels or investors becomes the members own responsibility. New clients will be considered active members starting from the time they receive their first welcome letter from us providing access to the members back office area. This happens shortly after a Member completes their payment and joins. Any member found using the our service for any other use, commercial or otherwise, without our express given consent will have their account access deleted. Members hereby agree that Angel Vision Investors™ and its employees, agents, affiliates, partners, advertisers, or assigns are not liable for any costs of damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of the members area, including any indirect, incidental, exemplary, multiple, special, punitive, liquidated, or consequential damages. If a member decides to accept funding or enter into a legal agreement with one of the venture capital partners or angel investors in the attempt to get venture capital then they do so at their sole descretion and therefore Angel Vision Investors™ cannot be held liable in anyway for any consequences that may result from doing so. Members agree to hold Angel Vision Investors™ harmless for any resulting damages either financial or otherwise from using any of the available venture capital firms or angel investors or lenders of any other which potentially might make an offer to the member. We do not evaluate or appraise the merit or marketability of a members startup, product, service, idea or invention. Therefore, if we or our sales consultants, including but not limited to affiliates, tell you, for example, that your idea is ‘good,’ is ‘potentially marketable,’ is commercially feasible’ or that it has a good chance of getting funded, or that it is ‘promotable,’ such statements represent only a very approximate optinion, Angel Vision Investors™ or its sales consultants, and in no way imply that a competent and objective appraisal or evaluation of the merit or marketability of your startup and or it's product and services has been conducted. Investors in our database have no affiliation or agreements with Angel Vision Investors. Due to the rapidly changing industry our database of investors and VC firms and angels is often changing and being updated, and some investors may no longer be current and or no longer available. A refundable application fee will be required before a Members information is sent out to the database of investors. The disclosure of a Members contact information by Angel Vision Investors to the Investors does not guarantee that investors will automatically begin contacting the Member, nor does it ensure that they will be contacted at all, as it's up to the investors to decide what members are in their best interests to contact to open discussions. Also the completion of a member submitting an application fee does not guarantee that the member will secure funding or receive offers for their start up. Angel Vision Investors does not provide evaluation of commercial potential; thus, it has provided no positive or negative evaluation of our members ideas prior to rendering service. Members requiring an evaluation of their product, service or idea or it's feasibility should do this before using the services at Angel Vision Investors. Furthermore members agree to hold Angel Vision Investors harmless from any and all liabilities or damages arrising directly or indirectly from the members use of the information available in the members area. Members should avoid adding anything to their pitchdeck or business proposal that is deemed as secretive or specialized knowledge that they don't want the general public to see, or that they would want copied by others. Membership time frames in months indicate the amount of time that Angel Vision Investors will conduct service on the members behave. Following that time frame if the Member selects not to renew their service then they're account will be closed, which officially concludes the service. Due to the rapidly changing industry we do not assume responsibility in any way for the information that is available to our Members in our Members Area. The use of any other service or website that a member could end up using derived from information in our Members Area is completely at the Members own risk and we do not actively do any background checks, prescreenings or checks on service providers, angel investors, investors, or venture capital firms listed in our Members Area or listed in our databases which proposals are sent out to. By becoming a Member you hereby exclude Angel Vision Investors™ from any liability that may result in the use of any additional services that might be derived from information contained in our members area.

8. TERMINATION. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason. A Member must provide notice of intent to terminate to Angel Vision Investors™ by fax or email. Without prior notice, Angel Vision Investors™ may terminate this Agreement, a Members account, or a Members use of the members area, for any reason, including, without limitation, if Angel Vision Investors™, in its sole discretion, believes a Members has violated this Agreement, our Acceptable Use Policy, or any of the applicable user policies. Angel Vision Investors™ may terminate your account without notice. (this is very rare and only in the most extreme of situations).

9. UPDATES. Angel Vision Investors™ may revise, amend, or modify this Agreement and any other user policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. Angel Vision Investors™ may assign this agreement to its successors or to any other organization without notice to the Member. By becoming a Member, you hereby agree to have read and accepted the terms and conditions listed in this agreement. The information contained on this page is legally binding between you the Member and Angel Vision Investors™ until or if such a time as one or both decide to terminate the said agreement. If you agree with all the statements contained herein please proceed to place your order and become a member upon which you will be bound by these terms in this legally binding agreement, however, if you do not agree with all these terms and conditions then please email us before becoming a member.

10. DISCLAIMER. Angel Vision Investors™ is a unique online website and Members Area, which provides Members with specific services, resources and information that can aid in their search for venture capital. Angel Vision Investors™ has no specialized contact or agreements with the angel investors, investment firms or venture capital firms or lenders or websites or service providers listed in our Members Area and or contained in our database of investors that we send proposals out to. Angel Vision Investors™ does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any information in our Members Area. We do not prescreen any of the investors or contacts listed in our members area nor do we prescreen any of the websites or service providers. Angel Vision Investors™ makes no express warranties or guarantees and waives all implied guarantees, including, but not limited to the guarantees at our website. By becoming a member of Angel Vision Investors™, you hereby agree to have read and accepted the terms and conditions on this page. To read this page again in future you should bookmark this page for future reference.

11. JURISDICTION. This agreement is governed by the state and has jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement and the Services. You consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts sitting in the country of Sweden with respect to such matters or otherwise between you and Angel Vision Investors™, and you waive your rights to removal or consent to removal.

12. REMEDIES. If you are dissatisfied with being a member of Angel Vision Investors™ or any related terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices of Angel Vision Investors™, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the website and, if you are a Member, to terminate your account. Due to the work involved to provide the service, Angel Vision Investors limits the time frame of the money back guarantee to twenty four hours after a Member joins. After this time frame is over the money back guarantee is no longer valid, and is null and void. Should any disputes arise with respect to this Agreement, both parties agree to act immediately to resolve any such disputes. Time is of the essence in the resolution of disputes. Upon agreement by the parties, any disputes may be resolved through arbitration. The decision of the arbitrator shall be binding upon both parties. Sections 3, 5, 7, and 11 of this Agreement shall survive termination.

14. MISCELLANEOUS. Angel Vision Investors™ may revise, amend, or modify this Agreement and any other user policies and agreements at any time and in any manner.Angel Vision Investors™ is a subsiduary of Angel Vision Investors LLC. The Angel Vision Investors LLC has offices based in Los Angeles. With offices world wide. Europe Corporate Headquarters for Angel Vision Investors LLC are located at: Tegeluddsvägen 76, 115 28 Stockholm, Sweden. Angel Vision Investors™ Russian Corporate Offices: Russia, Permskaja provinces, Perm, 614068, st. Dzerzhinskogo, 59, office B-210. Our U.S. Offices located at: 5670 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1800 Los Angeles, CA, 90036. Currently Angel Vision Investors™ is not accepting corrispondences by mail. Also please do not send any payments by mail. To contact us visit the contact page of the site located at: (www.angelvisioninvestors.com/contact.htm) Our telephone number and email is available on our contact page. Angel Vision Investors™ may assign this agreement to its successors or to any other organization without notice to the Member. Only if a prospective Member agree with these terms and conditions are they allowed to place an order and join as a Member of the Angel Vision Investors™ website and services. By ordering from Angel Vision Investors™, a Member hereby agree to have read and accepted the terms and conditions listed in this agreement. Members hereby agree to have received proper legal clarification by a trained legal professional and or have contacted the Angel Vision Investors™ staff to fully ensure that the Members understands everything on this page and or in relation to the services the Member is signing up to receive. By becoming a Member of this website http://www.angelvisioninvestors.com you the Member hereby agree to this statement: "I hereby have completed my duediligence and have carefully read and fully understand and agree to the terms, conditions, user agreement, and disclsimers, each subsection of this agreement, and all the statements listed on this page, furthermore I fully understand the services provided by Angel Vision Investors™ that I'm signing up for as well as, my rights and responsibilities as a Angel Vision Investors™ Member".

By all parties knowing there rights and responsibilities this will help to ensure a mutually beneficial user experience. We thank you for your interest in our website and product. The bottom line is you now have the means to get all the investment backing you've been searching for. So you might as well join and take advantage of all we have to offer. We will help you every step of the way to secure the funding you need. That said why wait any longer, click here now to place your order and begin trying our service.

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